Healthy Liver Diet Plan

The liver is recognized as a powerhouse of an important organ that is found in the human body. The liver particularly performs essential task that ranges from protein production, cholesterol production, bile to vitamins storage as well as minerals and carbohydrate storage. It equally effectively helps in breaking down toxins that include medication, byproducts from metabolism and toxins from alcohol. It is very essential that you keep your liver in good shape in order to have a healthy body system. On the other hand, if you are a liver diagnosed patient, you can adjust your diet to meeting your health needs. It is important that you discuss with your medical doctor on what’s best for you. You necessarily have to avoid foods that are quite high in salt, sugar and in salt. You can completely stay away from foods that are fried to including fast food snacks. Uncooked shellfish or raw oysters is definitely a no go area, hence it should not be added into your liver diet plan.

Equally, depending on the health state of your liver, you can majestically walk into a hospital to see a medical doctor on the health of your liver. Stay away from alcohol and if granted the permission to take alcohol, do not go beyond one glass cup of drink per day for women and two glass cup per day for men. You can further select food products like fruits, grains, beans, meat (not too much), beans and milk among others. Interestingly, you can get fiber foods – they help your liver to work at its optimal level.

Healthy Liver Diet Plan

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Fiber Rich Foods

Whole grains, cereals and rice are best fiber food your body needs. For optimal liver function, you can start taking in a lot of water. Excessive water intake doesn’t kill and neither does it cause any health issue. However, it is very true that the liver depends on you for survival. Yes, you can sight the liver because it is hidden under the human rib cage, but it does speak to you every day. If you consume a healthy diet, your liver would notify you through your body feelings that you are helping it function well, most especially has it would help you feel a great physical fitness while if you are not conscious of your meals, your liver stands defend-less as it might be facing serious attacks of high consumption of fried and fatty foods.

It is important that you know that once you don’t help your liver, it can’t help you back in return. Diseases and disorders can begin to affect the liver organ. Importantly, maintaining a healthy weight and undergoing regular exercise will help keep a healthy liver. Here are however some discussed Healthy Liver Diet Plans you can start keeping for optimal health and wellness.

Coffee and Tea:

These two beverages are recognized as the best drinks to promoting the health of your liver. You can include these two in your liver diet plan. Researches have shown that drinking both tea and coffee helps protect your liver from diseases, even in person that are already diagnosed of liver related problems. It is revealed that taking coffee can reduce your chances of developing liver damage, chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. You can however have at least three cup of coffee within 24hours. Drinking of coffee can also help you reduce inflammation and increase the level of your antioxidants glutathione. The term ‘antioxidant’ is recognized as an agent that neutralizes the effect of harmful free radicals that is produced naturally in your body.  On the other hand, drinking of 5-10 cups of green tea within 24hours is also good for your liver. For person with liver related problem, you can however discuss with your doctor before consuming green tea or coffee. Nevertheless, you can either include coffee or green tea into your liver diet plan.

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Beetroot Juice

This is a source of both antioxidant and nitrates that is called the betalains. It is very vital for heart health, and for liver health. It is also very vital for reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. You can however juice the beets yourself at home, or walk up to a local grocery store to purchase the beetroot juice.


Importantly, Vegetables should not be left in your liver diet plan. Cruciferous vegetables that include broccoli, Brussels sprouts as well as mustard greens are known to be highly rich in fiber content and have essential plant compounds. The extract of both broccoli and Brussels sprouts have been recognized to increasing  detoxification enzymes level and equally help in protecting your liver from damages. Even when slightly cooked, aside eating it raw, these cruciferous vegetables are good for your liver.

Grapes and Grape-Fruit

Due to its powerful antioxidants content, Grapefruit is naturally best for liver protection. Among other type of fruits, it helps protect your liver from injuries.  Endowed with naringin and naringenin substances, it equally helps in protecting your cells and in reducing inflammation. Further studies have also shown that this antioxidant can decrease hepatic fibrosis development and chronic inflammation.  In another study, it is revealed that the naringenin content in grapefruit helped in reducing the quantity of fat in the human liver and effective helps in increasing enzymes quantity for fat burning. Nevertheless, all studies and researches has pointed that the intake of grapefruit is a major step to keeping the liver very healthy and to fighting inflammation and liver damage.  Equally, grapes most specifically the purple and red grapes are revealed to containing beneficial plant content known as resveratrol. The resveratrol content in grapes is beneficial for your liver. Studies have also proven that grapes have the ability to decreasing inflammation, guarding against liver damage as well help in increasing the level of antioxidants. However, you can add ether grape or grapefruit to your liver diet plan. The choice is yours! Conclusively, other foods that you can add to your healthy liver diet plan include Nuts, Omega-3 Fatty acids, Olive oil, Prickly pear, Cranberries, and Blueberries.