is resveratrol safe

For several years now, the name resveratrol have gained a lot of popularity among the health practitioners for several benefits to the human health and body as a whole. Resveratrol which have been apprised as well as applauded for its numerous benefits, have spiked a lot of medical research that has overtime revealed more health benefits and importance of the substance. The natural source of resveratrol is also another reason why many have proclaimed the substance a necessity for every one that desires a consistent healthy condition. This is because, resveratrol has been used against majority of the known illnesses and have been observed that the substance have a lot of positive effects on these sicknesses. This means that resveratrol is a very high prospect for a lot of medical breakthrough towards the maintenance of steady and stable healthy condition.

In order to properly understand the term resveratrol, its applications as well as safety, it is first necessary to know the source of this amazing product. Resveratrol is chemically regarded as polyphenol, because it belongs to the polyphenol family which is a class of compound that is known for its health benefits in terms of germs and foreign agent attack from the body. These classes of compounds that are known as polyphenols have been reverend for their ability to fight off disease causing agents in the human body. Resveratrol which is a major member of this polyphenol family is highly capable based on several evidences to fight off diseases as well as disease causing germs.

Resveratrol is a product that is readily and naturally gotten from grapes, particularly the red grapes. Though the product is very much available in grapes, but it is much more available in the skin of the grape fruits. This means that if in our daily diet we consume red wine which is the product of red grapes, there is every possibility that we will be consuming a significant amount of resveratrol which serves a very good purpose in the body. Besides the consumption of red wine which is a readily natural source of resveratrol, the product can also be gotten through the intake of specially prepared supplements which in most cases are in the form of pills. Additionally, the product can be gotten from peanuts and berries which if constantly consumed, will boost the level of resveratrol in the human body.

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Nevertheless, there have been several arguments on the safety of resveratrol as many people have opined that it is safe and healthy for consumption based on different proofs and evidences. However, some others have maintained the opinion that the product is not as good as we are made to believe based on some proofs also. In order to decide whether or not resveratrol if safe, it is important to briefly review both the benefits as well as the disadvantages of the intake of resveratrol and subsequently weigh the option. Consequently, the benefits of resveratrol intake will be subsequently highlighted.

Health Benefits of Resveratrol Intake

The intake of resveratrol has been reported to have a lot of health benefits that for several years the medical scientist has applauded themselves to be a medical breakthrough. Some of these health benefits include heart benefits, cancer reduction or mitigation, among many others that are subsequently noted.

Heart Benefits

Resveratrol has the ability to help the heart stay clear of almost all the forms of cardiovascular diseases that may occur as result of age or practice of some sort of negative habit. The major reason why resveratrol is able to mitigate heart related diseases is primarily due to its ability to function as a good antioxidant. Medically, it has been proven that antioxidants are substances that help to improve the health which majorly include the heart and brain. In the same vein, resveratrol based on its antioxidant function, can protect the heart from a lot of negative health conditions.

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Cancer reduction

Based on series of medical research that have been conducted over the years, it has been proven that with a steady and regular intake of resveratrol, the growth of cancerous cells can be highly limited. Since with the limitation of the growth of cancerous cells, the terminal illness can be significantly undermined, it indirectly helps the patient to attain a longer lifespan than normal and in some few cases, the continuous intake of resveratrol through the consumption of red grapes, it produce or resveratrol supplements can terminate the existence of cancerous cell completely.


The steady intake of resveratrol has been observed to have positive impact on the aging level of people. This ability primarily comes from the antioxidant property of resveratrol. Basically antioxidant improves skin elasticity which in turn acts positively on the tenderness as well as the softness of the skin thereby making it look much younger than its original age. Consequently, the consumption of resveratrol provides the body with the much needed antioxidant which counters aging of the skin thus, proving a smoother, younger skin.

Side Effects of Resveratrol Intake

Based on the current level off medical research that has been conducted with respect to resveratrol intake, there have not been any known deadly negative side effects that have been associated with the intake of resveratrol. The only few complains that have accompanied the intake of resveratrol has been issue like headaches, or slight weakness of the body. However, these complains have been observed to be majorly due to the non-adherence to the appropriate dosage. Medically, it is advisable to strictly adhere to the dosage of any form of medication as adherence is very critical to the functionality of the medication. Therefore, either in its natural form or in form of supplement, the intake of resveratrol should be consistent but moderated for maximum result.

The Bottom Line on the Safety of Resveratrol

From series of medical research that have been conducted over the years regarding resveratrol, it has been observed as earlier highlighted that there are lots of health benefits associated with the intake of resveratrol whereas the negativity is not quite much except when further research reveals more. Based on the aforementioned, resveratrol is both safe and healthy for the human body.