How to Prevent Joint Pain Naturally

There are different forms of joint pain. At best, joint pain can be uncomfortable while very debilitating at its worst. Regardless of the causes of pain, joint pain is widespread and at the same time, it affects all adults. Knee pain affects about 25% of the adults; hence, limiting their mobility. Also, it is known for impairing adults’ quality of life. Nevertheless, in different parts of your body, the joint pain’s symptoms will be experienced. It is also among the major symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in addition to being the leading cause of disability in America. Fortunately, you need not to live a life of achy joints, sore or rely on harsh NSAIDs in order to deal with your pain. The following are tips of how to prevent joint pain naturally.

9 Tips How to Prevent Joint Pain Naturally


1. Keep Track of Weight

The relationship between joint pain and overweight is always strong. According to different studies, adults above 18 years of age who suffer from obesity or are overweight are up to 15% more and there is a great possibility of them reporting doctor-diagnosed arthritis. This happens because extra weight puts more strain on their bones and joints. Therefore, shedding few pounds can encourage the easing of pain in addition to preventing inflammation.

2. Gentle Movement and Exercise

Doing aerobics and resistance exercise training can be counterintuitive, in your routine recommended is it is among the most effective tips to prevent pains naturally. According to different studies, the following forms of exercise are effective:

  • Strengthening exercises, for instance, lifting light weights.
  • Water aerobics and aerobics
  • Conditioning activities to strengthen your lungs and heart, particularly bicycling, dancing, swimming and brisk walking
  • Chinese martial art, Tai chi, which is known for using slow and continuous movements to work as well as tone your body
  • Yoga to improve breathing together with poses to work on coordination and flexibility as well as reducing stress

The most important thing to keep in mind is that joint pain together with other worsening conditions, for instance, arthritis, can be caused by inactivity. So, find out the activity that works best for you.

Consider wearing a brace or wrapping around the painful joints to assist you in getting started if needed, especially, if you are suffering from some overweight.

thai chi

3. Epsom Salt Bath

After exercise, with Epsom salts, consider a detoxifying and relaxing bath. Epsom salts have sufficient sulfates and magnesium; hence, lowering inflammation, relaxing tense muscles and reducing muscle spasms. They contain minerals that can be absorbed through your skin, so adding them to your bath can bring about quick results. Consider taking two cups of salts in addition to adding them to the bath water, or even to the gallon of water and thereafter soak a towel in it for some minutes. This ought to be done before applying it to your skin.

4. Take an Anti-inflammatory Diet

Inflammation is the main cause of joint pain. Therefore, taking an anti-inflammatory diet is likely to very quickly reduce the joint pain. Apart from eating ditching toxic and inflammatory foods, you need to eat plenty of foods, which fight inflammation naturally. Such foods incorporate organic berries as well as most other fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, for instance, garlic, ginger, green tea, holy basil, and rosemary. So, you should always look for top foods for joint pain in order to never compromise on your health in any way.

5. Curcumin

Curcumin, the Ayurvedic herb turmeric, is a most significant substance. It is known for relieving pain and improving physical function as well as the quality of life in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis. It is so potent; hence, experts recommend it as a possible alternative to NSAIDs due to the fact that it does not have negative side effects. Also, curcumin is associated with several benefits, for instance, curcumin has an ORAC score of 1,5000,000. Because of this, it considered being among the most effective free radical fighters. Also, it is known for improving detox pathways as well as aiding liver function. Curcumin can also support gut lining integrity and intestinal health. In order to find out how to prevent joint pain naturally, curcumin is one of the significant ingredients to add in your diet.

6. Essential Fatty Acids

In bone marrow, there is omega-3 fat DHA that is known for enhancing bone mineral content. When omega-3 fat DHA is used for 3 months or more, the omega-3 oils can relieve occasional joint pain that comes as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. Also, taking omega-3 fat DHA for 3-4 months can assist in reducing pain intensity, reducing experience tenderness in fewer joints and morning stiffness, in addition to decreasing the NSAID consumption. Omega-3 fats can be found in wild-caught salmon, mackerel, and grass-fed as well as beef sardines. Nevertheless, supplementation is recommended since it ensures you are getting enough fatty acid each day.


7. Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are most effective when it comes to digestion of protein in the body. They assist in repairing damaged tissue. Furthermore, some certain, for instance, bromelain, is known for naturally educing inflammation in addition to relieving occasional pain and swelling. An enzyme supplement and the NSAID diclofenac can be used to relieve pain in addition to increasing the joint function in the adults suffering from moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis knee pain. Also, enzymes have fewer adverse effects as compared to diclofenac; hence, it is recommended for long-term use.

8. Vitamin D and K2

Vitamin D deficiency can cause osteoarthritis. Talking supplements with vitamin D can help when it comes to reducing pain together with stiffness among individuals suffering from knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Getting enough vitamin K2 and vitamin D helps you absorb enough calcium to assist in building strong bones. Fish and sunlight are the greatest vitamin D’s source. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to get vitamin D’s optimal levels from sunlight alone and food especially if fish is not included in your diet several times a week. Also, the same case can apply if much time is spent indoors. Because of this, taking a high-quality supplement will encourage continuous source throughout the year.



9. Collagen and Gelatin

When the question arises: how to prevent joint pain naturally, gelatin and collagen are another essential elements. Bodybuilders use gelatin together with collagen with the intention of improving joint health, reducing inflammation, and diminishing pain. Gelatin and collagen are always packed with the amino acids, which are known for providing several health benefits, for instance, supporting the health of gut barrier, cartilage, liver, cardiovascular system, connective tissue, bones, as well as joints. Also, they can help with weight loss. Gelatin is a collagen’s cooked version. It is ever used recipes, instead of eggs, to make several delicious dishes, for instance, Cinnamon Cacao Coconut Custard.