7 Vitamins That Help With Memory

Vitamin That Helps Your Memory

The portion of the human brain that is responsible for the entire learning process which entails acquisition of information, the storage of that information as well as its retrieval when needed is known as memory. Memory is very vital in humans’ daily activities because it receives all the details of our daily actions and activities in the form of pieces of information which are subsequently stored for utilisation at a later date when required. On this note, living as a human without memory is tantamount to re-starting one’s lie afresh on a daily basis. This implies that after the entire day’s activities, you completely forget the details of that day’s work and start life afresh just like a newly born baby. The foregoing informed the need for a very healthy, sharp and clear memory. However, there are some people whose memory is not capable of retaining or storing information as much as required, this makes performing a task successfully and accurately highly undermined and unsuccessful. Therefore, there is the need for the memory to get a form of boost for effective functionality. Medical science has revealed that there are several methods of memory boost or alternatively, there are certain things that help with memory. Some of these include supplements, foods, exercise as well as vitamins that help with memory.

The memory is integral as well as essential part of the human brain and also an indispensable part of our daily activities. It helps to store both vital and less vital information that are generated in the cause of performing daily duties and activities. A good and healthy memory is capable of storing countless pieces of information which are also retrievable for utilisation when necessary. There are also certain actions as well as habits that undermine the functions of the brain particularly the memory portion of the brain. Some of these actions and habits include poor diet life style which limits the quantity and quality of necessary nutrients that the lows to the brain and subsequently undermines the memory portion of the brain. Furthermore, there are some medications that have the ability to supress the memory level due the compositions of certain chemicals in the medications which are not very good for the brain. The chemical component of these medications inhibits the brain functionality by introducing some amounts of toxic deposits in the brain which in turn tampers with the efficient functionality of the memory level of the brain. The accumulation of excessive stress is another means through which the function of the brain which include the memory could be inhibited. Although stress on its own is not entirely bad because it has the capacity to trigger prompt functionality of the brain when the stress is kept at minimal level however, when the amount of the stress is high it undermines the brain function and limit your memory level. The aforementioned memory limitation sources underscore the need to undergo natural memory boosting mechanism such as the consumption of vitamins that help with memory. Below are some of the most helpful vitamins that can significantly help the memory in terms of information assimilation, storage as well as its retrieval for use when needed.

7 Vitamins That Helps Your Memory Level

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Medical research into natural best means of helping the human brain for easy assimilation, comprehension as well as booting the memory for good retention and retrieval of information when necessary has revealed that there are some vitamins that really helps with the brain function particularly the memory. These vitamins basically serve the duty of providing the brain with the needed nutrients for optimum performance. The vitamins are just like natural version of supplements which aims at augmenting the shortage of some nutrients in the body. Similarly, these vitamins provide the brain with the appropriate amount of nutrients and also help the brain to eradicate stress as well as overcome pressure in the brain so that the brain can perform its task optimally. This is very vital because, without optimum functionality of the brain the memory level will be highly impeded which subsequently triggers situation such as forgetfulness as well as difficulty in remembering past events. The 7 important vitamins that help your brain for full memory function include:


Vitamin That Helps Your Memory # 1. – Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been studied and observed to be a very helpful tool in the treatment of memory loss as well as Alzheimer disease. Vitamin E serves the duty of protecting the lining of nerves in other words; vitamin E protects the protector of the nerves. Since the brain is made of millions of nerves, vitamin E is very necessary for good memory retention. It is recommended that on a daily basis, the total of about 200IU of vitamin E should be consumed while it could be increased to about 500IU during much stressful periods. However, it is worthy of note that excess intake is not very healthy hence it is important to stick to the recommended dosage.


Vitamin That Helps Your Memory #2. – Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is very essential for energy in addition to the fact that the vitamin is responsible for nerve transmission regulation, production of new red blood cells as well as DNA synthesis. The ability of this vitamin to regulate nerve transmission makes it vital for memory functions of the brain. Vitamin B12 is readily available in meat as well as eggs.


Vitamin That Helps Your Memory #3. – Omega 3 Fatty-Acid

Omega 3 acid increases neural transfer speed, amount of energy production, the brain size and also increases the memory level. Omega 3 acid also helps in the repair of neuron-connections that are damaged which in turn helps the memory for optimal function. With sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acid in your daily diet, you are sure to have a very excellent performance at school and work with the lowest concentration problem.

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Vitamin That Helps Your Memory #4. – Vitamin B9:

Vitamin B9 has been observed to help the brain in focus and alertness as well as helps the memory for easy retention of information. Therefore, consuming the vitamin in appropriate amount is highly helpful for memory.

Vitamin That Helps Your Memory #5. – Vitamin B6:

This vitamin is sometimes referred to as the positive mood vitamin. It is very important for memory because positive mood eases the process of information assimilation and retention.

Vitamin That Helps Your Memory #6. – Magnesium:

This vitamin has been revealed to help in a situation of headache as well as help the brain to relief pressure and in turn improve the brain function which includes memory functions. It is thus recommended to take about 300 to 400 mg of magnesium daily.


Vitamin That Helps Your Memory #7. – Vitamin C

This important vitamin helps memory through its ability to improve focus and alertness. Therefore constant consumption of vitamin C is needed for helping the memory.

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