How Antioxidant work in the Body

How Antioxidant work in the Body

Antioxidants are very similar in terms of the essence of their functions to the white blood cells in the human body. This is because the both of them work for one common purpose which is to fight off the presence of foreign agent which may cause any form of harm to the human body system. The antioxidants are actually quite unique in the performance of their own functions in the sense that they perform a more critical form of function which basically deals with chemical reactions to mitigate the damaging effect of other forms of body chemical.

The antioxidants in the human body have the primary responsibility of keeping in check the activities of what is referred to as free radicals in the human body. These free radical are some kinds of unstable chemicals that have a lot of single existing atoms that are in the search for any available atom be it single existing also or in a compound form which they can pull to form a bond with. This bonding process is very critical to the survival of the free radicals because according to chemistry, the existence of an atom in its single state is not possible. This is chemically interpreted to mean that one can see a monoatomic element but it doesn’t really do well when it stays monoatomic hence there is the need for that mono atom to form bond or create a form of relationship with any other atom basically one that shares the same of similar chemical composition as itself in order for it to become stable and exist independently.

This search for an atom to bond with by the unstable dangerous atoms of the free radicals possesses a lot of threat to the well-being of the general human body system. This is because when the unstable atom of the free radical succeeds in destabilizing an already stable molecule in the human body system, it ends up creating a form of chemical chain reaction that continuous on a spontaneous note with a lot of disastrous effect on the host which is the human body system. Amazingly, the unstable atoms of these free radicals in most cases attacks atoms from the stable molecules of oxygen in the body, thereby leaving the other atom of oxygen to exist as monoatomic which is not chemically healthy for atoms which mean that the newly formed monoatomic oxygen atom will also go in search of an atom to form its own bond with. This action therefore sparks an endless chain of negative chemical reactions in the human body which in turn leaves the body system almost defenceless against many other deadly attacks.

Based on the deadly and harmful nature of the free radicals in the human body, there is thus a need to have a way of countering the actions as well as the effects of this free radical in the human body. Naturally, the human body’s way of responding to the chemical threat of endless chain reaction occasioned by the presence of free radicals is in the presence of antioxidants. Antioxidants really work to counter the bad actions and the negative result of the actions of the free radicals in the human body. It will be quite tempting for anyone to want to ask the questions that if these free radicals are actually all that bad for the health of the human body system, why not just avoid it completely from getting into the human body in the first place. As logical as this opinion may sound it is practically impossible to completely avoid the entering in of free radicals into the human body. This is because the free radicals are almost everywhere around us and part of the very necessary things that the body consumes on a daily basis. These include the food we eat as well as the drinks that we take while in some cases, free radicals may also be present in the air that we breathe. So, avoiding the intake of free radicals is out of the option because we cannot stop eating or drinking.

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From the foregoing, the only safe way to stay clear of the dangerous damaging effects of these free radicals is through the help of antioxidants. The nest striking question that may come to the mind will most probably be that despite the dangerous and tricky chemical nature of the free radicals how is the antioxidant able to handle these free radicals that they become harmless to the human body? In order to clear the air of such wondering thoughts, it is crucial to explain the exact way that the antioxidant performs their amazing functions in the human body.

When the free radicals which are readily available enters the human body system, they immediately set out to hook themselves up with any available atom not minding what effect their actions may leave behind. However, the antioxidants which are naturally present in the human body system are also readily waiting for the arrival of these free radicals. Therefore, when they eventually sets out to cause havoc to the body system the antioxidant quickly produces a single atom that also need bonding right where the free radical is so that they can both form a very harmless bond and both become stable. In the process of doing this, the antioxidant have been able to stop the free radical from breaking an already stable compound in the body which would have normally instigated an endless chain of chemical reaction. The antioxidant all through the body performs this function for the sustenance of a healthy body condition.

The only challenging part is the fact that the amount of naturally existing antioxidants in the human body is quite small when compared to the numerous inflows of free radicals in the body. This situation calls for the need to constantly have what is known as antioxidant boost in order for the amount of the antioxidant to be sufficient for effective combat with the number of free radicals.