How to Lower Triglycerides Naturally – 8 Effective Ways

How to Lower Triglycerides Naturally

Triglycerides are the elements that carry fat through the blood stream. Triglycerides are formed due to
the intake of high carbohydrate foods (foods with high sugar content) and fats. Also, liver produced
them on its own.

Triglycerides are needed because they help the body to utilize energy from the food consumed. They
boost the energy level however, remember that having high triglycerides can increase the risk of having
a stroke or heart attack. It is imperative that people pay attention to what they eat and exercise to
maintain appropriate level of triglycerides. If someone has Type II diabetes or a metabolic syndrome,
chance to encounter triglycerides are significantly high. Other than that, there are numerous causes of
this disease that have adverse effects over one’s body.

Causes of high triglyceride levels include:

  • Liver disease, diabetes, obesity and kidney disease
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Use of medicines like diuretics, birth control pills, tamoxifen, steroids, hormone replacement
    therapy and beta-blockers
  • High consumption of sugar, alcohol and carbohydrate/fat-rich foods such as rice, potatoes,
    chips, corn products, and more
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Metabolic problems also increase the risk of triglycerides. This problem results in a thicker
    waistline. Women, with 35 inches or more waist and men with 40 inches or more are likely to
    suffer from metabolic diseases.

What can happen if your Triglycerides are too high?

One of the major reasons to know how to reduce triglycerides is to avoid severe heart problems. This
disease increases the risk of stroke and heart attack by 35%. It also leads to metabolic syndrome, which
is a combination of some serious medical disorders. Metabolic syndrome is associated with fat deposits
around waist (more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men), high cholesterol and blood sugar.

How to Lower Triglycerides?

To know how to lower triglycerides, expensive doctor visits, lab tests and medications are not the only
options. So, what else to do? Experts suggest to change the way of living in order to live a healthy and
happy life. People should take balanced diet and enroll in healthy activities to avoid any chance of
triglycerides. Other than that, here is what everybody should do:

1. Lose weight

The problem of how to lower triglycerides is not that easy to solve. People cannot simply take
medicines and rest assured about not facing any problem in the future. Rather, they have to search for
the best minerals for the body that can help them to lose extra fat. For an overweight person, it is
necessary to lose five to ten percent of the body weight. For instance, a person weighing 200 pounds
has to lose only 10 to 20 pounds in order to reduce triglycerides. With this formula, 20% reduction in
triglycerides is guaranteed!

2. Cut the sugar

According to a study, people taking lesser sugar than 10% of their daily calories are reported to have
lower triglycerides. Around 5% of daily calories are the outcome of added sugar. As for the sugar
amount, women should take 6 TSP (100 gm) while men should consume 9 TSP (150 gm). Sodas are
another major contributor of high sugar content in the diet. People should not take more than 3 cans in
a week.


3. Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

One of the best ways of how to lower triglycerides is to eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Since
they are rich in fiber, the body can have enough power to fight against symptoms of triglycerides.

4. Avoid Fructose

High dose of fructose is also an important main cause of raising triglycerides. Those, who like to have
corn syrup, are at high risk of increasing their fructose level. Even, table sugar also has the same fructose
content as corn syrup (i.e. 50% against 42 to 55%). Therefore, doctors recommend to limit both if they
want to get rid of high triglyceride levels. Before purchasing canned foods, people should look at their
ingredient list to know the amount of fructose and sugar. If any of the element is high, it is
recommended to abandon its use. Dry fruits like dates and raisins are rich in fructose while cantaloupe,
bananas, strawberries, peaches and grapefruits have low fructose.

In order to reduce triglycerides, limit fructose to 100 grams or less per day and rest assured about living
a better life.

5. Eat Low-Fat Diet

It is a fact that diets, moderately low in fat, are more effective in reducing triglyceride than those having
extremely low fat content. According to a study, obese people are prone to having high triglyceride
because they receive up to 35% of calories from daily fat intake. So, they should eat “low-fat” food items
in order to resist the symptoms of high triglycerides. Click here to read about best food to lower triglycerid.

Best Foods to Lower Triglycerides


6. Type of Fat is Important

Try to avoid saturated fats from cheese, butter, palm oils, red meat, milk, poultry fat and coconut and
maintain trans-fats. Replace trans-fats with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Increase intake
of olive and canola oils because they are rich in monounsaturated fats. While for polyunsaturated fats,

add soybean, safflower and corn oils in the diet. Although these two types of unsaturated fats have low
triglyceride and cholesterol content, they still have high calories. People should have to pay attention on
their consumption as well.

7. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Doctors recommend to eat those types of fishes that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. People can either
have albacore tuna, herring, lake trout, salmon and sardines as per their taste preferences. To derive
optimal benefits, fish intake should be at least twice or thrice in a week. However, in case of high
triglyceride levels, take omega-3 supplements in order to meet daily requirements. Don’t think that they
are the best answer of
how to reduce triglycerides. Instead, always consult with the doctor before
taking them.

8. Exercise

If the triglyceride levels are high, then make a routine to do exercise daily for about 30 minutes.
Workout could be of moderate-intensity to receive consistent benefits along with burning extra calories
and getting into shape.

Apart from above methods, there are many more ways to control high triglycerides. People just have to
know what types of treatments their bodies need.