Body’s Natural Detoxification Process

Body’s Natural Detoxification Process

The human body system which includes the digestive and the circulatory system does a lot of grinding and absorption mechanisms. This mechanism originates from the intake of foods and drinks which in most cases contain some form of insoluble substances and chemicals which are considered toxic to the human body. These toxins if allowed to accumulate in the body have the potential to cause severe damage to the human body. Some of the damage that could be caused by the accumulation of toxins in the human body includes blood vessel blockade which subsequently lead to high blood pressure, liver malfunction as well as kidney stone among others.

Based on the above stated medical and health dangers of the accumulation of toxins in the human body, it is very paramount to have a means or mechanism that takes care of toxins in the body either by preventing it from entering into the body or by clearing them from the body to avoid its accumulation. Although medical science have revealed that accumulated toxins can by depleted through several medical means such as the intake of specially prepared formulas in the form of pills and supplements. Even though this method works for the depletion of accumulated toxins, there is still the danger of future toxin build up from the chemical composition of the pills and supplements. This thus necessitates a natural mechanism for body detoxification.

Body’s Natural Detoxification Process

The human body system has its own natural detoxification mechanism which helps to get rid of toxins in the body naturally without any chemical aid. The natural body detoxification mechanism primarily involves the liver. The human liver is a very vital organ that is regarded as the largest organ in the body. The liver which really helps the body metabolic processes also does a form filtration activity for nutrients and other compounds that enters into the body. The liver has the ability to collect together all toxic and insoluble substances that may be present in the human body and successfully get rid of the toxins for the purpose of maintaining the general wellbeing of the entire body.
The liver has the capability to filter nutrients in the body because there are two major blood vessels in the body that connects to the liver. These blood vessels include the renal artery which is responsible for the inflow of blood to the liver as well as the renal vein which is responsible for the outflow of blood from the liver. When the blood flows from the heart through the body circulatory system, it carries along several nutrients that were absorbed from the food we eat as well as the drinks we take which as earlier noted mostly contain some form of toxins that we may not know. When this blood containing nutrients and toxins flow to the liver through the major blood vessel which is the renal artery, the blood gets filtered, purified and detoxified before leaving the liver through the renal vein back to the heart for re-circulation.

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However, in the process of purification and detoxification of the body by the liver, the liver gets some toxic deposits also which thus requires detoxification. This means that when the liver has done its detoxification duties for the entire body, it is necessary to detoxify the liver itself in order to keep it functioning at optimal and full capacity. The detoxification of the liver can be achieved through eating some good food and fruits that helps to cleanse the liver. Thus naturally cleansing the liver from every toxin with the aid of foods and fruits helps the liver to function perfectly and naturally detoxify the human body.

Besides the natural detoxification process by the liver, the kidney is also another organ in the human body that have the capacity to cleanse the human body of every toxin substances. The liver is a bean like shaped organ that is located at the right and the left sides of the human body. The kidney just like the liver does filtration of nutrients and liquids in the human body. Additionally, the kidney regulates the balance between salt and water in the human body because when the level of sodium chloride in the body becomes high, it gets quite dangerous to the health of the entire body. Therefore, the kidney tries to dilute the amount of sodium chloride in the body by maintaining the balance between the salt content and the water level.

Similar to the liver, the two major blood vessels in the body which as earlier stated are the renal artery and the renal vein, also connects to the kidney. This means that both the kidney and the liver do this duty of filtration together. Thus, when blood flows into the kidney through the renal artery it also gets filtered for the removal of all toxic substances before the purified blood is subsequently carried through the renal vein for further circulation. However, the kidney in additional to blood filtration, also do water filtration for the removal of toxins through the urine.
As the liver need detoxification for full functionality, in the same vein the kidney also needs to be detoxified of all deposited toxins. This is because as the kidney filters off all toxins in the blood and water from the body, some of the toxins remain in the kidney even though the kidney naturally passes out toxins through the urine some of the toxins remains in the kidney which is left unattended to, will eventually accumulate and undermine the wellbeing off the entire body. Therefore, there is also the need to naturally detoxify the kidney itself in order to make it work optimally and perfectly.

Conclusively, toxic substances get into the human body easily through the foods and drinks that we eat. Even though there are other medical ways of detoxifying the human body, it is best to naturally detoxify the body. The human body natural detoxification system includes the liver and the kidney which filters the blood and the water in the body for the removal of toxic substances.