What is Good Blood Pressure for a Woman?

What is Good Blood Pressure for a Woman

Need to know what is good blood pressure for a woman? Want to take care of yourself to avoid being in this situation? Here is all information you need.

Definition of high blood pressure:

The force of blood flow occurring through arteries is known as blood pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure happens when you are constantly in stress and the situation gets worse if the force increases to its maximum level. This situation can affect your heart, brain, vessels and other parts of the body. ccording to world’s statistics, out of 3 people 1 suffers from high blood pressure.

Consideration of numbers

Blood pressure is measured in two numbers while written in ratio.

  • Systolic: It measures the force of arteries when the heart pumps, it is higher of the two and also stands first in the ratio- the upper number
  • Diastolic: It measures the force of arteries between the heartbeats. It is bottom number of the two and stands second in the ratio.

Blood pressure depends upon the pressure of the heart; it rises with every heartbeat and falls when your heartbeat slows down. It also changes with the change in sleep, stress, posture or exercise from time to time. When talked about what is good blood pressure for a woman for 20 years or above, it needs to be 120/80 mm Hg.

Listed below are the numbers in which blood pressure is distributed:

  • Normal: less than 80 diastolic and 120 systolic.
  • Elevated: a small amount of 80 diastolic and 120-129 systolic
  • Hypertension (or High Blood Pressure) phase 1: 80-89 diastolic or 130-139 systolic
  • Hypertension (or High Blood Pressure) phase 2: 90 or privileged diastolic and 140 or privileged systolic
  • High Blood Pressure emergency: More than 120 diastolic or more than 140 systolic

Blood pressure changes time to time all over a day, you just have to make sure that you keep on checking those fluctuations in order to address any problem before something bad happens. If you are constantly doing it, you may get to know that if you have a high blood pressure or not.

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Dismissing the Myth

A common misconception states that high blood pressure mostly happens in men and causes different health issues. But in reality, women and men, with ages 40, 50 and 60, are more likely to hit by the hypertension. But, when the menstruation process stops in women’s body, they are more likely to get high blood pressure rather than men. At the age of 45, men tend to be the victim of high blood pressure but women go through this situation later because of some health reasons.

Silent Killer

For blood pressure, it doesn’t need any symptoms to occur. ou don’t get any sign that you have high blood pressure until there is a heart attack or stroke.

In some cases, hypertension (high blood pressure) causes headaches, nosebleeds or dizziness. That is why, it’s important to check your blood pressure regularly while getting general information about what is good blood pressure for a woman and if it goes high, what to do to make it normal.

Health Issues

Without any consultation or check-up, you don’t get to the point that you have high blood pressure. It can also lead to some serious health issues. Kidney failure and strokes are the main causes of high blood pressure. Chronic high blood pressure can cause damages to blood vessels that lead to severe heart attack. For pregnant women, it is more dangerous as it affects mother as well as the baby.

Check the Blood Pressure

Keep an eye over your blood pressure and find out whether you have high blood pressure or not. You can check anywhere like public blood pressure measuring devices present at pharmacies and shopping malls, at doctor’s office or even at home if you have a blood pressure monitor.

Just keep in mind what is good blood pressure for a woman and what should be the standard readings for your body. Whenever you see a major change in numbers, don’t waste time and consult with the doctor before it gets more serious.

Pregnancy Period

Women, who are on birth controlling medications, may notice a little change in blood pressure. It usually happens with those who already have hypertension, are fat or it, sometimes, comes from family (genetic problem). When women are expecting, blood pressure may increase so keep a check on it.

Women with already high blood pressure or who haven’t experience yet, they both go through a time when it is crucial to control their blood pressure otherwise, their pregnancy would be at risk. This condition is known as preeclampsia.

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Know Preeclampsia

Women, who are giving birth, must go though preeclampsia. It affects women after having a pregnancy of 20 weeks. In some cases, this condition happens too early in postpartum or pregnancy. Liver or kidney problems, headaches, high blood pressure, sudden gain in weight and swelling are the symptoms of this condition.

About 13 percent of the worldwide population has this serious problem of preeclampsia that, sometimes, causes death. You have to manage it. This condition just goes off when your baby is born and it’s been months. Listed below are some groups of females that are at high risk of preeclampsia:

  • Overweight females
  • Women who have gone through multiple pregnancies
  • Females who have kidney problems or high blood pressure
  • Women having age of 40 years or above
  • Teenagers

How to Overcome of Risk Factors?

While considering what is good blood pressure for a woman, your task should be look at how to manage and overcome it. According to the experts, women should follow a balanced diet and make their lifestyle healthy to get rid of the symptoms as soon as possible:

  • Do exercise regularly for about 30-45 minutes, at least 5 day a week.
  • Take diet that has lesser content of saturated fats and calories while search for the best vitamins for high blood pressure
  • Doctors’ consultancy is important for the health

If you are constantly having high blood pressure (hypertension), then take doctor’s appointment and have your complete check-up. This way, your doctor would be able to suggest the right medications and tips to maintain your blood pressure at its normal point.