foods to boost your immune system

In order to allow the human body defends itself from pathogenic germs and to run effectively, it’s important that the immune system must be able to detect harmful cells and organisms. The unwanted substances are referred to as antigens, they entails proteins on the surface of fungi, viruses and bacteria. Once the cells of the human immune system identifies the occurrence of an antigens in the human body system, the immune system of the human body acts quick by recalling already preserved memories to effectively fight against pathogens and any other intruding harmful germs. The most fascinating attribute of an immune system is that it constantly adapt to any kind of environment in order to guard the human body from viruses and bacteria which changes at all times. There are two important part of any immune system; this part is called the innate immune and the adaptive immune system. The innate immune system generally defends the human body from pathogens while the adaptive immune system is specific about the some pathogens that are within the human body. This, two different immune systems are practically complementary as they can both react to any pathogen or dangerous substance entering the human body.

While it is important to enhance your immune response, it is on the other hand important to understand that major immune illness largely results from attacks or from an unwarranted immune response. The illness resulting from immune system disorder includes Asthma and Allergies. This two disorder which can results from dampen immune system is a common epidemic that is affecting persons of different ages, genders, socio-economic status and races. Allergies are recognized as inflammatory response to generally inoffensive environmental materials which are called allergens. Once the human body over reacts to any allergen within the environment (mold, Dust etc.), it develops a reaction of the immune which in turns leads to the increase of allergy indications.

Any deficiency of the immune system involves the missing of one or more of its interrelated parts, which as well gradually tends to be threat. The deficiency of the immune system can be as a result of illness or through medications as well as genetic problems. Other Immune deficiency includes critical combined immune diseases, human immunodeficiency virus, common variable immune deficiency as well as the acquired immune deficiency syndrome among others. All of these deficiencies are as a result of critical impairment of the human immune system, thus enhancing infections, diseases or illness that can be life threatening. The auto-immune disease allows the human immune system to fight one’s personal tissues and cells in response to unidentified cause.

However, while Echinacea, Colloidal Silver, Elderberry, Ginger, Astragalus Root, Vitamin D, Ginseng, Oregano, and probiotics are regarded as best booster for immune system, food content which include red meat, beans, seafood, nuts, tuna, breads, brazil nuts, cereals, grains, oysters, dairy products are also best for your immune system. In order to get their benefits, it is advised that these foods are cooked lightly or eaten raw. Notably, you don’t overcook or boil them for long, if you want to boost your immune system. (Meat or beef must be well cooked).

Healthy Foods That Boost Your Immune System

The habit of feeding the body with specific food content can assist in strengthening your immune system. In order to prevent oneself from flu and colds, it is important to visit local food and grocery stores and prepare your food to include the discussed food to boosting your immune system.


Broccoli is an important food that can assist in boosting the immune system. This is because Broccoli is highly rich with minerals and antioxidants (Vitamins). Also, rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, with other powerful antioxidants, broccoli is among the healthiest veggies that can be added to one’s table. The effectiveness of broccoli can be felt, if only it is slightly boiled or better not cooked at all.



Just like Broccoli, Spinach is also an important food for your immune system. Spinach is highly endowed with Vitamins, Particularly, the Vitamin C. While spinach also have antioxidant contents and the commonly known beta-carotene, spinach is also effective when it is cooked with little fire. The habit of cooking it lightly enables its Vitamin content and other kind of nutrient to be free form oxalic content.


This is another important food for the immune system. Ginger has been recognized as an effective food for getting well as soon as possible. Ginger helps reduces swelling and inflammation and also assists in decreasing any developed sore throats as well as swelling diseases. While it has the potential of reducing vomiting, it is also very effective in reducing severe pains. Ginger, can however be used for desserts among others.


Red Peppers

Red peppers have been recognized to have Vitamin C content that is twice the content that can be found in citrus fruit. While red peppers are also rich in beta-carotene, it helps in enhancing your immune system as well as assist in maintaining a healthy life and skin. The beta-carotene largely assists in keeping an healthy eye and an healthy outer skin.

Chicken Soup

Once your body feels sick or weak, the intake of chicken soup is an important dosage for getting well quicker than expected. This is because, chicken soup specifically protects you from getting sick and because it is highly rich in Vitamin B-6. The Vitamin B-6 plays an important role in the chemical occurrences that place in the human body. It has also crucial for forming healthy and fresh red blood cells.


Shellfish, which includes crabs, mussels, lobster, clams are also important food that can be consumed in order to improve or boost your immune system. Highly rich in Zinc which partly get attention unlike others, the human body need Zinc as well in order to strengthen the immune cells. However, eating right is a very good starts of protecting oneself from cold or flu and also a very good step to eradicate dampen immune system.