A Guide to a Healthy Diet for Tiredness

healthy diet for tiredness

The body works the way people used to feed. It takes energy from whatever they take in. So, the task to keep it active and energetic throughout the day is to make sure that everything is the best in its category and has got all the benefits the body needs.

However, keep in mind that not only the foods going in matter but their time of intake has a lot to do with body’s energy and well-being. Ever wondered why it always feels sluggish after having a heavy dinner or lunch? The reason is, the body is consuming energy to keep the organs working while not saving an amount for the entire day.
So, if you want to keep yourself healthy and to avoid being suffered from some harmful diseases, then eat smaller portions throughout the day. This way, you may feel like light and may have better reasons to lose weight while saving energy for a longer time period.

There have been a lot of studies and findings on how to maintain healthy diet to avoid tiredness and lethargic feel. Nutritionists have also created a list of foods with their proportion so that there is no reason for anyone to complain about low energy. Upon following the balanced diet, you would be able to perform all the tasks efficiently with optimal productivity and benefits.

Chances are also high that your tiredness and low energy would be due to less sleep or continuous work during the day. So, what you could do to get rid of this situation is to take proper sleep at night and take some time for rest so that mind can restore its energy and give kick start to another tiring day.

Although there is no link between causes, effects and cure of fatigue, you still have to be focused about identifying the relation between the causes along with how they contribute to fatigue and tiredness. Considering the significance of food and nutrition to fight against fatigue, your concern about be entirely upon which items to take in order to reduce tiredness.

A Guide to a Healthy Diet for Tiredness

Main points to keep in mind are:

1. Divide daily nutrient intake in five portions and make sure to add fruits and veggies in each

2. If you are selecting rice, pasta, starchy carbohydrates or potatoes, try to choose wholegrain versions

3. Make sure to take dairy products or their supplements like soya drinks, keeping in mind lowsugar and low-fat

4. Eat fish, eggs, beans, pulses or other proteins twice a week

5. If you are taking spreads and unsaturated oils, then pay attention to their portions

6. Needless to say, there should be optimal consumption of water. You should be drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses in a day, while the portions can be more as needed. Remember that there is a strong relationship between water and tiredness as it is necessary to keep the body working for as long as needed.

drink water

Now that basics have been discussed, it’s now time to dig deeper and find out the healthy diet for tiredness:

Eat with Scheduled Intervals

If you are thinking to get a better and healthy life, eat with regular intervals. Ideally, your day should be based upon at least 3 meals in a day with the perfect balance of fruits, vegetables and other nutrients. However, you can also add more healthy snacks in-between to avoid feeling lethargic or low in energy.

Breakfast is Important

If you want to make yourself healthy enough to work efficiently till lunch time, then take proper breakfast. Now-a-days, most of the youngsters aged between 17 and 25 used to skip breakfast that usually leads to some serious diseases affecting their overall health and performance. According to the British Dietetic Association (BDA), people must be taking healthy breakfast if they want to kick start their day for good.

So, the question is what refers to a healthy breakfast? What are the considerable aspects? Here is what should be considered:

  1. First comes porridge that can be taken with water or a small amount of low-fat milk along with fruits at the top
  2. Wheat biscuits or bran can also be the part of breakfast as they contain high-fibre and low-sugar
  3. You can also eat fried or boiled eggs with low-fat spread and whole meal toast.

Plan for at least five days

According to the survey, more than 80% of people of UK eat junk foods, sugar and salt without realizing the importance of vegetables and fruits to get rid of tiredness and improved performance.
Indeed, there’s no doubt that vegetables and fruits are the best source of fibre, minerals and vitamins, it’s just about taking them in a particular quantity so that the body can receive enough nutrition to maintain its productivity. Most of the nutritionists recommend to create a 5-day diet plan in order to avoid trouble in deciding what they should eat and in what quantity.

Starchy carbohydrates for optimal energy

You can say that starchy carbohydrates also play an important role in a healthy diet for tiredness. These carbohydrates can help in maintaining good health while allow the body to derive necessary nutrients as needed. Main sources of these carbohydrates are:

  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Cereals
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta

Whole meal and wholegrain versions could be other important sources of starchy carbohydrates as they have high fibre content to sustain the required level of energy.

Some other sources of energy:

Iron-rich foods:
If you ever feel down or tired, it is obvious that you may have iron-deficiency, which is named as anemia. Young women and teenage girls mostly have this problem because they lose iron cells during periods. So, apart from taking fortified foods like breakfast cereals, green vegetables and red meat are the main sources for the production of iron, it is necessary to eat more items that claim to overcome this deficiency in a better way.

Healthy drinks
To keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water i.e. almost 6-8 glasses daily as per nutritionists’ suggestions. Keep in mind that this intake is in addition with other fluids going into the body with food you would be taking. The next consideration is to keep alcohol level in check. It not only makes you dehydrated but also produces disturbance in your sleep, thus leading to tiredness.

Reduce Sugar Consumption
In UK, most of the people eat sugar. Eating too much sugar is bad for your teeth as they decay over time and also cause trouble in the waistline. In fact, sugar is included in some of the fruits and vegetables but it is not harmful as it is the necessity of healthy diet for tiredness.

However, there are some food items that should be avoided to keep sugar level in control:

  • Chocolate
  • Biscuits
  • Cakes
  • Sweets
  • Fizzy drinks
  • And some breakfast cornflakes

Super foods and supplements
There’s not a single superfood that is strong enough to sustain energy. Vitamin tablets can surely help you in increasing your energy level but most of the people don’t want to take it.