How to Speed Up Women’s Metabolism? – 6 Natural Ways

How to Speed Up Women’s Metabolism?

Most of the women are frustrated with the problems of weight loss, even when they follow Brazilian butt lift or the latest diet fad. According to a study, around 45 million women try to do dieting every year and spend $33 billion on different weight loss products. Although these two investments may seem to be quite effective in shedding extra pounds, some of them are still not satisfied with the results. The actual problem lies in their metabolism that does not work properly. Dieters may count calorie, carb and fat intake but, what they do not realize is that their metabolism is not losing weight successfully.

Connection Between Weight Loss and Metabolism

Scientifically, metabolism is the combination of chemical reactions occurring within the body but, people usually consider it a major process to covert ingested food into useful energy. To be honest, metabolism is responsible to let the body perform all movements and functions. It is associated with how the life goes- if it is stopped, there is no existence of the living organisms. Some scientists also call it a two-part process that works according to what the body consumes.

Anabolism: The first part of metabolism that creates and stores energy. It brings together smaller molecules to form bigger ones that eventually develop tissues and organs.

Catabolism: Ensures ample supply of energy for all cellular activities by consuming fats and carbohydrates to generate energy.

While looking for the answer of how to speed up women’s metabolism, people have to look at the performance of their endocrine system. Science has proven that the system is responsible to control the direction and rate of metabolism along with keeping track of the physical activity. So, there is no doubt to blame improper metabolism for extra fat deposits on the body. People usually eat more calories than they used to burn and physical activity is what that could help them to consume them efficiently. They have to involve in those exercises that fasten their metabolism and bring significant changes in the lifestyle by losing weight.

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Method to Calculate Metabolic Rate

When it comes to finding out how to speed up women’s metabolism and losing weight, it is necessary to begin with basal metabolic rate or BMR. It refers to the amount of calories that the body burns at rest. Women can either visit a healthcare practitioner or hand-held devices to determine their BMR. All they have to do is to know the ideal measurement with respect to their body type. The formula for calculation is:
65.5 + (weight in pounds x 4.35) + (height in inches x 4.7) – (age in years x 4.7)

How to Speed Up Women’s Metabolism? – 6 Natural Ways

Once women know about their metabolic rate, the next step is to find out various effective natural ways to boost metabolism. Experts suggest to do the following for better metabolism and faster weight loss.

Drink a Cold Glass of Water

One of the easiest and proven ways is to drink one glass of ice cold water with great frequency to stimulate the metabolic rate. Based on a research, 8-ounce water in a day can create a huge difference in the metabolism. Since this amount of intake keeps women hydrated throughout the day, their bodies work efficiently to consume more calories and generate energy to carry out different tasks. So, women should begin their day with the aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water if they want to say goodbye to extra fat.

A Cup of Tea is the Game Changer

Tea is another important item to take for weight loss. In a study, scientists compared the performance of water, green tea and oolong tea on different females who are looking for ways to speed up their metabolism. After some time, those females reported incredible results. Oolong tea performed significantly better than green tea and water. It improved metabolism by 10% as it contains polyphenols, which can stimulate females’ metabolism.

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Eat After Every Three Hours

Keep in mind that metabolism depends upon how much women eat. Though, this doesn’t mean that they should be eating heavy meals with high calories. Rather, they should divide total calorie intake in three meals with two healthy snacks in-between. Experts also recommend dieters to think wisely and take meals after every one hour in order to avoid starvation. The next worthy thing regarding how to speed up women’s metabolism is to follow this schedule:

  • Breakfast: 6 to 8 AM
  • Snack: 10 AM
  • Lunch: 12 to 2 PM
  • Snack: 3 to 5 PM
  • Dinner: 5 to 7 PM
  • Avoid eating after 8 PM
  • Take More Omega-3

Fish oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids that have proven effects on increasing the metabolic rate. Experts also claim that omega-3 fatty acids can stimulate fat-burning enzymes and lower the frequency of fat deposits. This supplementation has proven to burn around 400 calories per daywhich equals 25% of regular intake.

Go for Organic When Possible

Yes, organic eating habits may be expensive but women should pay attention to their impact on metabolism. The growth hormones from conventionally farmed items and antibiotics may hamper the immune system that eventually reduce metabolism. Also, pesticides from non-organic foods can decrease metabolism in dieters.

Do Workout Regularly

Muscles are denser than fats and need more energy to work efficiently. According to a research, higher fat to muscle ratio has greater BMR due to more requirement of energy. The body consumes 50 calories for energy pound of muscles in order to maintain the required BMR in a woman’s body. Workout is quite effective in building and strengthening muscles. It speeds up metabolism and keeps the body in good shape.


Get Enough Sleep

To be honest, late night snacking and not getting enough sleep are the two major reasons of slow metabolism and weight gain. Chronic sleep has adverse effects on endocrine and metabolic functions that need women to take proper sleep for better living. To know how to speed up women’s metabolism, it is necessary to sleep for around 7 to 8 hours so that everything can work properly within the body.