Kidney Cleansing Herbs

kidney cleansing herbs

Being a bean shaped like and naturally located at the posterior side of your abdomen, the human kidney have the huge function of removing any waste and toxins in your bloodstream. The vital organ- Kidney also works with several body organ to help you regulating blood pressure, assist you in increasing the production of red blood cells and assist you in synthesizing Vitamin D. Consuming a healthy diet, keeping fit through exercise and taking a lot of water are necessary steps for a functioning kidney. While the kidney contains million mini filters, your kidneys have some function that includes filtering and cleansing your blood and any other uninvited waste in your blood stream. The kidney, being an important organ also assist you to regulate blood pressure, help you maintain a healthy electrolyte and in the production of red blood cells. However, there are natural cleansing herbs that can help your kidney to function effectively.

Kidney Cleansing Herbs

The discussed below are herbs that can guarantee you a kidney health.

Hydrangea Root

Popularly known by the native of American as well earlier resident, Hydrangea root is naturally used for keeping your bladder and kidney healthy. This is because these cleansing herb acts a solvent which also has the ability of smoothing the rough side of kidney stones. While hydrangea root also appear effective for your body, it discourages the development of kidney stones from establishing. Additionally, the plant helps your body to use calcium efficiently, a major component of eight per cent of kidney stones.

Gravel Root

Known as Joe Pye weed, this cleansing herb – gravel root has been popularly recommended by the native of American. It is revealed that gravel root is best for urinary health as well as for your kidney. It effectiveness is also believed to discourage intruding infection.

Corn Silk

Yes! It is expected that many of us are not aware that those sticky fiber at the front top of every corn you plant or purchase are quite important for your kidney health. Rather taken as tincture or as a tea, the corn silk is revealed to promote your urinary tract health and your kidney by helping you to maintain a health fluid level and healthy calcium.


Also recommended by the native of American, goldenrod is helpful for detoxifying your kidney. The cleansing herb is also good for urinary tract health.

Jumper Berries

This cleansing herb for your kidney is regarded as tonic for kidney. It is among of the best and the strongest of any other type of cleansing herb to assist your kidney. With jumper berries consumption, your blood supply can be filtered through the kidney in just five minutes. Hence, this important herb for kidney must not be over-looked. Jumper berries can be consumed in tinctures or in capsules.

Dandelion Root

Though, it has negative connotation, due to its common weed position in numerous yard, the dandelion root can assist your body to maintain a healthy fluid level and best for waste elimination. Loaded with many a lot of benefit apart from your kidney, dandelion root is regarded as a diuretic. Both its leaf and its root are essential part for a healthy kidney.

Marshmallow Root

This cleansing herb- marshmallow root help you to increase the rate of urination. Additionally, it helps soothing the tissue that is located in your urinary tract system. Being a gentle diuretic, it is among the best herbs for your kidney.

Celery Root

Popularly, the seeds and the root of celery have been used for a very long period of time as a naturally made herb. Celery Root has the advantage of helping your body to eliminate toxins by enhancing output of urine. While it has been considered as a tonic for your kidney, celery root contains nutrient like sodium and potassium, which is best for the kidney.


This cleansing herb is the world most popularly used herb. Generally associated with cooking, it’s also used as herbal supplement which include bountiful blend. Parsley is very rich in antioxidant; it is also highly nutritious and effectively supports your kidney. Being a favourite herb used by many chefs, parsley is regarded as an aromatic flavourful herb. It also assists in maintaining a healthy urinary tract.


Being used by numerous cultures, Uva-Ursi which is also called Bearberry has been recommended for a healthy kidney. It is regarded as an astringent that can tone and soothe your urinary tract. Researches have also shown that Uva-Ursi has the ability to cleansing your kidney.

Chanca Piedra

Also called the stone breaker and being a favourite herb in South America, Chanca Piedra is best for your kidney and studies/ researches have agreed to Chanca Piedra effectiveness. While it is common in South America and quite wide spread, it usage has earned a positive remark as a helpful herb best for your liver, kidney, and bladder. Importantly, you can also add Chanca Piedra to your diet.


This is a common weed which has diuretic function that is very helpful for enhancing output of urine in order to flush out urinary tract and the kidney. It is also known as an antioxidant that gives the best of potential to your renal system and kidney. Whether horsetail, is consumed in a capsule form or as a tea, it has been recommended to add horsetail to your frequent diet.

Bottom Line on Kidney Cleansing Herbs

It is important to take the opportunity of the discussed cleansing herbs for your kidney. Every human body need filtration and appropriate maintenance. If you can get the raw form of the listed herbs, they are available in supplement format. In addition, a combination of many of these herbs is in capsule form, making it easy for you to get an adequate nutrient best for your kidney health. Apart from using these cleansing herbs, it is important to embark on daily exercises, take a lot of water and importantly eat healthy food in order to escape kidney problem or damages.