Causes of High Cholesterol Other Than Diet

Causes of High Cholesterol Other Than Diet

Cholesterol is forms of fatty substances in the blood stream that has both good and bad side depending on its level of availability in the blood. These fatty substances which are also called lipids are very necessary for the building up and maintenance of healthy cells in the human body however, when the level of cholesterol in the body get high, instead of being helpful for cell building and maintenance alone it becomes dangerous to the body because it predisposes the entire body system to more health risk and dangers. High cholesterol on its own from numerous health related research works is not totally a bad situation. The danger of hiving high cholesterol level is just the risk of it exposing the entire body system to series of health dangers. Therefore is necessary to know the level of your cholesterol through appropriate cholesterol level check in order to avoid the associated health risks of high cholesterol. There are several reasons that have been discovered to have been the causes of high cholesterol. The most commonly known cause of high cholesterol level in the body is through what we eat or drink which is called the dietary cause of cholesterol however, there are causes of high cholesterol other than diet. Some of these causes of high cholesterol are listed below:

Factors that are Causes of High Cholesterol Other Than Diet

Beside the popularly known dietary causes of high cholesterol, there are other factors that can increase the cholesterol level of the body which in turn endangers the body to several other health related dangers. Some of these non-dietary causes of high cholesterol include:

  • Diabetes- which is the insufficient product ion of the hormone known as insulin.
  • Obesity- which is the condition under which a person is over weighted or has excess fats in the body.
  • Kidney Disease- which deals with the ill-functioning of the kidney hence limiting its ability to clean and detoxify the body.
  • Excessive production of hormone which is otherwise known as Cushing syndrome.
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cirrhosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis as well as other liver related diseases.
  • Family history- this deals with the genetic transfer of cholesterol related health challenges that runs within a family or lineage.
  • Lack of exercise- when there is no much physical body activities that leads to sweating, there is a high likelihood of excess fat build up which in turn exposes the body to the risk of high cholesterol level.
  • Age- medically the older we get the narrower the blood vessel particularly the artery tends to get which increasing the chances of having high level of cholesterol in the blood.

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The above mentioned situations are all causes high cholesterol other than diet in the body. Particularly situations such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver related diseases and lack of exercise are conditions that impedes the body’s Ability to get rid of waste in the body which mean that there are unwanted materials in the blood stream. Some of these materials are fatty lipids which is also cholesterol which the possibility of endangering the entire body to more threats.

High cholesterol is a situation that has to do with the excessive presence of lipids or fatty substances in the blood stream. While the blood is supposed to flow seamlessly, the presence of these fatty substances in the blood stream causes a form of obstruction to the normal flow rate of the blood in the blood vessel. When this happens, the next thing is for the blood to force its way through these pipe-like vessel thereby predisposing the whole body to several health issues. There are several health dangers that arise from the high level of cholesterol in the body system. Some of these are listed below:

  • Cardiac arrest or heart attack- this is a threat associated with the high presence of cholesterol in the body because the cholesterol in the blood vessels blocks the flow of blood to and from the heart as well as the brain which in turn leads to heart failure.
  • Stroke- this is a situation where part or in some cases all the body freezes up and becomes incapable of moving as a result of an obstruction to the flow of blood to these body parts.
  • Transient Ischemic Attack- this is a form of mini stroke which is also associated with the inability of the body to move as a result of improper blood flow to the body parts.
  • High blood pressure- this is one of the dangerous effect of high cholesterol level in the blood. High blood pressure is caused as a result of excess cholesterol in the blood vessels which causes hindrance to the flow of blood hence making the blood forcefully flow through the vessels at a higher than normal amount of pressure. This leads to several other dangerous health related issues that can affect and damage the entire human body system.

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The above stated health challenges among many others can caused by high cholesterol level in the blood is a cause for concern and should be a drive for regular cholesterol level check up to known when to take urgent measures to bring down the level of cholesterol in the body. Most people are aware of the diets that can cause high cholesterol level but not very much people know about the causes of high cholesterol other than diet. These are as well dangerous as the dietary causes of high cholesterol.


The Bottom Line on Causes of High Cholesterol Other Than Diet

As discussed above, there are several cases of high cholesterol which ranges from the dietary causes, that is the food or drinks we take in to the non-dietary causes. It is very crucial to know the possible causes of high cholesterol in the body as it is the only way to know how to avoid them. Cholesterol as earlier mentioned is not entirely bad because it helps in the production of cells in the body system, however, when these cholesterol which are fatty substances in the blood stream becomes too much, it opens up the body for several unfavorable health issue.