Explore the Facts and Be Sure How is Cleansing Healthy for Your Body?

How is Cleansing Healthy for Your Body?

Whether you derive your factual and informative material through the World Wide Web, the television news, NPR, magazines, and journals, or the older-fashioned newspaper, everyone in the Health and Fitness Scene has an opinion about cleansings. The question that everyone has a primary voice and concern over, and that is at the top of health and fitness articles and news simply asks is cleansing good for your body?

Deciding to go straight to a primary source, you went to a health food and vitamin supplement store with the sole purpose of speaking with the store clerk, who is trained to be an expert on all the health products they carry and have some knowledge on health and fitness. Specifically, you wanted to find out about different types of cleanses and ask him straight out, “Is cleansing good for your body?”

You were not prepared for the response you received from Jerry, the store clerk. In a matter of 15 minutes, you learned some shocking facts about UK’s number one health trend. You might know a book which highlights all the key points to answer your very poignant question: Is cleansing good for your body?

The Number One Selling Promise and Lie

Let it first be known that if you tried to research how many detoxes and cleanses were available on the market, you would not be able to get an accurate number, it is so unfathomably unimaginable. However, every single one of those uncountable products, all share one common directive: to rid the body of toxic and damaging substances from your body. Often, certain brands or types have a primary focus on a primary organ like the kidneys, colon, or liver, and theoretically, a detox or cleanse makes you momentarily feel better. This is where the shadowing of the lie begins when they promise momentary positive result to the long-term question is cleansing good for your body?

There are no 100% accurate directions that come with cleansing and detoxification. In many cases, this includes fasting or rationing the food intake and only consuming pressed juices or certain ones supposedly scientifically found to remove toxins from the body. These hypothetical toxins are never discussed in detail beyond the occasional reference to being “a poison”, “a carcinogen”, “a pollutant”, even “free radicals”.

The harmful lie comes directly from those fruit and vegetable only diets that claim to remove all toxins and pollutants from the body. This is a weird notion. Anyone, anyone at all with common knowledge in the health field can figure out that more than two days without proteins in your system can actually be quite harmful, let alone the stupidity of a week.

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A Closer Look at Your Cleansing Body

Just because fruits and vegetables are good for us, they should not be your only source of nutrition for which, they also need to understand why are antioxidants good for us. If you kept thinking with that logic, you could say running is an excellent source of exercise, for the next week, I’m not going to stop running at all (for the entire week). Does that make sense to you?

Now would you have earth-shaking results if you ate nothing but fruits and vegetables and never stopped for even one moment from running for an entire week? If you aren’t in the hospital then you are multiple pounds shredded, there isn’t a toxin in your body, and every ounce of water weight has been melted off of you that week.

Unfortunately, most of these diets restrict most exercise because of the calorie intake specifically for the reasons that without those calories you are now prone to dizziness, weakness, and exhaustion especially if you try to exercise. So, you are off the hook with the walking, but you are still stuck with this cleanse that has you eating nothing but fruits and vegetables for this week-long cleanse. All the while, in the back of your mind, even you can’t help but ponder is cleansing good for your body?

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It’s the end of the week and even without exercise, you have lost a few pounds that are your water weight, which will be back in a few days when you go back to your normal lifestyle habits. You can’t even appreciate it because your body is out of gas and running on empty, dying for protein, which the liver and every biological functioning system you have to depend upon for functioning. This ridiculous restrictive cleanse also kept you from receiving the proper amounts of fiber you need for your large intestine to function properly; consequently, your tummy is wrenching, and you are suffering from stomach flu-like symptoms. Double Whammy. But wait, there’s more.

God, The Big Bang Theory, Aliens, or whatever creation of man belief you choose to hold, wherever or whoever created these intricacies and complexities, parts of you still left undiscovered, it’s important to understand that it counts a lot in taking care of everything around. What are the missions of the kidneys, liver, and lungs if not to rid our body of toxins through one of your intricate systems. Every time you use the restroom, you are flushing away toxins. If your body wasn’t perfectly designed to get rid of toxins all by itself, with the billions upon billions of toxins in and on everything, you would be dead within minutes. Hence, lie three, detoxes are not providing a single service your body doesn’t already provide.

So, you might have come to a surprising conclusive answer to the question,”Is cleansing good for your body?” The answer is No. Will a cleanse leave lifelong damage? No? The worst-case scenario is that you deprive yourself of your favorite foods for a week for no reason. In addition, you have the worst stomach ache and probably the worst few days of cramps, a musical cacophony echoing from your intestines, and constant residence on the solitary white chair of deep thought. When you can emerge, all you want to do is sleep. You are so miserable that all you can think about is the end of the week when you can grill a nice steak. In life, as a general rule, taking anything to the extreme on general principle isn’t a good idea. Everything in a healthy moderation is a healthy place to start.