Effective Relaxation Techniques at Work for Better Productivity

Relaxation Techniques at Work

If you are not taking necessary steps to control or reduce stress, it can affect your physical and mental
health. Remember that activities like yoga, massage and other exercises are helpful to reduce stress and
provide relaxation. But, there comes a time when you need relief from stress on an immediate basis.
Workplace stress is the worst. You can handle some difficult days with stress relievers. While for others,
you can perform exercises that have proven effects over how the mind works. You need to understand
that drugs for stress or anxiety can restrict you from being creative and productive. Considering their
side effects, you have to take appropriate steps to figure out how to overcome stress and tension. To be
honest, you can take a little time off before making an important call or preparing for a presentation.
But, the question is: what are the effective relaxation techniques at work? How can you overcome stress
at the workplace? Below are some of the proven relaxing breathing exercises or methods to do so:

Effective Relaxation Techniques at Work for Better Productivity

1. Progressive PGR -1.74% Relaxation of Muscles

Stress is the reason to cause tension in stress muscles of the body. If you do not pay attention to this
problem in the beginning, your body would get used to it. Muscles become tightened and do not let you
to perform the required tasks efficiently. Even, in severe cases, sore muscles in the shoulders and neck
are the resultant of chronic tension.

So, what to do to get rid of it? How to overcome chronic tension and relax muscles? The answer is
progressive muscle relaxation. This technique relaxes the muscles and reduces tension.

To begin with- slowly tense and relax muscles. Raise your toes and gradually bring it near the neck. Over
time, you would notice that the level of tension in the muscles is decreasing.

2. Visualizing

Sometimes, you would not be in a state to go out and have some fun. This is where you need to find
some mental exercises that could overcome stress and relax mind. You have to search for mental
relaxation techniques at work that can overcome workplace stress. Think about the most peaceful
places you wish to visit. It could be a beach, a mountain top, a campfire between the woods, your
favorite couch in the room or any place you would feel happy about.

Now, close your eyes, imagine yourself there and feel the happiness. Think what you see, hear, smell
and touch around the place and know how it feels. With this visualization technique, your mind can get
rid of many negative feelings and workplace tensions.


3. Autogenic Relaxation

Autogenic refers to something that is associated with a person. When applied as a relaxation technique,
it combines visual imagery with body awareness. In this therapy, you recall those suggestions or words
that stimulate emotions and let the mind to send relaxation messages to the muscles.

For instance, you can think of a peaceful setting and work on relaxing breathing following by feeling
physical sensations, like leg one by one or relaxing each arm. This way, you are rest assured about

autogen trening

4. Breathing Deeply

No one pays attention to his/her breathing because it is a natural process and continues 24/7 with no
pause. However, you have to understand that your breathing cycle has a significant impact over the
stress level. While working at the office, you can take deep breaths to relax the mind and muscles. You
should understand that deep breathing is one of the effective
relaxation techniques at work because of
its proven effects. In order to relax naturally, you should be aware of your breathing process and take
slow and deep breaths.

Deep breaths allow more oxygen to enter the nervous system and assist in sending calming effects.
Breathing techniques also assist you to focus on yourself and the body so that you can feel peaceful and
relaxed. However, you need to know the right breathing techniques. Some may combine visualization
while some emphasize over deep belly breaths.

5. Engaging the Senses

Senses are another effective way to relax because you can use any of them to engage in different
activities. You can refocus your attention and relax by engaging your senses. You need to figure out
which of the sense is the most effective to get rid of worry. For some people, music works as the
relaxing exercise while others feel good with families as well as their pictures.
Examine different stress relieving activities and see how they would affect. For instance, apply scented
lotion on the palm, massage the hand, play with a stress ball or eat your favorite candy. Over time, you
would start to recognize which stress relieving activities are more effective than others.

6. Laughter

Laughter is really the best medicine. A little, hearty chuckle can calm your mind, releases stress and
stimulates blood circulation in the body. Laughter also helps to increase production of endorphins that
are used to produce relaxing and stress free emotions.


So, Get yourself surrounded with people or items that make you feel happy and induce laughter. Keep
an interesting list of funny cartoon, jokes and photos to spend some quality time. Apart from focusing
relaxation techniques at work, you can also talk with colleagues on any topic you want. Remember
to maintain good sense of humor and don’t forget to incorporate funny stories to spice up conversation.
Even, laugh at yourself is another worthy method to over stress at the workplace. But, make sure that
no one is around or else, people might think something negative about you!

Never Stop Practicing

In order to bring the best out of relaxation techniques at work, you need to practice as much as
possible. Regularly exercising can prepare the brain as well as the body to react properly when things
get stressful. After some time, you can learn to relieve distress quickly and restrict stress from affecting
your productivity.