Learn How to Lower LDL Cholesterol and Improve Overall Health

how to lower ldl cholesterol

Almost 73.5 million population in the world is suffering from high cholesterol problem due to which, they have to bring significant changes into their lifestyle. Since lifestyle is one the main things that could help in improving health issues while restricting it from getting worse. As per various studies, it has been found that people having high LDL cholesterol (which are at a risk of heart issues) need to be treated with a lot of care and love in order to make the rest of their lives better.
A cardiologist professor, Ivan V. Pacold, said that lifestyle matters a lot when it comes to health issues and even if they do not affect the cholesterol level directly, they are actually decreasing the risks of having serious heart diseases.

How to lower LDL cholesterol?

So, what to do if cholesterol level is high?  Given below are nine methods to make it happen.

1. Check the cholesterol level

Make sure to regularly check the cholesterol level. Every individual has to know the three numbers mentioning cholesterol in the blood so that they can have enough information to discuss with the doctor. To begin with, the person should know about his/her cholesterol level that is usually below 200 mg/dl (milligram per deciliter) for most of the people. Secondly, they have to know the bad cholesterol level (LDL), which must be lower than 100 mg/dl (milligram per deciliter). Last, they should know their good cholesterol (HDL) and make sure that it is 60 mg/dl or even higher.

2. Consult a doctor for recommendations

After knowing the cholesterol level, it has now become crucial to consult a professional doctor. On the way to reduce cholesterol level, it’s necessary to change the way of life and include some of the hearthealthy choices as these are the basics of how to lower LDL cholesterol. However, if the situation is worse i.e. the person is going through familial hypercholesterolemia, then there is no better option but to take appropriate medications. Their treatment depends upon the doctor and his/her approach to cure the issues. All people have to do is to never compromise over their heath and always visit the best doctor in town.

3. Exercise is important

According to a research, exercise has a huge impact on lowering LDL and raising HDL cholesterol that protects from heart issues. It doesn’t matter if the numbers are not changing frequently, exercise is fulfilling its responsibilities by strengthening the heart and keeping it safe from potential diseases. Though, most of the people don’t like to do exercise but they also want to avoid the risk of deadly diseases. So, what they should do? How they are supposed to cure LDL cholesterol? All they should be doing is to walk regularly for at least 30 minutes with moderate speed and reap all the benefits as others are getting from daily workouts.


4. Proper nutrition in the diet

Not only doing exercise can make the body healthy but taking a proper diet is one of the important things a person can do for heart-healthy lifestyle. They should have knowledge about healthy and unhealthy fats along with their nutritional values. Calories, saturated fats, trans fats, calories from fat and total fats need attention while deciding about their heart-healthy options.

Trans fat and limit saturated fat helps in reducing LDL cholesterol level. Pacold said that saturated fats are soluble at room temperature and work negatively in the body. Olive oil and canola are referred to as liquid fats that are unsaturated fats and provide various benefits to the body organs.

5. Eat good nutrient fish

According to various scientific studies, fishes found in ocean are having high omega-3 fatty acids that usually benefit the heart and its muscles. Experts suggest to eat mackerel and salmon more than other types.

While if someone thinks that red meat is better, then think again because it’s completely wrong. Fish is beneficial for the heart and therefore, prefer eating fish rather than red meat. However, if a person is unable to eat fish, then he/she must take some supplements in order to avoid deficiency in the body. The supplements must contain high quantity of omega-3s. For natural supply, walnuts, flaxseeds and green-plants are also available.


6. Lower segment size to reduce cholesterol

For better health, it is necessary to control weight gain. It is better to find out the right portion size according to the body so that the person can avoid taking extra cholesterol. While consuming starchy carbohydrates, for example pasta or potato, their portion should be equal to the half of baseball so that there would be no negative effects of consuming them. While for meat, portion should be about three ounces or a part of a deck of playing cards.

7. Intake of heart-healthy vegetables, fruits and beans

When a person is done with eating starchy portions and proteins, try to eat heart-healthy vegetables and fruits. Make sure to eat four to five servings of vegetables and fruits on daily basis and see significant changes in the body. Another aspect to know how to lower LDL cholesterol is to increase intake of fiber as it also helps to decrease cholesterol content in the body.
Soluble beans are another great source to increase good cholesterol that have proven effects on a human health.

8. Avoid cigarette for reducing cholesterol level

Smoking is one of the main factors of high cholesterol levels that lead to the risk of having serious health issues, particularly heart attack. Studies have shown that apart from taking vitamins to lower cholesterol, the person has to leave smoking and rest assured to see reduction in bad cholesterol.
People should understand that smoking has no numbers and therefore, it does not give any warning of how it is affecting overall health. Smokers just have to realize what they are doing to themselves and take help in order to leave this bad habit forever.

9. Stress can Increase Cholesterol

Stress is of two types: good or bad. Bad stress is harmful for the health as it increases the risk of heart diseases whereas good stress can have positive impact. It’s just about realization of how to control stress. Here you can read 7 natural ways to reduce stress.