How the Immune System Works

Ever thought why you always catch cold so often while people in your surrounding welcome winters energetically? Why your body doesn’t resist the effects? That’s probably because of the weak immune system that is not strong enough to fight against illness.

To be honest, your immune system needs more attention and care during winters. Since flu and cold bacteria are present in the environment, the body needs to remain in good condition to resist them. Although the immune system always has to work harder, it needs to perform beyond usual limit in the cold season. It has to keep the body safe from flu or cold viruses while ensuring good health to enjoy the weather. But, do you know how the immune system works? Why it is so important for the body? Why its inefficiency allows diseases to take so easily? Let’s find out.

Function of the Immune System

Basically, the immune system is the natural defense system of the body. It is a complex network of organs, tissues and cells that work together against invaders. They have to defend the body from parasites, viruses, fungus and even bacteria to avoid sickness and other illnesses. You should keep the immune system healthy so that it can restrict antigens or invaders from entering your body. 

However, if one item gets a chance to invade, the immune system immediately produces white blood cells to counter the effects. There are also other chemicals that eliminate these foreign substances from the body. They used to search for antigens and destroy before they reproduce.

The best part is that the immune system can recognize different types of antigens. It even transforms itself to eradicate those invaders, while ensure no harm to other organs. When in good condition, this defense system has the ability to treat health problems from common cold to cancer.

immune system

When the Defense System Breaks

At times, the immune system behaves abnormally and makes a mistake to declare beneficial substances harmful. If you come in contact with pet dander or pollen, the immune system activates functioning and causes the body to experience allergic reactions.

Fact of the matter is your body cannot fight against every invader. This is where the immune system breaks down and loses its efficiency. There are also some diseases that are uncontrollable but you can make your lifestyle to change everything.

Other factors behind the weak and inefficient immune system are unhealthy diet, chronic stress, not enough sleep and being sedentary. So, keep in mind that as soon as your immune system depletes, toxins, viruses and bacteria can attack easily.

Strengthen Your Immunity

According to various studies, there are no supplements or pills that can improve immunity. All you can do is to adopt some healthy living habits and bring changes in the long run. You have to learn how the immune system works and decide about which change to add in your life.

  • Walking: Sitting for the whole day may make your body sluggish while cause the immune system to lose its direction. So, your approach should be to add exercise in your lifestyle and bring changes to how immunity works. Studies support the fact that exercises ensure better performance of white blood cells, which in turn fight against infections and other diseases. Also, workout has proven effects on producing endorphins that are used to improve brain’s functionality. These natural hormones promote overall well-being and sense of relaxation to overcome stress and better sleep. These benefits amount to better immunity and strength of the body.
  • Take a Healthy Diet: Your next step is to take proper nutrition for better immunity and performance. Avoid taking a high-calorie diet does not only increases weight but also leads to a lot of infections. You should remember that being overweight means different health problems. You must begin with eliminating sugar and alcohol while give the body enough nutrients to stand against viruses. There are some diseases you cannot do anything about but, working on some lifestyle aspects can make a huge difference.

Keep in mind that being sedentary, not taking proper nutrition, less sleep and chronic stress weaken the immune system. So, experts recommend to prepare the body to fight against toxins, viruses and bacteria.

walking, running

Impact of Age on the Immune System

Based on a lot of studies, age has a significant effect on the immune system. As you age, the system loses its ability to fight, which eventually lead to more illnesses and infections. Considering the life expectancy, you would have been numerous age-related conditions in the surrounding.

There are quite a few people who age healthily and look younger than others of the same age. The secret of their slow aging is a strong immune system and proper intake of nutrients and minerals. Influenza, pneumonia and respiratory infections have become the leading causes of death. Yes, you might not know the reason behind their occurrence but science has proven everything. Increase in the risk of diseases correlates with the significant decline in T-cells and thymus atrophying with aging. Even, bone marrow loses its ability to produce the stem cells for better immunity.

Older people have demonstrated visible reduction in the immune response against vaccines. When influenza vaccines are concerned, for people above 65 years, it showed less satisfactory effects as compared to active and healthy children. Also, apart from decline in efficacy, vaccinations for pneumonia and influenza have demonstrated low rate of sickness or death in adults.

Keep in mind that there is a strong connection between immunity and nutrition in adults. Micronutrient malfunction is common among elders in which, the person is deficient of certain minerals and vitamins. Since they used to eat less food or even do not take enough supplements, they lack some important
nutrients. They don’t even know
how the immune system works and what they should do to strengthen it. They are usually an easy target of common illnesses like cold and flu.

So, what to suggest them to do? There are no hard and fast rules to follow. They can simply take some best vitamins to prevent cold and flu while bring some changes in their lifestyle.