does beer cleanse your liver

Eating and drinking is a very necessary aspect of our daily lives. This is because when we eat food, it is being broken down and absorbed into the body system for conversion into energy for the body. Similarly, the human body is made up of a very large volume of water hence there is the need as it is also medically advised to keep the body well hydrated for the maintenance of good health. However, the foods we eat as well as the drinks we take expose our body system to a lot of foreign agents that have the capacity of harming the human body. Some of these foreign agents are in the form of toxin which are nor digestible by the normal body digestive system.

The accumulation of these toxic substances can cause severe damages to the human body which thus necessitates the removal or neutralization of these dangerous toxins through a process that is called detoxification. Detoxification of the human body entails all the processes of collecting harmful and dangerous toxins as well as their conversion into harmless useful substances that can be reabsorbed into the body system for improved energy generation while the non-useful ones are disposed. The human body system has an organ that is naturally in charge of this process of detoxification known as the liver.

The liver is a very sensitive, critical and important organ in the human body that is located right below the diaphragm at the top right side of the human anatomy. This organ is a very bloody reddish organ that is composed of four lobes that are not of equal shapes and sizes. The liver among its numerous functions produces what is known as bile. This substance that is produced by the liver is basically responsible for digestion through the emulsification of lipids in the body. Bile produced by the liver are stored in the gallbladder which is readily available for use by the body.

Among the numerous drinks that are taken up into the body, includes beer. Beer is a drink that is brewed with certain percentage of alcohol typically at about 3 to 7 per cent. The consumption of alcohol is not entirely bad but when the rate of consumption gets high, it becomes detrimental to the liver because it then have the potential of causing series of liver diseases. However, scientific research into the damaging effects as well as the benefits of beer has shown that not all beers are brewed the same way and with same content as such, the effects they have on the liver is not the same. This assertion was experimented using three different groups of mice. The first group were given very regularly brewed beer while the second group of mice were given specially brewed beer without hops. The third group of mice were given other types of alcohol. After several hours, it was observed that the groups of mice that were given the beer brewed without hops and those that were given other forms of alcohol that is the groups two and three had a lot of unhealthy fat deposits in their livers as compared to the groups of mice in the first groups that were given normal regular beer. The results and findings of this experiment reveal that the consumption of the regular beer which is normally brewed with hops is not very deadly to the liver as compared to those prepared without hops and other forms of alcohol. However, despite being brewed with hopes high consumption of beer is still not very healthy for the liver because, instead of helping in the cleansing process for the liver, it ends up causing more harm to the liver as a result of its alcohol content.

Benefits of Beer Consumption


When beer is consumed in appropriate proportion, there are certain benefits that can be derived from the consumption that helps improve general health. Some of these benefits are subsequently enumerated;

Lower risk of cardiovascular Diseases

Some group of Italian medical researchers have revealed that consuming beer in moderate amount have impact on the health of the human cardiovascular system. This means that it helps in reducing the risk of having heart related diseases.

Improvement of Body Metabolism

Further research by medical experts has shown that beer consumption have the potential to improve the body metabolism which in turn helps the overall health condition of people.

Prevention of Stroke

Stroke which is a condition that is majorly caused by hypertension or high blood pressure and is associated with the partial or full paralysis of body parts can actually be prevented by consuming beer. Since beer have the tendency to help the cardiovascular system, it also improves the condition of blood pressure hence it can prevent stroke.

Faster recovery time from workouts

When beer is consumed steadily but in moderate amount, it helps athletes to recover faster after workouts.

Does Beer Cleanse your Liver?

On the overall beer have a lot of health benefits that makes it good for regular but moderate consumption. Liver cleansing which basically deals with the process of removing all forms of toxic deposits from the liver is a process that requires special attention. Medical science have revealed that there are some specially prepared pills that can detoxify the liver, however, these pills contain chemicals that are not entirely all useful to the body which end up becoming toxic to the human body and liver. Therefore there is the need for natural liver detox methods. While some school of thoughts have argued that based on the aforementioned health benefits of beer, it could be considered as a liver cleanser, there have not been much medical proofs to back this assertion. Though the consumption of beer particularly the one that is brewed with hops is not very deadly to the liver when consumed in small or moderate amount however, the health benefits of beer drinking does not includes cleansing of the liver of toxic substances. Therefore consume liver that is brewed with hops and ensure to take it in moderate amount but is should not be consumed for the purpose of liver cleansing.