how to regain energy after illness

Illness is very common among human beings. It usually comes at a terrible time, a period at which recovering from the illness can actually be overwhelming. It is also a period at which you just want to get back to life all immediately. Cold, Flu or at times something more sever might really have broken you really down and the best way to come out of such illness become disturbing to embark upon. Undoubtedly, there is no magic practice or words that can bring you back on feet all instantly, for it requires some personal effort. Among the ways of regaining energy after illness includes consuming proper balanced food and to resume to exercise, this would not only help you feel better but also will have a positive effect on your immune system. Though it takes a lot of time to recover, but sure adhere to your body and get embark on things that can get you really fit. It is a routine or step for speedy recovery. Common factors that however contribute to illness include being stressed out daily. Stress on the other can cause lot damage to both your immune system and to your cardiovascular system. Therefore, stressed out body are always prone to getting sick over and over again and if you don’t want that to happen, just cut down your stress level before it becomes a problem.

How to regain energy after illness

Drink a lot of Water

The intake of Water has been recognized as an ultimate drug, when recovery from illness. This is because it helps you to flush out toxins from the human system in order for your cells to attain energy rather than just fighting other incoming germs and viruses. Water or H2O equally helps your lymph fluid to flow effectively, which in turn help your body to fight any existing traces of illness. Taking plain water of about 50cl once awake in the morning can give you a boost.

drink water

Proper Balanced Food

Yes! Everybody like processed or organic food, but sincerely researches has proven it is not good for your health. Once you are recovery from illness associated with intestine or the stomach such as ulcer pain among others, it is advised you stay away from processed foods. Foods that are grown directly from the soil are more adequate for energy after illness. It is advised that you also choose food and fruits that can easily digest on time. Food and fruits like bananas, water lemon, brown rice and so on. Additionally, once you also feel your system requires normal food, it is also advised that you eat foods and fruit that are not chemically processed or ingredient that are processed to make your meal. Best energy foods after you recovery for energy include foods that are highly rich in antioxidants, nutrients and Vitamin. Antioxidant is a compound that mitigate or neutralizes the effect of free radicals and through the process of neutralizing free radicals it has the potential to protect from illness germs, diseases and other forms of discomfort.

Seek For A Helping Hand

It is very bad to resume to work that are strenuous once recovery from illness. Strenuous job can’t boost your energy if that is your believe, it will on plunk you right back into the same sick bed you are pulling out from. Seeking for a hand to assist in taking care of chores temporarily would help you regain back a lot of energy. You can ask your spouse, close best friend or even your parent to drive you around for some couples of days. You can also request for their assistance in cleaning out some trashes. However, if you have aged parents, friends and caring family can help to the magic. On the other hand, telling people what you want or directing people to do your routine can also be stressful, it is better you don’t push yourself too far. You can write down all things needed to be done in a notepad. This will help reduce worry and pressure.

Embark on Exercise

This is another hard routine for many human. Yes it can be difficult, but it is another way to regain energy after illness. Embarking on less stressed in the four corner of your room is a very good start for such boost. Naturally exercising your muscles can be painful in the first and second day, but continuous slight jogging within the house can help regain energy. If you intend to run, advisably begin with just two miles in the early hours of the morning and embark on short distance, so that you won’t have to be rushed back to your sick bed. However, before you add exercise to your recovery plan, kindly consult your doctor. This is important for humans recovering from prolonged or critical illness.

Get Enough Rest

With caution, do not push yourself too fast and too hard. Yes! You might feel you are very better, but treating yourself as though you are not better is one of the best way to regain energy. Every morning you can begin with little walk around the house – don’t step outside yet. And if you are so worried about your job or emails that needs an urgent reply, it is also advised you give your enough a maximum of thirty minutes to reply the most very important mails.


Turn off Screen

Flashlight or brightness from screen is very bad for you, most especially when trying to regain energy from illness. Television sets, Phone Usage which emit blue light causes eye strain, therefore it should be limited. According to researches, blue light can cause both mental and physical fatigue once concentrated upon for a long period of time. Although, it can be quite saddening that you can’t reach out to friends or check on what is trending on social media, but your own good and for a better health, turn down those screens or devices. Try making sure your room is cool, and very comforting. Then rest and feel better soon.