Best Resveratrol Foods

Resveratrol is important for several reasons. Resveratrol is known for activating thesirtuins to produce enzymes that can stimulate metabolism. In this article, best resveratrol foods are discussed below.

Best Resveratrol Foods

Best Resveratrol Food #1. – Red wine

Red wine is common, though it is not ideal since it has alcohol content that can cause permanent DNA mutations in the body. Moreover, red wine is a carcinogen. Alcohol consumption increases Risks for esophagus, colon, breasts as well as liver cancer. Nevertheless, red wine is recommended since it is not boiled or pasteurized. Therefore, the wine needs to have at least around 1 mg of resveratrol at best, if you’re drinking red wines, such as Merlot or Pinot Noire. Because, red wine is the most common food source, several studies have been published on its content. In as much as wine is among the best source of resveratrol, there ismoments that it pales when come to comparison on the amount to be used in the medical research.

Best Resveratrol Food # 2. – Red grape juice

Unlike vine, the amount of resveratrol is less, in as much as it is a relatively rich source. Red grape-juices rapes have an average of 0.5 mg of resveratrol per liter. The significance of red grape juice is that it does not have alcohol contents, though it has too much sugar.

Best Resveratrol Food # 3. – Fresh grapes

Fresh grapes are among the best resveratrol foods. They are alcohol-freeand the fact they are unpasteurized, they are intact and have the vitamin C, heat-sensitive nutrient. The amount of resveratrol in the fresh grapes varies between 0.24-1.25 mg per cup, especially for the red grapes. Dark black grapes, for instance Musca dines and concord, have more resveratrol, in as much as they fall within the range of 0.24-1.25. For the green, resveratrol is just 0.03 mg.

Best Resveratrol Food #4. – Peanuts

Technically, legumes have been growing underground, and rarely are these “nuts” thought of being superfood, in spite of them having moderate ORAC value, which is higher that the macadamia and cashew and other seeds and nuts. The resveratrol brings about the antioxidant value part. When it comes to the amount of resveratrol in peanut, there are similar to that of most red wines as the equal weights of the two are compared. Raw runner peanuts as well as their skin are intact and have 1.12 mg of resveratrol for every 100 g being served. Raw Virginia peanuts have lower resveratrol, which is as 0.01 mg for every 100g.

In as much as Roasted peanuts have resveratrol, the resveratrol content is always lower. Something like Planters will have 0.006 mg per 100 g. Boiled peanuts are not popular, they are among the best cooked source, which come in a startlingly high values, which is 0.412 mg for 100g. Thus, this is sixty times the roasted concentration. In as much as data is not available on them, jungle peanuts are known to be the most excellence contenders. This helps for the top contender in relation as far as voting for resveratrol feed.

Best Resveratrol Food #5. – Peanut butter

Peanut is made from the roasted nuts, and this is what makes peanut butter to be an excellent food source. Cheap and low-end brands, such as Jif and Skippy can be blended with oils. So, the amount of resveratrol will be 0.04 mg for every 100 g. A natural pure peanut butter that does not have added oil is believed to have the most resveratrol, 0.07 mg for every 100g.

Best Resveratrol Food #6. – Pistachios

This is not a trend. Walnuts, almonds together with other nuts are not the best resveratrol foods. Unlike peanuts, pistachios have more resveratrol. Moreover, quercetin foods cannot activate SIRT1. Since they contain resveratrol, it is a good reason to include them to the health benefit list. Several nuts are related to the anti-aging.

Best Resveratrol Food #7. – Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is high in the antioxidants. This is a good reason why you should eat it. In cocoa beans, the resveratrol is somehow high. It is also the most effective food source made because it is raw. Also, it is referred to cacao, which trans-resveratrol is 0.185 mg per 100g. On the basis of an equal weight that is approximately half as much as the average of the California red wine. In addition, it is significantly more, unlike roasted peanuts. Because cocoa powder has little fat, the 100g is good for your body. 

  • Protein is 26.7 g, fiber is 3.3 g, which makes 120% of the da, while 13.3g is iron
  • Iron is 13.3 mg, (67% of DV)
  • Magnesium is 680 mg (167% of DV)
  • Fat and carbs are just 13% and 20% of DV, accordingly
  • 0 g of sugar

With nutrients like proteins, carbs, fat, iron, and magnesium, when appropriate measures are taken, it becomes easy to mix certain juice in addition to making it into the natural diet replacement shake. This is the reason why some individuals have been getting recurring shipment through different vendors, e.g. Amazon.

Best Resveratrol Food #8 – Dark Chocolate

Unlike raw cocoa powder, dark chocolate has lot less resveratrol. Also, it has more calories since the butter is intact. Averagely, it has 0.035 mg for every 100g being served. Coincidentally, this happens to be the same weight as that of the average chocolate bar from the brands, such as Endangered Species, Lindt, Ghirardelli and Green & Black Organic. Each of them ranges between 550-600 calories for each bar.

dark chocolate

Best Resveratrol Food #9. – Milk chocolate

With milk chocolate, it becomes easier to determine the direction of the trend. For every 100g of milk chocolate, resveratrol is 0.01 mg and this is very low. Sugar, milk, as well as another reason can discourage you from eating the milky versions of chocolates. This can also answer the question: can resveratrol help diabetes as most of the people have concerns while eating chocolates.

Best Resveratrol Food #10. – Strawberries

Strawberries are known for having more resveratrol than different types of grapes. For every 100g of raw strawberries, resveratrol is 0.35 mg. this can be compared to the 0.02 mg for white or green grapes and 0.15 mg for the fresh black grapes. Nevertheless, typically, red grapes tend to have more resveratrol than strawberries.