How to Prevent Cold and Flu Naturally? – Top 10 Tips

How to Prevent Cold and Flu Naturally

Flu season is about to come and I have received several questions on The Myers Way® Facebook Community regarding how they have been avoiding seasonal illness and at the same time, in winter, stay well. Since getting sick can sometimes cause stress on your stomach, and in thyroid dysfunction, and autoimmune conditions, it increases the risk of flares up. that question is important. You can be forced to use antibiotics if you are suffering from either flu or cold. The antibiotics are typically unnecessary, since flu and cold are caused by viruses, and there are greater chances of flu or cold damaging your heart.

Having a strong health’s strong foundation in addition to following best practices will decrease the possibilities of reducing the risks associated with suffering from the flu. The following are important healthy tips of how to prevent cold and flu naturally.

10 Tips to Prevent Cold and Flu Naturally

1. Your Hands Ought to be Washed thoroughly and frequently

This is the first step of preventing flu together with other respiratory complications. When washing your hands, you ought to scrub them thoroughly using soaps and water for about 20 seconds for the viruses to be killed. Taking 20 seconds is compared to singing the ABC. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth as well as nose if you have not washed your hands.

wash hands

2. You need to repair your gut

Your gateway to sound health is your gut, and about 80% of the immune system is found in the gut. Ensure that the gut has a tip-top shape in addition to taking a high-quality and multi-strain probiotic that has not less than 25 billion units. This ensures that the good gut bacteria are up to assist in fighting off the infections.

3. Reducing Alcohol and Sugar Consumption

Since there are several holiday treats out at this period, there is a possibility of sugar craving being the actual beer. Nevertheless, too much consumption of sugar is known for suppressing the immune system in addition to making it difficult for the body to combat infections, which include flu viruses. It also exposes you vulnerable to some gut infections like SIBO and Candida. The infections can suppress the immune system, hence causing leaky gut. Likewise, moderate consumption of alcohol can suppress the central nervous system and immune system.

4. Reduce stress

Stress can suppress the immune system and leads to common problems like cold or flu. So, if you suffer from any of them, you should immediately search for how to prevent cold and flu naturally. To be on the safe side, practice acupuncture, mediation and yoga. You need to learn different ways of relieving stress.

control stress

5. Sleep for about 7-9 hours every night

The body requires adequate sleep for it to recuperate from being exposed to toxin each day. Immune function can reduce because of chronic sleep deprivation.

6. Take Immune Boosters

Use supplement, which contain immunoglobulins and protein to boost your immune system. You can go for immune boost power, which are available in different drug shops. The immune boost power is a supplement which is the purified colostrum form. It is the first milk for a baby to strengthen his/her immune system. You can also boost IgA antibodies with the help of immunoglobulins in the colostrum. The IgA antibodies are the first line of defense of the body. In the gut, the immune cells produce the IgA antibodies. Also, the IgA antibodies are effective
to eliminate harmful pathogens together with toxins. People suffering from bacterial imbalance and seasonal sickness can take it as per doctors’ recommendations to treat their problems. This means immune boost will not heighten, but strengthen their immune system. This way, you are rest assured to get rid of flu and cold within a short time period.

7. Supplementing with Glutathione and Turmeric

For the immune to effectively work, you need to consider the antioxidant in the body to assists in boosting the immune system. You should also take this antioxidant for detoxification in the liver. In turmeric, the orange pigment (curcumin) and a potent radical scavenger that can improve the cardiovascular and joint health.

8. Optimizing Vitamin D

While looking for how to prevent cold and flu naturally, you should take the immune modulator is Vitamin D. This is the key to combating infections in addition to regulating autoimmunity. Be sure to take vitamin D with vitamin K in order to derive benefits from artery calcifications.

9. Drink Bone Broth

Mothers have been personally remembering to give their children chicken soup. An how the act of seeking for a reliable job might make an individual safe. In fact, to strengthen the immune system, you should have to take bone broth regularly. According to a study, you should take chicken soup during the respiration infection. It reduces upper respiratory symptoms and the amount of white blood cells. The benefits are likely to come from ability of bone broth in reducing inflammation. You can also reap flavonoids benefits from bone broth to strengthen bones and ensure better performance.

It is possible to make bone broth. You need to save your turkey in addition to just boiling up to. If you consider this, you have to boil for almost 8 hours. If you want to enjoy the benefits of bone broth without struggling, you need to consider supplementing gelatin or collage. You can maintain their intake to optimize the immune system in addition to supporting the health gun aligning to defend the body against the invading pathogens.

10. Getting Plenty of Exercise

You can increase blood circulation through exercise to improve immunity. Keep in mind that increased circulation makes it possible for the antibodies to travel throughout your bloodstream and faster. This assists in making it easier for the immune system to fight diseases. Exercise is effective to improve the immune system.

It is all about giving immune system, discussing about health offices related issues in order to remain rested. Living a stress-free life is important in prevention of the flu and they are The Myers Way®’s integral part. This will ever ensure that you are on the right path to having sound health.