boost immune system

When one’s immune system is boosted, it’s in turn defends the human body from contaminating diseases caused by micro-organisms. However, the immune system fails, most especially when a germ penetrates into the body successfully and making one sick. Therefore, the habit of enhancing your immune system is interesting, but the effort to keep the immune system fit has always been seen as huge tasks. The human being immune system is a very important part of the internal body. This is because it’s assists in reducing inflammation or swelling, it’s helps keeps the body system from damages as well as assist in reducing injurious from become more severe. In addition, an active immune system prevents the human body from all kind of external effects. Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses are the common harmful germ which makes humans get/fall sick easily and causes some other dangerous threat to the body are usually guarded by the immune system. Furthermore, as you are mindful of attaining body fitness through strengthening and stretching of the body muscles or through brain sharpening, it is also however very important to also take proper care of the immune system.

With the aforementioned, you will be pondering on how to boost/strengthen your immune system; there are major richly foods to take as well as natural vitamins. Notably, the immune system is specifically a system, which implies that it is not a single enterprise and to make such system function as required, it deserves unity and balances. Although, a lot have still not been know concerning the interconnectedness responses of the human immune system and theirs is still largely no scientific backup or proves showing linkage between a developed immune system and human different lifestyles. This however does not imply that the impacts of the different lifestyles on the human immune system are not fascinating; researchers are widely investigating the impacts of moderate diet, age structure, stress and moderate/strenuous exercises on the immune functions, studies on both humans and animals.

7 Tips on How You Can Boost Your Immune System


One important way to boosting the immune system is through laughter, this is expected to come naturally as it must align with one’s mood. Natural laughter from within helps to lifts the antibodies that can be found in the human blood. It also helps lift the antibodies of white blood cells which in turn fights and destroys harmful germs or agents such as bacteria and viruses. Laughter, as an important way to boosting your immune system can as well assist you to increase the amount of antibodies in mucus generated in the human nose and in the respiratory doorways.


Constant Consumption of Natural Vitamins

The eating of Vegetables, seeds, fruits and nuts are very good natural vitamins to effectively boost the immune system. Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds and Nuts tend to provide the human body with important nutrients that the immune system needs to functions. Researches have proved that consuming vegetables and fruits improves the human antibody action to the some kind of vaccine such as Pneumovax, which fights streptococcus.

In addition, Garlic and Onions in prepared stew and soups and in other prepared foods are also potential substances that assists in boosting the human body from resisting infections. Plenty intake of vegetables can acts an infection fighting agents; this is because they are endowed with beta-carotene. The beta-Carotene has an anti-inflammatory act as it helps in raising the speed of producing white blood cells in the human body. Additionally, natural vitamins in developing an effective immune system also help guard against inflammation or swelling in any part of the body. Notably, Garlic is referred to as an anti-microbial agent that is very effective for boosting immune; garlic can be added to food before consumption or serving.

Healthy Lifestyle

Aside laughter, another important way of boosting and enhancing your immune system is through adopting a healthy living lifestyle. Adopting healthy living lifestyles includes eating highly rich fruits and vegetables (Natural Vitamins), regular and daily exercise of the body, maintaining a normal weight and not obesity, by not involving in smoking and excessive alcohol and by getting adequate and proper sleep of nothing less than 8-9 hours in every 24hours.

Exposing Oneself to Rays

Exposing oneself to sunlight of nothing less than 10-15 minutes triggers Vitamin D production. Researches has proven that supplement Vitamin D assists in limiting the danger of influenza on children on 2010 and also assists adults with colon cancer guard against respiratory infections and diseases.


Tea & Supportive Immune Herbs

Humans are prone to constant infection and the best way of fighting this infection is through consuming herbs that are very supportive to the immune system. This herb includes American Ginseng, Astragals, Eleuthero, and Asian ginseng among others. Also, black and green tea is important for one’s health. This is because they are rich in antioxidants which help reduces harmful germs activities in the human body. The black tea in particular has been recognised by scientist as an effective tea for guarding against infections. Hence, it is important to add the intake of both green and black tea as a daily routine as it would help boost your immune system.

Enough Sleep

Moderate and adequate sleep is also an important way to boosting your immune system. Human’s works extensively for more than 90minutes sometimes, the stress incurred during this process enhanced the production of diseases fighting cells known as Macrophages to dips momentarily, thus allowing the danger of viruses. With this, it is required to attain adequate sleep as a recovery process, the recovery process help to reserve the health of the human system.

Taking Citrus

Consuming citrus fruits and drinks is also an important way to boosting your immune system. For example, Vitamin C which can be found in oranges, grapefruits, limes, or lemons helps to enhance the function of cells that digest harmful germs in the blood (Phagocytes). The body can’t however store enough Vitamin C in the body; hence it is advised that you consume as many Vitamin C as possible every day in order to boost your immune system.