10 Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism

Irrespective of the fact that every person has got metabolism, some work faster than others. Although everyone derives the same results, the rate of metabolism matters a lot because it is responsible to burn calories and convert fuel into energy. This rate also determines the frequency of weight loss or gain along with the risk of diabetes. Even though metabolic rate works according to the gender, body size, age and genetics, people still have to bring some lifestyle changes in order to stimulate this process.

No one can solely blame metabolism for weight loss or gain because a person, having super-fast burn, can never remain slim while eating junk and no workout plan or vice versa. In case someone is not satisfied with the metabolic rate, experts suggest to make some tiny adjustments to improve overall health. Below are some natural ways to boost metabolism and bring the best out of small changes:

10 Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism

1. Don’t be a Victim of Temperature

Living in a cold home leads to greater chances of gaining brown fat. Would be wondering what is brown fat? Well, it is more like muscles in the body. According to a study, sleeping in a climate-controlled room nearly doubles the amount of brown fat. It also stimulates the frequency to burn calories but, people couldn’t expect to see the same results as they receive from diet. On the contrary, this condition improves glucose metabolism that takes up pace over time.

2. Cut Down Caffeine Consumption

Numerous studies have shown a strong association among metabolic rate improvement, reduction in type 2 diabetes and caffeine consumption. Many scientists claim that it has a significant impact on body’s ability to break down fats. But, there is no reason to go overboard. In other words, people should not take many caffeinated beverages. High level of caffeine may cause insomnia, nervousness or nausea. Even, this habit increases sugar and fat level within the body.

cut down caffeine

3. Make Efforts to Reduce Stress

Whether people eat fatty foods in stress or for some other reason, the body always takes some time to process calories. When women are in stress, their bodies need 24 hours to complete the burning cycle. On average, they burn 104 calories after eating sausages, biscuits and eggs. This deficit usually translates into 11 lbs weight gain.
Scientific studies have shown that stress activates cortisol, a hormone that worsens metabolism and leads to obesity. The only way to control this hormone is to take appropriate measures and reduce stress so that metabolism can work efficiently and burn fat properly.

4. Take Complete 8-Hour Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is another reason of slow metabolism. This deficiency leads to the production of cortisol because the body is in stress. While looking for natural ways to boost metabolism, people should ensure to have complete and continuous sleep for 7 consecutive hours. In order to ensure productivity and better performance throughout the day, experts suggest to give enough time to the body for rest and recovery after using the energy for various responsibilities.

5. Take Extra Iron

Engaging the body in any form of physical activity is one of the natural ways to boost metabolism. Even, walking for 30 minutes can fasten the metabolic rate. But, if someone wants to get rid of brown fat, then there is nothing better than strength training. It helps to increase muscle mass which, in turn, improves resting energy expenditure. Strength training assists to burn calories more efficiently than any other type of exercise.

To make the results more effective, people should add weights into their workout regimen and see the difference. Also, over the time, try to go for bigger lifts.

6. Go for Something Spicy

Capsacian, molecules present in spicy chilies, are proven to raise body temperature and improve the frequency of fat loss. Though, the results are small and temporary. Even, chemicals named isothiocyanates are known to speed up the metabolic rate. Experts recommend to increase the intake of pungent foods such as wasabi, horseradish and spicy mustard that activate burning in brown fat.


7. Take Help from Plyometrics

For people, who have been avoiding plyometric training, it’s high time to bring it back into the workout routine. Yes, burpees and squat jumps are known for being high-intensity exercises and can actually increase heart rate to burn more calories within a short time period. Also, the interval-style can fasten metabolism for 24 to 48 hours after leaving the gym. Incorporating plyometric exercise leads to reduced body fat, improve metabolic abnormalities and lean body mass.

8. Drink Green Tea

Green tea has been famous for its antioxidant properties. But, new researches have invented another active ingredient- catechin that may speed up metabolism. Dieters, who used to drink green tea, have shown better weight loss results than those who don’t. Catechin has the ability to improve thermogenesis and fat oxidation, digestion or body’s energy production. But, the question is how much green tea to drink? How to derive all vitamins to increase metabolism? Precisely, a person should take 5 cups of green tea to increase energy expenditure by up to 90 calories per day.

green tea

9. Don’t Skip Breakfast

It doesn’t make sense to skip breakfast. People should take nutrient-rich meals in the morning (particularly berries, oatmeal and almonds or a whole-grain toast with feta and spinach omelet) in order to give a kick start to the day. Breakfast works as the engine that is responsible to keep everything going in the right direction. So, there is no reason to skip it in any way.

10. Avoid Trans Fats

Yes, trans fats are bad for the body. They can slow down body’s ability to process calories, which eventually lead to more fat deposits. They can alter the body shape and give everyone reason to make run on their looks. Also, trans fats are responsible for inflammation and insulin resistance that cause weight gain and cripple metabolism.

By following the above mentioned natural ways to boost metabolism, people are rest assured to fasten their weight loss process with no nutrient deficiency. They can also take help from nutritionists in order o plan their diet and workout for better and quick results.