Do I Need A Kidney Cleanse?

do i need a kidney cleanse

Do I Need A Kidney Cleanse? Yes! Every human need a Kidney cleanses. The significant of cleaning your kidney must not be in any way over-looked or disregarded. This is because cleansing one’s kidney keeps them to function at their very best. Having a clean and healthy kidney is very essential to other organs that are in your body. Notably, your kidney assists you to detoxify bloodstream by eradicating toxic chemicals and compound and in turn passes these unwanted chemicals and compound out of the body through urine. Once the cleansing of your blood is obstructed, the toxic chemicals and compound can circulate throughout your system and cause dangerous effect. A healthy kidney equally helps you to manage the stability of your body fluid by balancing both water and sodium. In addition, the kidney also helps in maintaining a balance between the level of acidity and alkalinity as well as help in regulating the enzymes and hormones that is responsible for balancing blood pressure. Importantly, your kidney which is part of the most important organ in the human body assists in filtering out toxins which develops in response to the environment and diet.

The result of an imbalance of body water as a result of toxic kidney is revealed to be associated with negative emotional situation which include, insecurity and fear, stress, paranoia, un-managed shaking muscle and panic attacks. While cleansing your liver enhances an optimal function, your kidney can effectively purify blood more than sixty times in 24 hours. Recurrent bladder, kidney infection, kidney stones, Edema and water are common signs that reveals that your kidney needs to be cleanse. Once these indicators arise, one major thing to do is to first and foremost drink a lot of healthy spring water. This will help flush out uninvited waste as well as help you to improve circulation to other organs. Importantly, imbibe yourself with low-protein diet; most especially avoid animal protein kind of food like. However, if you decide to undergo a kidney cleansing, below are some helpful tips or ways:

3 Tips If You Need a Kidney Cleanse

Cleansing with Teas

There are several tea you can make all by yourself in order to cleanse your kidney. Among the numerous type of teas, dandelion roots and ginger roots have both been discussed widely for cleansing of one’s kidney. The dandelion root helps you to remove unwanted water from the body by processing it into urine. The dandelion root tea can be made in your kitchen by just boiling one to two teaspoon of already roasted dandelion root in a eight to nine ounces of clean water. On the other hand, Turmeric Tea and Ginger Tea can also be made by just boiling a few pieces of turmeric powder with already peeled ginger root. Researches have proven that if ginger root and turmeric root is consumed right after lunch or dinner, the tea will help flush out toxins from one’s kidney and also assist in easy digestion of food.

Cleansing with Less Processed Food

For a long term solution, it is advised to opt for balanced diet. Consuming less processed food can help your kidney to function well. It is important you cut down high sodium food content and processed carbohydrates such as chocolate, cake, sugary drinks among. A diet that involves cutting down of highly processed food content can make one feel way better.

Cleansing with Vegetables and Fruit

Eating Fruit and Vegetables – Organic Fruit will assist your body and will help out in cleansing your kidney. Grapes have been advised to be consumed raw in order to provide the needed antioxidant and nutrient that assist detoxification. Notably, grape help flush out uric acid and any other unwanted waste product in the kidney and from your body. In addition, cranberries also provide you with quinine, which is a compound that is normally sent to your liver. This compound helps you to eradicate uric acid and urea from your kidney. While it also removes uric acid and urea from your urinary tract, it majorly disallows bacteria from getting familiar to the wall of the urinary walls. A cranberry is regarded as a kidney supporter. An apple which is among one of the best organic food we consume is best for cleansing your kidney, and for cleansing of one’s total body. Numerous cleansing vegetables are also very much available in local groceries stores. Onions have been reported to assist the kidney. It has a great potential of disallowing the development of kidney stones. Soya beans, peas and kidney beans which also contain important amino acid regarded as arginine are also best for cleansing your kidney. Furthermore, garlic which is natural diuretic assists in stimulating the production of urine and help in flushing out the kidney. Cucumber on the other hand, also works as a diuretic that dissolves bladder and kidney stones. Hence, enjoy every bit of blueberries juice, cranberries or pomegranate as they enhance the function of your kidney.

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Bottom Line on Needing a Kidney Cleanse

Consuming pure and raw food will largely provide you the needed support for your kidney as well for any other detoxifying organ that can be found in your body. Consuming raw leafy vegetables, consuming nuts and seed, and consuming less sugared fruits can assist your overall health in several ways apart from kidney cleansing. As mentioned above, it is always important to take enough water daily and frequently visit your doctor for check-ups. Drinking of water establishes an easier route for toxins to leave your kidney. Most especially, avoid excessive animal protein to including milk, rhubarb, chocolate and any caffeinated product, this is because these food allow increasing uric acid or increasing calcium oxalate in your kidney and can lead to the development of kidney stones. Other food that can optimize a healthy kidney includes: Prouts, Pumpkin, Potatoes, Papaya, Legumes, Seeds, Celery, Banana, Watercress, Watermelon, Cucumber, Parsley, and algae products which include the Blue green algae, Chlorella and Spirulina. However, since humans can’t replace the kidney just as you change air filter, the kidney needs regular cleansing in order to protect other vital organs in your body.