8 Tips of How to Overcome Tiredness After Work

8 Tips of How to Overcome Tiredness After Work

After having a stressful day, everyone wants to spend time in a free environment. Some of them perform exercises in their free time, some make outing plans with family or friends and some prefer to stay at home and cook delicious food. But when at work, everybody used to experience the same situation i.e. tiredness and lethargic feel at 4 or 5 PM.

There exist too many problems that could disturb your routine. If you want to accomplish anything and have planned already, your priority should be to make sure everything works properly or else, your day would be going to nothing but bad! hat’s all up to you, how you handle these situations and make your evenings peaceful while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Most of the time, physicians turn out to be the best source to get rid of that bad day as they used to ask what has gone wrong and how they could be of help to you. One of the primary reasons behind this situation is tiredness at work that could bring you away from your goals.

8 Tips of How to Overcome Tiredness After Work

Given below are some of the issues as well as their strategies that could help you about how to overcome tiredness after work.

1. Mental Absence or Scattered

Problem: Morgan Sheets, a professional holistic coach explains that a huge amount of energy loss occurs during a day when you are unable to handle the situations. All of your energy is being utilized on stress, worry, anxiety, non-productive thoughts and possessiveness.

Solution: He then suggested that make your mind fresh by giving some time to yourself and take 2-5 minutes break several times in a day.

2. Dehydration

Problem: Not drinking sufficient amount of water is also one of the major reasons of afternoon slumps. Being a professional individual, you should avoid drinking coffee or soda frequently at the workplace as they lead to lesser consumption of water. Remember that coffee and soda are not capable to provide your body enough water to work perfectly, thus causing tiredness.

Solution: There is a strong connection between water and tiredness. So, if you are thinking how much water your body takes throughout the day, divide your body’s weight in half and take that amount of water (suppose if you weigh 80 pounds, then drink at least 40 ounce of water daily), suggested by Sheets.

drink water

3. Blood Sugar Rises and Crashes

Problem: Whenever you are feeling tired, short-tempered and sluggish, it’s because of crashing blood sugar level. So, what you should be doing is to take a good nap and everything would be just fine. Solution: If you want to make your blood sugar level balanced, eat lesser snacks or meals in a day or eat those foods that contain low glycemic index. Fiber and fat is used to reduce the GI (Glycemic index) of a meal. As per different studies, the more cooked is the food, the higher is the glycemic index. Few examples of low-glycemic foods are yam, lentils, non-starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes, corns and legumes.

4. Sitting beneath luminous lights

Problem: You may feel exhausted if you are bound in an office and have to work by sitting at one place in a bright light. Research demonstrates that sunlight and warmth can improve your energy and help in boosting efficiency. So, while looking for ways of how to overcome tiredness after work, just follow these simple tips.

Solution: Your efficiency and health would get better by walking a mile, said Marcey Rader. These can help you gaining strength and turn out to be useful for improvement of brain working. By walking more, your brain would be having better creative ideas and eventually increase productivity level over time.
Another strategy is that take a mobile phone, put earphones, turn on music and go on walk to lift your mood.

5. Being inactive at work

Problem: Sitting at a desk, at one place all day, just moving your fingers for typing would give you immense and irritating feelings and can turn your good mood into a bad one.

Solution: Do walking, suggested by an expert of Medicare Health Plans, Parinaz Samimi. She says that walking helps in boosting the energy level as soon as you get free from your work. Yoga can also strengthen your body or you can go for push-ups or sit-ups at your office in free time.

6. The brunette or transaction machine

Problem: body’s normal circadian pace crashes down in a mid of the day. 2-3 PM is a time when this situation occurs. It is also known as siesta period. Although taking Venti Caramel Macchiato or diet coke would set your mood that time, be ready to have another slump session at the end of the day.

Solution: During siesta period, avoid drinking coffee. Yes, it would be a bit difficult to resist its cravings but this approach could save you from another thought of how to overcome tiredness after work. Always eat lighter foods in lunch like a salad with fruits or a sandwich in order to maintain your mood all over the day, said Samimi.

cut down caffeine

7. Insomnia

Problem: As per the research of National Sleep Foundation, adults having ages between 18-64 need 7-9 hours of sleep every night. For people above 65, they need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. When you are unable to get enough sleep, it would make you feel irritated.

Solution: An expert of SleepZoo, Chris Branter says that people should have to take enough sleep and to set your bedtime routine to sleep early and wake up early in the morning. If you want to sleep early then turn off mobile phone, wifi, lights, take hot tea or a bath for peaceful night.

8. Diet Problem

Problem: Experts used to say that your body needs energy to work from everything you consume every day. Eating too much sugar can cause significant increase in blood sugar level.

Solution: In order to balance your diet, your food must be full of proteins and fat. It helps in controlling blood sugar level (glucose) that makes its flow easy to the cells.