Foods to Avoid with Heart Disease

Foods to Avoid with Heart Disease

f you want to keep your heart and also your cardiovascular system healthy for decades, importantly if you don’t want to raise your heart disease, it is important that you keep these snacks and meals away from your menu and diet of regular meal. You can however save them occasional consumption or avoid them completely in order to have a heart healthy wellbeing. Working on your diet avoids heart disease to becoming worsened. Same as helping to lower high blood pressure, high blood sugar and insulin level as well a high cholesterol level. Avoiding these foods will equally help you in guarding against obesity and overall assistance in effective functioning of the blood vessels and heart. If you are diagnosed with heart disease and you are looking out for heart health, the discussed food should not be made into your food plan very often. If you can cut them out completely, the better for your heart to become healthier.

Foods to Avoids with Heart Disease

Processed Meats

Taking of cured and cold cuts meat like sausage and bacon can be bad for your heart. High in saturated fat processed meat and cured meats should not be included in your daily diet plan. Processed meats are usually preserved by using preservatives, salts or nitrates. They are recognized as hot dogs, bacon, salami, sausage and deli meats to including turkey, chicken, bologna and deli ham. Long term researches and studies have always linked that the worst type of meat that the heart doesn’t need are those that are normally processed. It high level of preservatives and salt can be harmful to the heart. If you are have heart illness or disease, kindly stay away from processed meat.

Processed Grains and Refined Carbohydrates

A lot of studies have associated consuming whole grains in place of processed grains and refined carbohydrates to lower risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Eating of whole grains is also associated with lowering of weight gain. This however makes a lot of sense, considering that eating whole grains can as well as reduce hunger; improve the function of your blood vessels and lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  Refined carbohydrates that include white rice, white bread, low fiber cereals, sugar and sweets and other refined or processed carbohydrates are worst for your heart. The high consumption of processed food remove a lot of healthful components in whole grains to including minerals, fatty acids, phytochemicals and dietary fiber. Also high consumption of processed food damages the food natural structure and it often adds in many ingredients that are less healthy, specifically trans-fat, sugar and sodium. You can just make both processed grains and refined carbohydrates an occasional food rather than adding them up as a regular part of your well-balanced diet.

Sugary and Soft Drinks

Many humans are drinking more and more of calories, mostly an increase from sugary drinks like sweetened fruits drinks, sport drinks and sodas. It is recognized that a 12 ounce can of soda actually contain an equivalent 10 teaspoon of table sugar, indicating that it is bad for your heart and health. You can take in diet sodas that are low in calories and sodas that are sugar free. It is important to know that just sugary drinks as well as refined and processed grains have same effect on your heart. Studies have overtime shown that the human body does not take in liquid form of calories the same way it ingest calories that you get from food that are solids. Hence, if you add a soda to your meal, you are very likely to consume about the same range of calories from the rest of the food as if you just drank water. Additionally, other harms of processed carbohydrates, refined grains and importantly sugary and soft drink to your heart are that it can help in increasing your chances of gaining weight overtime.

sugary drinks

Deep Fried Food

Numerous studies have linked the eating of fried food such as fried chicken, fried meat, French fries or fried snacks to an increasing risk of heart disease. Frying method with your foods produces a trans-fat – which is a type of fat shown to raise the bad cholesterol and lower the effectiveness of the good cholesterol. Thus, avoid deep fried foods if you have heart diseases.

deep fried food

Pastries and Cookies

Most of the baked goods, most especially those that are commonly produced in fast foods and restaurant are full of sugar and are mostly produced out of saturated fats such as butter or palm oil. Avoiding cookies and pastries is actually the best you can do for your heart once you are diagnosed of heart disease. You can avoid it for months before trying it again.

Meat Pizza

Once diagnosed of heart disease, ingesting meat pizza should be prohibited as it can result into complications. This is because, just as cold cuts and cured meats, meat pizza also ranks the second on the list of salty foods. Other salt contained foods to look out for include condiments, salad dressing and soups. The pizza sodium content and its saturated fat contents tend to go a long way in your body, most especially as you pile up meat toppings and additional cheese. When eating pizza, you can limit yourself to eating nothing more or less than one to two slices or you can just avoid it. Importantly, if you choose to eat pizza, always go for pizzas with vegetables topping – this will help lower heart disease.

meat pizza


For many decades till date, fat has been branded as the biggest and major cause of heart disease.  Diet that is also very high in added sugar might also be a major threat to your body. This is because it can contribute to diabetes, high level of cholesterol, obesity and inflammation, all of which are recognized as risk factor for heart related disease. If there is any ingredient that anyone with heart disease or any one at the risk for heart disease should avoid is added sugar in any variety.