How to Get Energy in the Morning without Coffee

How to Get Energy in the Morning without Coffee

Taking coffee every morning has remained the most popular routine many workers embark on in order to get a quick boost for the day activities. Records has it that over 90 per cent of person in the world tagged themselves as daily coffee drinkers, many of which knows the adverse effect of consuming high caffeine content. Consuming too much coffee or caffeine drinks and products has been linked to causing fatigue, restlessness, anxiety among others. It has repeatedly been advised that breastfeeding mothers as well as pregnant mother should avoid taking any source of caffeine as it can be very harmful to the health of the baby. Which coffee is also highly acidic in nature, it can put you at the risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases. How to get energy in the morning without coffee however includes.

How to Get Energy in the Morning without Coffee


It might seem quite counterintuitive that a physical exercise that is suppose to get you more fatigue and tired can actually be an energy booster. Having an intense exercise in the morning can actually give you a higher level of energy as compared to energy. While exercising boosts your energy, it also helps your blood to flowing through the right channels. In addition, exercising gives you an immediate boost as well as a short term boost that can sure last you for a whole day. You can begin your exercise routine at the early hours of the morning before going to work. You can equally time yourself on how much minutes you will be spending each day on exercising. This will really be a good way to getting energy in the morning. Importantly, you can discuss with your doctor or medical adviser on what kind of exercise you begin with, in order to avoid taking coffee.


Proper Sleep

This is another natural method or means of getting a full blown energy in the morning. This means can be achieved by determining that you would be getting nothing less than seven to nine hours of sleep in a day. By also, disciplining yourself of not getting distracted before attempting to sleep. While proper sleep also helps brain to function well once you wake, consistent sleep on a daily basis is the best natural way of feeling energetic. This will equally helps you in tackling any job or an activity that is put before you. Although, proper sleep at requires effort and commitment, and your effort to it is worth better than the side of effect of not sleeping well.

proper sleep

Reduce Your Smart Phone Usage

Yes – this can be quite tough for you, but reducing your smart phone usage is another important way on how to get energy in the morning without having to take coffee. A lot of people are always so glued to our cell phones, more especially because of work related issue or just for the fun of chatting and playing games online. Researches has however proven over time that the blue light emitting from your screen is however bad for your brain. For a morning boost, there is need for reductions in the way you visit the internet as well reply multiple distractive messages on your phone. Using of electronic gadget to including cell phones has been linked to being disruptive to night rest and can make you feel less cognitively sharp during the day and very tired. So, if you want enough energy for the day, stay away or reduce your attention on smart phones and other electronic gadget. If you work in an office where you have to be on your screen, just takes about 15-20minutes breaks from your screen. This will also help you in delivering a good reports or a good job.

cell phone usage

Eat Protein Breakfast

Medical practitioners have proven that consuming a healthy breakfast high rich with protein has a direct impact on performance for the day. You brain thrives for steady blood sugar levels and beginning your day with protein rich food helps in maintaining the control of your blood-glucose level. You can just discuss with your doctor on what type of protein you can take every day and add them to your food menu. Instead of just sipping coffee to tricking your body for feeling more energetic, you can equally supply it natural modes of energy. This can be achieved by also eating a well balanced diet food for breakfast – this will supply to your body an adequate energy that will last throughout the whole day, thus helping you to be more alert, focused and more fuller. All you have to do is make a list of good foods that are quite in protein. Eggs, whole grain, fresh fruits as well as Greek yoghurt are some of the food you can purchase for energy in the morning.

high protein breakfast

Drink a lot of Water

This can be quite funny, but YES taking water is an essential routine every morning for energy. This is because when you are dehydrated it can easily result into situations like mood swings, lack of focus and fatigue. You have to make it a routine that aside your coffee, taking water immediately when you wake up can also do the magic. You can always take about 2 full glass of water when you wake and also the same or less before going to bed. The thought of going to the toilet frequently to urinate might not allow you to start the other means, but sincerely if you want to stay very sharp and very energetic, you just have to love up the intake of water.

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Stop Eating Refined Carbohydrates

Stopping the intake of refined carbohydrates for whole grains actually provides for you full blown energy that will last you throughout the day. This is however because whole grains tends to absorb more quickly as when compared to carbohydrates products such as white flour and sugar. You just have to swap out all the refined carbohydrates in your refrigerator and purchase more whole grains from grocery stores.