7 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

reduce stress naturally

Generally, we eat all kind of organic and healthy food we find in local grocery stores and also purchase all kind of supplements for a healthy life, but so far you gather stress every day, the organic food as well as the different supplements purchased won’t be effective at all. Severe stress makes your stress hormones hyperactive which in turn diminishes the function of your immune system. High stress level can as well put one at the risk of having heart disease problem or cancerous infections. The higher the stress level, the higher the risk of experiencing short lifespan and many other diseases. High stress level in the body will affects the human system ability to efficiently digest food and lower the sensitivity of insulin, which can results into gaining weight and contacting diabetes. Other factors aside from emotional or mental situations that can cause stress also include toxins from air, water and food. However, chemical factors, emotional factors as well as physical factors have the ability to trigger the reaction of stress.

Poor dieting – globally, the world is now equipped with processed food for us to choose from daily, foods grown from direct soil with potential nutrient are increasing lacking, thus making the body feel being in a mode of famine. Furthermore, high stress level can cause concrete reaction in the human body, preparing the body for dangerous circumstances. Stresses that are prolonged also largely contribute to obesity and skin aging. Obesity, which is common in women is usually an indication of both progesterone and adrenals impairment. Additionally, bad weather and winter can also be a time for stress, most especially in our contemporary world. Every day, people keep suffering from chronic stress and this has an effect on their health and daily loves and can as well lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart diseases among other kind of illness.

However, there are natural remedies that can be practice or used before running out to get drugs or pills. Here are most effective natural ways for reducing stress.

7 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

1.Getting Enough Rest & Sleep

Sleeping right and well is an antidote for stress. But sleeping in order to reduce stress is a very difficult task for human. Originally, the human body is naturally programmed to sleeping once the day is dark and is programmed to be awake once the day lightens up. When humans are awake for long till sun set and couldn’t get enough sleep, it tend to disrupt the body’s normal hour to restore and for toxin removal. The recommended time to regenerate is around the hours of 10pm-2am, and still many people quit sleeping during this hour of the day, thus causing enough hormones and toxins to be stored in the human system. In addition, the human system has vital hormones of balance and hinge on melatonin and serotonin in order to control proper alertness and sleep within the day. In proper sleep or an interrupted sleep can destroy hormonal balances, making one to experience groggy feeling within the day and at night feel restless. In adequate sleep can also lead to memory problems, fog of the brain, fatigue as well as more stress in the body.



2. Seek for Counselor or a Therapist

Once you observe that stress is becoming an important part of your routine, it is been advised that one visit a psychologist or a therapist for counselling. This can’t be carried out by oneself and it is an indication of strength and not weakness to get help when needed.

4. Stay away from Caffeine

Consuming Caffeine, according to scientist increases the production of adrenaline in the human body, which is the very hormones every humans are trying to reduce its production. It’s important to avoid the intake of Guarana, colas, 3-4 cups of tea daily and chocolates.

4. Music

Although, everybody would say that silence is paramount, but on the other hand music has a therapeutic impact on the body and brain. Music with right frequency once listened to can enhance your focus, your mood as well as can give you the patience to deal with the situation giving you stress.

listening to music

5. Exercise

Regular or Daily exercise of the body also has additional benefits of endorphins release for the brain, which in turn increases one’s mood. It also reduces obesity and other challenging health problems, thus making one to be less stressed.

6. Taking more Vitamins

In the phase of severe stress, the human body recompenses by speedy production of adrenals. The production of adrenals consumes a lot of mineral and vitamins in a faster rate than expected, thus resulting into exhaustion if not quickly replenished with enough antioxidants and rich foods. Therefore, it is important to consume and purchase additional Vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, and also Vitamin C. All of these Vitamins can also be gotten from vegetables and fruits. Most importantly, vegetables that are slightly cooked, it has been discovered that eating of a lot of junk foods can make one depressed. So, healthy food to including protein and grains can give humans the opportunity to challenge any stress that might come their way. Foods that are very much effective for stress reduction include almonds, salmon, and blueberries among others. It is also important to avoid taking excessive caffeine. The intake of caffeine makes one feel very anxious and jittery and can sometime make on eventually crash down, making the whole day useless. Vitamin B in particular has been promoted for proper functioning of the nervous system and for the brain. It also has the ability to reduce fatigue and encourage relaxation.

7. Limiting Telephone and Internet Usage

It is very important to limit or disconnect oneself from electronic usage before sleeping. The limiting of telephone calls and internet usage can allow you to live a healthy lifestyle as well appreciate life itself. In particular, it is important to cut down the time or hour spent on the internet; this is because it is a trending problem (Internet) in our contemporary world.