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A healthy immune response requires regular and adequate nourishment. The immune system is referred to an interrelated linkage of cells, organs and protein working together to guard the human body from bacteria, fungi, viruses and any other harmful substance. The major function of the immune system is to deactivate and eliminate any intruding pathogens that wants to enter the human body, deactivates any harmful pathogens within and outside an environment. The immune system also guard the body from cells that changes as a result of illness. When the immune system of the human body is working effectively, we tend not to notice, until its performance dampens that we tend to fall ill or sick. A lot of scientists have long proven that persons living below the threshold of $1 per day (Poverty) are usually malnourished and are very prone to contacting infections germs and diseases. Although, the impact of the increase speed of diseases caused by malnutrition on the human immune system is still date not widely clarified.

There are few or little studies that have proven the effect of nutrition on the human immune system and relatively very small researches has recognized the impact of nutrition to the enhancement of diseases and germs. On the other hand, there are some proofs that several micronutrients paucities alters an effective immune system in animals, this was confirmed through the use of test tube. Micro-nutrients paucities of Selenium, Copper and Iron, Vitamin A, C, E, B6, Zinc and Folic acid limit the development of an effective immune system. In addition, spending time in exercising the muscles and body is one of the best ways to boosting your immune system. What is the Need for Exercise? The need for exercise is very effective; this is because exercising the body enhances the function of lymphatic. The human lymphatic function eradicates toxins and assists in keeping the immune system to function well. So, once exercise is being carried out regularly, the lymphatic system is working hard to eradicate bacteria, viruses, toxins as well as cholesterol that can be found in the body.



Researchers have shown that people who engage in constant and moderate exercises daily suffers few or no sick days in a year. While severe stress also causes excessive production of cortisol and adrenaline which in turn dampens the function of your immune system, it is important to schedule ways of relaxing every day, fighting stress and tension that can spoil one’s day or activities. Click here to read 7 natural ways to reduce stress. A life free of excessive stress is recognized healthier by medical practitioners. It is also important to know that smoking also diminishes the immune from functioning as required as smoking supresses the antibodies and cells that fight intruding germs and diseases. Smoking also paves ways for more infection contamination, creating increase of diseases in the body. By not indulging in smoking, one gives his/her immune system a great chance to fighting incoming germs that causes illness and diseases. it is important to know that a healthy and functioning immune system can defend and destroy all kinds of invading germs and to function very effectively, the immune system involves an healthy balance of minimizing stress, washing of hands regularly after engaging in any activities, the thorough cooking of meats in order to kill germs as well the drinking of alcohol moderately.

Major Vitamins That Is Best For Immune System

Vitamins, on the other hand are also very essential as it has long been recognized to influence the function of the human immune system. Vitamin D and Vitamin A have received attention over the years, having shown to have exceptional effects on the immune system, therefore help your immune system by consuming more Vitamins from Vegetables and Fruits, this will help not only your immune system, but will help improve your health as well.

Humans are everyday exposed to organisms which are swallowed or inhaled, whether or not these harmful germs develop diseases is determined through the veracity of our body defence devices as well as our immune system. When our immune system experiences an under active immune system, the human body is at a great risk of developing harmful germs, diseases and infection as well as other health conditions.

The vitamins that is best for the immune system includes Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E. All of these vitamins can be found in vegetables and fruits, most especially in Oranges, grapes, apples, among others.

Vitamin C

This Vitamin has been recognized to be best for immune system. Foods and Fruits that have Vitamin include, cauliflower, broccoli, cantaloupe, grapefruit, mango, kale, strawberries, oranges, sweet potatoes, yellow and green peppers, tomatoes, papaya, honey dew etc. This Vitamin is recognized to play a significant part in immune system response, as well as adaptive immune response. Vitamin C energizes the human immune system most especially during swelling processes. This Vitamin also enhances increasing interferon production and proliferation of cells.

Vitamin D3

This Vitamin is well recognized for its potential which includes development of bone and the absorption of calcium. The importance of Vitamin D3 has recently been discovered in the bone marrow and in the human immune system as a vital support for immune response. In addition, the Vitamin D3 assists in the transcription of proteins, which later acts as defendants of harmful cells. Therefore, without proper intake of Vitamin D3 it can leads to ineffective immune system or response. Sunlight is also a source for Vitamin D3, though its concentration largely depends on the human melanin contents.

vitamin d

Beta-Carotene & Vitamin E

Boiled broccoli, mustard, pumpkin, boiled spinach, red peppers, avocado, sunflowers seeds as well as nuts and chard are highly rich in Vitamin E. Consumption Vitamin E foods and Fruits will however, not only improve one’s health but also one’s immune system. Beta – Carotene: Food and Fruit which includes asparagus, carrots, beets, peaches, tangerines, pink grapefruits, squash, watermelon, tomatoes, turnip and collard greens, corn, apricots, nectarines and pumpkin are also best vitamins for boosting your immune system.