Explore Everything About the Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Body

Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Body

The new millennium’s health trend is about finding natural ways to cleanse your body. The going “green” movement has now included our bodies, especially in the Western world; however, this is not a new concept. In finding these natural ways to cleanse your body, you will be hard pressed to find a way without hearing about ancient Chinese methods, herbs, and practices that their culture has been using for centuries. The Eastern world has known for millennia that the best practices for cleansing your body the natural way include resting, including meditation and breathing exercises, nourishing, eating the right amount of certain foods; and detoxing, ridding your body of harmful carcinogens and pathogens within the body- by using these three methods in unison, the world lives healthier, longer more proactive lives.

The Western world has suddenly become infatuated with the concept of detoxification. What is it? How does it work? Who needs it? Are there multiple methods? Detoxing is a complex subject that you are going to unlock to help you have one more tool to help you have another way of cleansing your body the natural way.

What Is Detoxing?

The approach of how to do detoxification works on the cellular level, cleansing your entire circulatory system by removing any contaminations or harmful impurities from within the blood in the liver. The liver’s primary responsibility is to cleanse your body. When detoxing, you are giving your blood and liver the extra boost it needs by years of unhealthy living. Toxins are also cleansed from all other parts of the body; wherever large amounts of blood flows will be cleansed, including your respiratory system, digestive system, and epidural system etc.

By using the proper detoxing methods, several things are happening while you are using natural ways to cleanse your body:

1. You are giving your organs a chance to rest through momentary fasting
2. The Detox choice will stimulate your liver to rid the impurities from your body
3. Elimination from all the bodily systems will be promoted and started
4. Blood Circulation will start to increase
5. Healthy nutrients will have replaced poor ones and will have refueled your body with a clean, natural way.

Types of Detox Programs

Depending on your blood type, personal habits, and genetic backgrounds all play a role in choosing the right detox program that will provide the optimum results for choosing natural ways to cleanse your body. Some detoxing call for a 2-day fast, but this is unrealistic for anyone with diabetes or other medical or blood disorder. This doesn’t mean you should do a detox, it just means you should do your research and figure out which program is the best for you.

There are several tens of cleanses out on the market. Some of the more popular ones include:
1. Smoothie Detox
2. Sugar Cleanse
3. Simple Veggie and Fruit Cleanse
4. Juice Detox
5. Hypoallergenic Cleanse

Do I Really Need a Detox Cleansing?

The immediate answer, if you are a person who likes to eat a lot of junk food, is yes. You may be a part of the unhealthiest population on the planet. The only people exempt from an annual detox are cancer patients, nursing mothers, children, tuberculosis patients, and patients with chronic degenerative diseases. If you are not one of these people, then an annual cleanse is critical considering all the toxins in the environment that our bodies are exposed to on a daily based, not to mention individual living style.

Detoxification: Programs to Cleanse, Purify, and Renew, written by Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., cites symptoms for those suffering from outside toxins and could benefit from a detox. These symptoms include:
• Skin Irritation
• Chronic Fatigue
• Puffy, bags, dark circles under the eyes
• Mental concentration problems
• Allergies
• Bloating
• Bowel sluggish
• Menstrual Problems
• Low fever and infections

If you suffer from one or more of the above symptoms a good detoxing would be the best of the natural ways to cleanse your body and help you feel tons better.

How to Start A Detox

First, mentally and physically prepare yourself and your household for the detox. Detoxification should go beyond just the one 2-5 day cleanse. You should think about the days following the cleanse and how you can make it last for as long as possible, so those symptoms don’t come rushing back. There are things you can do, easy things, to help you live a little healthier without destroying your normal lifestyle.

Changing Your Home

This is an easy step for keeping outer toxins away from you. Reduce the chemical-based products in your house. Replace your cleansing products, hygiene products, and as much food with natural and organic substitutions. Everything from glass cleaner to toothpaste has a natural alternative.

Changing You

Prior to the Detox, eliminate or cut back as much as possible on all coffee, alcohol, refined sugars, cigarettes, and saturated fats. Obviously, these products are going to add toxins to the body and are going to present obstacles to the detox and your body’s healing stages.

The Stress hormone in mass quantity can create mass amounts of toxins in the liver and slow down the process, so if your life is overly stressful, try to identify your triggers and get rid of them for at least two weeks for your healing. Yoga and meditation are very both effective and natural ways to cleanse your body; they also help reduce the stress during the detox and postdetox phase.

Maintaining Detox Living

After a detox cleansing, the last thing you want to happen is for your body to fill back up with toxins and impurities. You want to keep finding natural ways to cleanse your bodypast the Detox. Listed are 10 ways that you can continue to cleanse your body with alternative lifestyle changes and adding diet supplements.

1. By eating supplements with dandelion root, milk thistle and burdock, and drinking green tea will protect and cleanse the liver.
2. Fiber is so important but from the right sources. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits, brown rice, radishes, beets, cabbage, spirulina, artichokes, seaweed, and chlorella are the best sources.
3. Buy a 32oz drinking bottle because it is essential that you drink 2 quarts of water every day. If you can carry it with you, you would be surprised how much easier it is to get it down.
4. Glutathione is a liver compound that fights off the toxins and is found in Vitamin C. If you can’t get it in your food, simply buy a Vitamin C chewable. The orange flavor is the best.
5. Learn your breathing techniques. These have actually been shown to help in losing weight too.
6. Make your stress a positive reflection of you. Make lists on how you can do that.
7. Sweat out those toxins in a sauna.
8. Try Detox foot pads, spas, baths, brush off all the dead skin and remove impurities through pores. Detox foot pads do work.
9. An interesting method that sounds interesting and slightly odd and exhilarating is Hydrotherapy. The idea is to take a hot shower for 5 minutes, then turn the water cold for 30 seconds. You do this procedure to your back 3 times. Hot 5, cold 30 sec. Afterwards, jump into your bed for thirty minutes.
10. Finally, the best way to detox is through exercise because you are naturally pumping your blood through your entire body making it work harder and faster and doing its job at an accelerated rate. Yoga is recommended as one of the best ways to continue detoxing your body.

Detoxing your body is one of the quickest, easiest, andnatural ways to cleanse your body, and to get you on the road to plainly put, feeling better. You can be on your way to cleansing your body naturally within 2 days and for the rest of your life. However, like any lifestyle change, if you are taking medications or suffer from a medical condition, consult your doctor before altering your lifestyle by using herbal supplements, changing your health treatment and adding natural remedies. All information provided is intended for explanatory and education reasons and in no way replace medical advice or counseling.