How Memory Works

how memory works

Memory which is the device that basically store information is a very vital aspect of technology such as the computer. In the human body system, the memory does the same duty of information storage and retrieving of the same information when it is ready to be used. The memory is a portion of the brain that solely tasked with the function of keeping the information that the brain processes in order to be used when it is needed. You can thing of the memory as the act of hearing information and writing it down on a sheet of paper so that when the information is needed the same paper sheet could be consulted to retrieve the information. The memory also serves similar function of safe keeping the information so that when the information is needed it could be easily assessed. It is very important to know the way that this very important aspect of human lives work because it is in the understanding of how the memory works that we appreciate it more and make conscious efforts towards improving it. It is clear that the work of the memory cannot be ignored or overemphasized because of its paramount nature.

As a new baby, the moment you begin to recognise faces and feel familiar or safe with certain sets of people, this means that the memory has started keeping records of your growing up. It is this memory that really shapes your life, reveals the people that nurtured you and helps you to recognise them as family. These memories of your past lead to the present and provide the basis for the structuring of your future. In the technological world, the memory is a device that can be touched and handled physically however in terms of human memory system, is not a tangible device that can be handled or touched but it is a mechanism or process of receiving information, storing the information and giving out when it is needed for use. Efficient memory is capable of storing processed information for several years and could still produce the same information when we need to remember it. Take for instance when you were young in elementary school there are some elementary rhymes, letters, numbers, and even the names of some of your friends that you still remember till date. This information has been stored for several years and despite the longevity of the storage period, you can still remember the information at any time you need them. This shows efficiency and good functionality of the memory.

Despite the indispensable nature of the human memory, there are certain actions or habits that have been undertaken by many people which in the long run inhibits the memory’s capacity to effectively function. Although there are people who undertake some of these memory inhibiting actions unknowingly because they are ignorant of the consequences of their actions which could be very detrimental to the brains ability to remember stored information. It is popularly said that ignorance is not an excuse for an action; hence they get the consequences of such unhealthy actions and habits. The danger of undertaking actions and habits that undermine the functionality of the memory include loss of memory, poor ability to remember events or occurrences, as well as the poor ability to retain information. All the aforementioned makes it imperative to maintain the memory and ensure that it functions optimally. With an efficient memory you are bound to excel in virtually any task or assignment. There are several ways to help the memory function very properly and optimally. Some of the memory improving tips includes the consumption of certain foods and vitamins while other methods of memory improvement include undertaking memory improvement exercises. Some the foods that can be steadily consumed for the improvement of memory include sea foods, nuts, fruits such as avocados, almonds bananas and oranges. There are also foods such as beans and peas as well as fresh vegetables. These foods basically provides the body with the needed vitamins and nutrients that helps to regulate the production of blood cells, production of neural membrane which helps in the protection of the neurons for efficient functionality. Some of these vitamins such as the omega 3 fatty acid help to increase the memory and the brain size which make the memory more receptive to larger information with stronger ability to recall and reproduce these information when needed.

It is therefore important to consume these foods types in our daily meals for improved memory. However, there are some of these vitamins that are only required by the human body in moderate amount. This is because the functionality of the vitamin is not a function of quantity therefore there is need to adhere to the dosage of these vitamins in order to help the memory function perfectly without any limitation in data storage or data retrieval.

Memory Improvement Exercise

The Bottom Line on How the Memory works

Beside the fact that the human memory is not as tangible as that of a computer system, they are basically similar to each other in terms of functionality. This is true because the computer memory primarily stores data which could be accessed at any time for retrieval and utilisation. In the same vein, the human memory system stores information resulting from our daily activities and produces the information for use whenever we need it. However, as earlier stated, there are some actions that can inhibit the performance level of the memory such action include poor sleeping habit over a very long time which in turn increases the stress level of the body consequently mounting more pressure on the brain that normal. Overtime the brain becomes fatigued and the memory function begins to get impeded. The intake of too much alcohol as well as other harmful narcotics inhibits the performance level of the memory. Therefore it is recommended to take foods and fruits that help in the improvement of memory in order to help the memory function at full capacity.