How to Combat Tiredness at Work

how to combat tiredness at work

Even after having enough sleep at night, why most of the people still feel exhausted in the morning? Why are they not able to give 100% during their working hours? Why is it always miserable for them to meet their daily targets? There are a lot of other questions that need to be answered with supporting facts and effective solutions. There has to be some directions leading to better productivity during the day.

Before discussing different ways of how to combat tiredness at work, people should be certain about one fact: it’s not going to be easy in any way! When a person is tired, it’s quite difficult to perform any task assigned because the person is not finding the required level of motivation and enthusiasm to get it done. Apart from not being able to feel cheery and bright, no one would ever want to turn into a zombie. So, what could fix this problem is to seek some help to restore that energy for the entire day. The rule of thumb is to always take every step to get that energy boost along with to avoid behavior that could maximize exhaustion. All it takes is to make some efforts.

How to Combat Tiredness at Work

So now, it’s time to look at how to bring changes to the lifestyle in order to combat tiredness at work:

1. Plan Diet Diligently

Being tired means that the person would not be having the required amount of food. While, nutritionists recommend to always eat enough food that could keep the body energetic and lively for the whole day. However, it does not mean that people should overeat because it may lead to worse situations. Exhaustion is a condition that does not let the person to know when he/she should stop eating, meaning that it causes overeating. So, what needs to be done is to pay attention on the amount of food in the plate. While pouring food, people should be careful about the portions they could eat. Likewise, when it comes to water, it should be up to the required level. The key is to avoid dehydration because it may also increase exhaustion over time.

While planning a balanced diet, always start with taking a healthy breakfast. Remember that whatever is going in the body is the foundation to kick start a productive and energetic day. It’s recommended to avoid sugary items and increase intake of nutritious things like whole grains and eggs. Focus should be on fiber and proteins; instead of carbohydrates and fats. Actually, the aim is to look at how to prepare a healthy diet so that it could overcome tiredness and let the person work efficiently at the workplace. Click here to read about best vitamins to help with tiredness.

2. Do Some Simple and Quick Exercises for Better Blood Circulation

It’s not necessary that all exercises give the same results. Some may loss all the energy that is needed to keep going during the day. So, the rule of thumb is to do certain exercises in a day that could ensure proper blood circulation throughout the body. When it comes to finding out how to combat tiredness at work, simple exercises like pushups turn out to be the significant options as they do not cause too much sweating, while keep the body active to perform different tasks at the workplace.

3. Work Standing Up

Sitting down at one place for all day is not good in any way for the body but, most of the people do not like the idea of standing up as well. They used to work on chairs due to the comfort they receive. But when tired, they prefer to leave all the work and fall asleep. In order to avoid this situation, the best approach is to work in a standing position so that there would be least distractions. Without having a desk, people can easily shift to any workspace of their choice, thus reducing their chances to fall asleep. Although, it seems to be a bit difficult in the beginning but, things start to settle down with the passage of time.


4. Maintain Proper Intake of Caffeine

When it comes to following a healthy diet for tiredness at work, it’s necessary to maintain caffeine consumption. Most of the people use it to stay awake and active but what they do not realize is that its overuse may cause problems such as headache. If a person is the regular user, it would be a bit difficult for him/her to cut down its use. Caffeine is only useful until it is used intelligently, meaning that consuming 65 to 100 mg during the day is enough to get rid of tiredness as the elements keep the brain active. Remember that brain used to produce adenosine continuously as a byproduct and as its level increases, it makes a decision to take rest after some time. Upon taking caffeine, it impersonates adenosine and combines with the receptors to let the brain keep the entire body dedicated and enthusiastic towards the work. However, users should avoid taking caffeine after half of the day as that’s the time when the body needs to sleep in order to start another day with new energy.


5. Take a Power Nap

Being at work doesn’t mean that there is no time for some sleep. On the way to find out how to combat tiredness at work, it’s crucial to take a nap once the brain is exhausted. Rest of 20 minutes is more than enough to restart mind at the workplace. However, it should be done at the right time or else, it would throw off circadian rhythms. Ideally, the 20-minute nap should be between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to boost brain’s cognitive ability for the rest of the day. This is the time when companies give lunch break and therefore, there would be no disturbance in the working hours. Rather, this nap would give new energy to meet the remaining tasks.