Does Garlic Cleanse Your Liver

 There are several types of germs that enter into the human body basically through the foods, drinks, medications and sometimes even the air that we breathe. These germs that finds their way into the body poses some amount of threat to the general well-being of the human body. This is basically because some of these germs are not substances that the human digestive system can break down hence they end up forming what is known as toxin. Toxic substances if present or allowed to accumulate in the human body could lead to severe damage of the human body system. The dangerous nature of these toxic substances in the human body makes it quite imperative to cleanse the body of any toxin.

Body cleansing process is the act of removing all the deposited and accumulated toxic substances from the body which is normally a prospective danger to the human body. The process of liver cleansing in the human body is primarily done by the liver. The liver is one of the very essential organs in the human body that serves as a sieve or filter for the blood. The liver filters the blood in a bid to remove all the toxic substances that may be present in the blood and in the nutrients from the foods that we eat. The liver is able to perform this task because there are two major blood vessels that connect to the liver which are the renal artery as well as the renal vein. The renal artery carries the blood that goes into the liver from the heart while the renal vein carries blood from the liver back to the heart. When the blood flows into the liver, it gets filtered for the removal of toxic substances before it leaves the liver. This task makes the liver the organ that removes toxins from the body, however, in this process of toxin removal which is also known as detoxification of the body, the liver is exposed to getting stained or contaminated by some of these toxins which may likely get deposited in the liver. These toxin deposits pose several degrees of health dangers to the human body which makes it necessary for the liver which is a body detoxifier to get detoxified also.

Liver cleansing is the process of removing all forms of toxins from the liver in order to help the liver function at top capacity in the removal of toxins. The liver has a way of cleansing itself naturally during its body detoxification process however; there is the need to assist the liver in this process in order to efficiently cleanse the liver for optimum functionality.

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Benefits of Liver Cleansing

Medical science has revealed that when a person undergoes liver cleansing, there lots of health benefits that are associated with liver cleansing. Since the liver is a very vital organ whose function cannot be ignored or replaced, there is the need to keep the liver clean for full function. Some of the benefits of liver cleansing among others include:

  • Enhanced body detoxification process

  • Having a clean body system that is devoid of accumulated toxins

  • Improved health and general well-being of the entire body

  • Free and improved flow of blood through the body circulatory system

  • Helps cleaning of the blood vessel for stabilised flow.

  • Proper functioning of the liver helps maintain and regulate the blood pressure

Methods of Liver Cleansing

The process of cleansing the liver can be achieved through different means some of which include, eating of good fresh fruits that help to clean the liver such as water melon, apples and carrots. The liver could also be cleansed through undergoing steady exercises which have the capacity to pump more blood through the liver, a process which has the ability to keep the liver clean. The liver can be cleansed by the intake of specially prepared scientific medical formula which is mostly in the form of pills which are taken as supplements that have the power to clean the liver from all toxic deposits in order to help the liver function perfectly. There is also the option of cleansing the liver through the intake of certain herbs such as garlic. The cleansing ability of garlic on the human liver is subsequently highlighted.

Garlic and its Liver Cleansing Ability

Garlic is natural herbal root that contains a form of sulphur that is known as allicin. This content in garlic is a very strong form of antioxidant that serves as an antibacterial and antifungal in the human body. Antioxidants generally are substances that have the power to maintain the good health condition of the body through the ability of antioxidant to rid the human body of all impurities that majorly exist as free radicals which potential diseases are causing agents. Antioxidants with their ability to undermine the actions as well as effects of these free radicals can effectively assist the body organs such as the kidney and liver to get rid of toxic deposit that may have remained in the process of body detoxification. Garlic which has been scientifically proven to be a very good source of antioxidant can clear the liver of toxins which would have inhibited the functions of the liver. Therefore the use of garlic either by chewing it directly or indirectly when it is used as a spice in food preparation have the potential to help the liver in the process of liver cleansing through the removal of toxins that have deposited in the liver.

The Bottom Line on Garlic for Liver Cleansing

Garlic as previously noted is a natural healthy herb that contains allicin which is a very strong and powerful antioxidant that helps the human body in the process of getting rid of harmful agents from the body. Antioxidant in garlic can help the liver cleansing process in order to improve the functionality of the liver. Therefore, garlic helps the liver cleansing process.