How To Prevent Tiredness

how to prevent tiredness

Tiredness or Fatigue is an increasing common complaint, most especially as human hits old age and middle ages. But fortunately, there are numerous ways to prevent tiredness. Some of these numerous way also helps in slowing processes of aging. Getting tired or feeling fatigue can perform your performance negatively; it can affect one’s family life as well as both social and physical relationships. Tiredness or fatigue has become a difficult issue for medical practitioners to investigate upon, besides a lot of humans suffers tiredness and do not seek for medical assistances. The termed tiredness can also be regarded as energy that has been reduced, fatigue, mental overtiredness and absence of motivation. Causes of tiredness can include physical and psychological or physiological problems. Other kinds of fatigue are as a result of emotional stress, depression, sleeping late and physical actions. Researches has proven that consuming to much caffeine, consuming excessive junks as well taking in too much alcohol can also lead to tiredness. Humans who hardly consume three square meals in a day and humans with both physical and mental illness are very much prone to tiredness.

Fatigue is an indication that defines any specific illness, but tiredness can be as a result of much kind of diseases and condition. Problems of tiredness widely range from excessive exercise, lack of sleep, surgical and medical treatments among others. The lack of strength related with tiredness can most times cause problem with normal daily routine, which can lead to issue with concentration and attentiveness. In medical terms, tiredness is defined as a state of capacity and ability reduced for accomplishment of work following a physical and mental activity. For example, tiredness of the muscle if they are called on to repetitively work for a long period of time, most time causes tiredness or fatigue.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms and Diagnosis usually occur at any age for both women and men. Humans with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome must have one or more of this following: Sore throat, Nausea, Dizziness, Headaches, deteriorating Joint health, Muscle pain, lymph nodes that are painful and palpitations. Furthermore, while fatigue and tiredness can affect people life quality, anxiety and mood disorder can on the other hand also cause fatigue or tiredness. Nothing less than six to seven percent of a country population undergoes tiredness or fatigue at any given time and about twenty four percent of people will continually suffer from tiredness at some period, most especially during their course of life. Studies have proven that tiredness is more rampant in women as when compared to the percentage of men. Fatigue is further known as a generalized concept for worn out, depleted and weakness. While fatigue can be distinguish when it is as a result of either mental or physical cause, in some cases both mental and physical causes can occur together to cause tiredness. The Physical tiredness is regarded as a decreased capacity to balance physical actions or the inability to carry out physical tasks while the mental tiredness is regarded as a state which is characterized with emotional instability, lack of attention and concentration or perhaps memory loss. It is however also important to differentiate between sleepiness at daytime and fatigue. Sleepiness is defined as the inability to remain awake or vigilant during the day while fatigue is relatively lack of both mental and physical energy. However, the different causes of fatigue include: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as mentioned above, Idiopathic Chronic Fatigue, Anemia, Fibromyalgia, and Hypothyroidism among others. Notably, fatigue can be as a result of imbalance in blood sugar levels. It can be present once blood sugar is quite high and once sugar level is relatively low. Below are Important and Major ways to prevent tiredness.

How To Prevent Tiredness

Settle all Health Issues

Tiredness is common to all kind of illness which include thyroid illness, disease of the heart, arthritis, diabetes, sleep apnea or Anemia. It is important to settle all health related problems in order not to get easily tired or feel fatigue. More importantly, you should consult your doctor or personal medical practitioners if any way you feel abnormally weak or abnormally tired.

Reduce Stress

A lot of energy is been consumed by stress. It is important for one to boost energy levels by embarking on some kind of activities which include spending time out with friends and family, regular listening to music and reading of books and practically working out at the gyms. Click here to read 7 natural ways to reduce stress.

Ensure Proper Rest and Sleep

While physical causes has been considered as a cause for fatigue, the medical causes for tiredness include Cancer, Liver and Kidney diseases, Obesity, Insomnia, Diabetes, Aids, Malnutrition, Thyroid diseases, heart failure and fibromyalgia. While there is also no major treatment for tiredness, it is important that you improve in your sleeping habit and ensure proper sleep. It is also important to embark on regular sleep and rest. As mentioned above, it is important to eat healthy food in order to avoid gaining weight. Taking time to relax and practising Yoga can also help prevent tiredness as well. More importantly is to avoid consuming caffeine, illegal drugs, alcohol or nicotine.


Take More Water

When you feel tired or fatigue, you can also drink a glass of water to get better. Most time humans tend to get weak and tired just because they are highly dehydrated.

Take Natural Vitamin

In addition, consuming natural vitamin that can be found in fruits and vegetables can also help in preventing tiredness. A major way to gain energy is through consuming vegetables and fruits at regular meals. Click here to read about the best vitamins to help with tiredness.

Cutting down on Caffeine

Medical experts have always mentioned that any person feeling weak or experiencing fatigue should cut down his or her caffeine consumption. It is best to take caffeine content practically periodically or once in three months. Caffeine can be commonly found in drinks like coffee, cola, tea, some pain relievers, and some herbal medicines and in energy drinks.

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Lose Weight & Engage in Exercising

I bet exercising and loosing of weight would be the very last thing one would imagine to embark on when tired or feeling fatigue. But it is however one of the important ways to boost energy levels. Undergoing exercise can enhance the efficiency of one’s lungs, muscles and heart. Regular exercise and losing weight has been constantly linked with improving quality of life and improving vigor. Record has also proven that humans who become active as a result of exercising have a greater sense of higher self-esteem and higher self-confidence. It however, would not only give you the needed energy but would also improve your overall health.