Best Vitamins for Joint Pains

Joint pain, also known as Arthritis is a trending condition that keeps affecting millions of human across the world. Vitamins has however been considered to easing joint pains and sometime makes the pain disappear entirely. Whether as a result of heavy exercise related injuries or due to a medical condition, joint pains have been reported severally as a disorder that is quite difficult to cope with. Due to the fact that the spaces in between the different joint found in the human body are so compact, inflammation or swelling can have a negative effect on movement
from one place to another. Although, joint pains can decrease overtime, most especially when the injuries are healing up and once the swelling subsides, but not in however all cases.

Research has proven that over 10 million people across the world are suffering from joint pain. Out of which a fraction is suffering from rheumatoid joint pain, an auto-immune illness that is caused by inflammation. A flare up can equally have an effect on your feet, hand and wrists.

Best Vitamins for Joint Pains

Vitamin C

This Vitamin is known for preventing common colds; however it also has the ability of defending your cells from free radicals and toxins. Known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is recognized as powerful antioxidants that equally have the ability of healing injuries and wounds, particularly when taken with Vitamin B-5. It is also used for production of collagen, which is a basis for cartilage component. It is known that once the cartilage is worn down or damaged, it in turn creates extreme pressure on your joint and bones and result into pain and inflammation, but with the intake of Vitamin C, you won’t have experience such disorder. A recent research has shown that high Vitamin C diets people have a reduced chance of suffering from an illness called Osteoarthritis. You can however find Vitamin C in fruits like Kiwis and Orange. You can equally get it in supplement form.

vitamin c


Vitamin D

This is also regarded as a vital vitamin for the health of your bones. Numerous studies has revealed that Vitamin D deficiency can result into increasing muscle and joint pains and can also affect both your mental and physical health state. This vitamin specifically helps in regulating the quantity of calcium in your body. Once it is inadequate in your body system, it can expose you to feeling fatigue, developing joint and bone pains, respiratory problems, bad mood, numbness, and weakness. It is however recorded that Vitamin D plays a significant role in relieving you of your joint pain, most especially where swelling and inflammation is the source. Vitamin D is also best in preventing osteoporosis and can equally help in improving your mood. You can however get Vitamin D through foods or through exposure to sunlight. You can take foods such as fortified milk, yolks of eggs, oily fish, and cereals and in mushrooms. These are Vitamin D rich foods. Additionally, you can Vitamin D in it supplements form, but before purchasing it, it is best you discuss with your medical doctor.

vitamin d

Vitamin A

The fat soluble Vitamin has numerous effective functions in the human body. While it helps in the production of cells, it is also very important for good vision and equally helps regulate your mucous membrane, not forgetting its impact in producing scar tissue. Regarded as another powerful antioxidant, Vitamin A helps in protecting the cells in your body from environmental toxins and particularly from free radicals. A recent study has also revealed that Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties that helps in decreasing inflammation of the skin and commonly used for the treatment of acne. You can however find Vitamin A in your egg, milk and poultry products and in your meat. For a beta-carotene, you can find abundance of Vitamin D in yellow and bright orange colored vegetables that includes carrots and pumpkins.

Importantly, for person suffering from one eye illness or the other, you can start taking Vitamin A food product or supplement. It is however advised that you thoroughfully discuss with your medical professional or doctor in order to known how can be input into your daily meals or if you can purchase and take Vitamin A supplement.



Vitamin B-5

Recognized as Pantothenic acid, this Vitamin is a family member of B-Vitamin and it is also very vital for joint pains. With it anti-inflammatory properties, it has the effective ability of reducing or alleviating pains that are linked with the human joint and for rheumatoid arthritis. Just like other B-Vitamin, the Vitamin B-5 assist in creating a healthy tissue for skin, eyes and hair. You can mix Vitamin B-5 with Vitamin C for speedily relieve of joint pains. You can however find it in food like yolk of eggs, sweet potatoes, poultry foods, whole grains among
others. You can equally get Vitamin B-5 in supplement form.

Conclusively, bones are quite heavy and daily movement of these bones can put strains on your joint. Age, medical condition as well injuries can result into stiffness and joint pain. However, depending on the cause, joint pain might actually not be requiring a medical surgery or serious medical treatment. Many remedies have been proven to easing joint pains, some of which are the above discussed vitamins that can be tried at home or in your office. In addition, joint pain around the hand can make it quite difficult for you to move your fingers and also to grabbing some objects, this however happens once your cartilage is damaged or worn down. The symptoms of hand joint pains can include pain, swelling and stiffness. Importantly, joint pains are often considered as a symptom for inflammation, hence you should not always overlook the effect of these listed vitamins and nutrients. However, other vitamins and nutrients that you can try or can be taken for joint pains relieve include probiotics, calcium, vitamin K, Omega 3 fatty acid and glucosamine.