Essence of Finding Out What is a Healthy Cholesterol Level

What is a Healthy Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol level depends on gender, age, and weight. When a person tends to have an age more than 40, their cholesterol level raises so they must have to check after every 5 to 7 years. Some ask healthy cholesterol level for their body?

Basically, cholesterol is divided into three categories:
• Bad or LDL cholesterol
• Good or HDL cholesterol
• Total cholesterol

Maintaining cholesterol level is such a hard thing for a normal person because they have never asked themselves what is a healthy cholesterol level. It is necessary to sustain LDL and total cholesterol at a low level and it would be more helpful if they manage to keep HDL cholesterol, it helps to protect from heart-related problems like stroke or heart attack.

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Level and Age of Cholesterol

With the increasing age, cholesterol level changes. It is important to take consultancy from a doctor as they will give recommendations for preventing from cholesterol at an early age. A person must have to take care of it or else it will convert into some serious disease.

In children, it is least to have high cholesterol level, but they must have to check their levels at least twice or thrice in a year before they reach the age of 18.

If children have high cholesterol level, then parents should immediately visit a doctor and ask for complete check-up. If they do not pay attention, consequences would be beyond expectations. This is the reason why doctors suggest that you must know what is a healthy cholesterol level for your body.

According to various studies, men have comparatively high cholesterol than women. Men tend to have high cholesterol level as they get older. However, when it comes to women, it just rises during periods.

Recommended Cholesterol Levels

Not knowing what is a healthy cholesterol level is a problem. Having a high level of cholesterol does not hit everyone. It can change from time to time because of the variation in health issues and considerations.

Recommended Cholesterol Level For Adults:

• The perfect quantity of cholesterol level should be less than 200 mg/dl (milligram per deciliter). Its
borderline lies between 200-239 mg/dl while the cholesterol level above 240 mg/dl is considered as high
and leads you at risk of numerous diseases.
• The LDL cholesterol level must be less than 100 mg/dl. If a person is not suffering from any health
issue then level in between 100-129 mg/dl is considerable but if they have heart problem then it’s a
dangerous thing. Borderline of LDL cholesterol level is 130-159 mg/dl and 16-189 mg/dl is considered as
high and a level of 190 mg/dl is measured very high.
• However, HDL levels must be considered as high. A reading of 40 mg/dl is dangerous and can cause a
risk of heart attack. Borderline of this is considered in between 41-59 mg/dl. If the range is 60 mg/dl or
higher than this, then adults are likely to have a good sign for health.

Recommended Cholesterol Level For Children

As compared to adults, the cholesterol level for children is different. Therefore, you need to know what
a healthy cholesterol level is for children.
• The perfect quantity of total cholesterol for children is should be less than 170 mg/dl. Borderline to
be considered in between 170-199 mg/dl and a cholesterol level higher than 200 mg/dl is considered as
a risk.
• In accordance with total cholesterol, LDL is also considered low as compare to an adult. The bearable
range of LDL cholesterol for a child is not more than 110 mg/dl. Borderline is considered as 110-129
mg/dl while 130 mg/dl is considered as high.

Tips for Healthy Cholestherol Level

Active and healthy lifestyle is important to maintain cholesterol level. This can be achieved though asking you yourself this question: what is a healthy cholesterol level for adults and children both?

Active and health lifestyle incorporates daily exercise and a healthy diet.

When a child eats a lot, it’s necessary that their cholesterol level will be high. It may be a risk for those children whose any of the member of a family has high cholesterol level.

If an adult takes care of its dose, then they don’t have a risk of high cholesterol level. It builds over time. But if they do a slight change in their lifestyle, there is more chance to get a high cholesterol level.

If an adult wants to maintain his/her cholesterol level, then he/she must have to do regular exercise. When a woman is going through periods time and adults with high cholesterol level must have to take medicines on time with the diet. High cholesterol level puts a person at a risk of heart attack, heart disease, and strokes.

Treatment Choices

There are different methods for the prevention of high cholesterol level and to stop it from increasing. One method is TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes), in which weight management, diet, and exercise included. On the other hand, drug therapies are one of the methods which reduce cholesterol.

Saturated fats and Trans fats foods are the examples of low diet and protein and soluble fibers are the example of high diet.

Low-saturated diet includes TLC diet, low-cholesterol consumption plan. Make sure that the daily cholesterol intake is 200 mg of dietary cholesterol and 7% of calories from saturated fat. Following are the foods which a person should have to eat to maintain cholesterol level in the TLC diet are:
• Fish
• Whole grains
• Fruits
• Skinless poultry
• Vegetables
• Non-fat dairy products
• Lean Meat

On the other hand, the TLC diet recommended taking the suggested quantity of calories in order to maintain a desirable weight. If they are thinking to increase the dose of soluble fibers and foods like, margarine which contains naturally occurring substances can boost-up the LDL-lowering energy. You need take diet that has best minerals for the body; those that can maintain the appropriate cholesterol level in you body. With this, you will understand what the doctor say when they ask you if you know ‘what is a healthy cholesterol level for your body?’

If a person wants to maintain cholesterol level by taking an idea from a TLC diet, they can purchase a book online.
Maintaining weight is one of the important parts for reducing cholesterol level. If an overweight person maintains to reduce their weight, it helps them in lowering LDL.

Those who are overweight are high at a risk of:
• Low HDL levels
• High triglyceride levels
• Men whose waist measurement is more than 40 inches.

• Women whose waist measurement is more than 35 inches. They must have to do daily exercise for about 30 minutes to reduce their fat. This will surely help them in lowering cholesterol level.

If these steps will not help in reducing cholesterol then drug treatment is a must. Moreover, it is important to regularly visit you doctor to ask what is a healthy cholesterol level for your body. The following are types of drugs for lowering cholesterol is:
• Omega-3 fatty acids
• Bile acid sequestrants
• Statins