List of Foods that Cause Tiredness and That Don’t

foods that cause tiredness

As the name suggests, tiredness, also known as fatigue, refers to the situation of low energy or sleepiness that restricts a person from performing his/her responsibilities. Some people experience short-term fatigue while some used to feel tired for a long time period. Their situation can be caused by myriads of reasons, particularly stress, intense workout, a medical disorder, lack of sleep or deficiency of nutrients. However, the thing to remember is that not every food item is beneficial for the body- some also cause hindrance in overall betterment.

What foods cause tiredness?

When it comes to finding out what foods cause tiredness, starchy carbohydrates and sweets like white rice, cake, cookies, enriched white pasta and white bread turn out to be the worth considering items. According to different studies, these foods are known for increasing blood sugar levels quite significantly. You might have noticed that after eating donuts, your body feels sluggish, hungry and tired after a short time. Since they have short-lived sugar contents, they create desire to eat more donuts thus leading to fast energy highs and lows.


Science of Foods that Cause Tiredness

Considering the glycemic index, it’s quite simple to realize that your body reacts aggressively to carbohydrates going inside. The higher the index in a food, the faster would be the fluctuation of blood sugar levels in the body. When the body suffers from high blood sugar level, it releases the hormone insulin from pancreas to bring down blood sugar to the acceptable level. So, when this fluctuation rises continuously, the body experiences low in energy, thus causing fatigue in the end.

Ever wondered why you always felt exhausted after taking a big meal? Why you always feel down and need to simply go on bed? The answer of this ‘why’ is inappropriate consumption of foods or in other words, your diet consists of such items that are causing you to feel tired. So, what you should be doing is to know those foods that cause tiredness and look for healthy alternatives to bring changes to your lifestyle:

1. Pasta

No doubt, carbs are one of the biggest sources of energy but, avoid taking refined carbohydrates such as pasta because they raise blood sugar to such a level that you might need to take insulin before feeling weak and tired. Since pasta is high in sugar and flour content, chances are that your drowsiness would be a common problem every day.

2. Bananas

Considering the amount of potassium in bananas, your body would be having strength in terms of heart health and nerve functions. Bananas also have a considerable amount of magnesium that works as the relaxation mineral due to its property to aid sleep. But, taking bananas in a high quantity would amount to tiredness and other issues.

3. Red Meat

Red meat is the biggest source of iron and energy boost but, it also contains a high level of fat that in turn causes sluggish feel. Whole dairy products, creamy gravies and high-fat meats can make the body inactive or lazy after eating. The reason behind is the type of fat existing in these foods that are quite difficult to break and process by the body. Unlike other nutrients¸ your body might have to consume more energy to break them down.

4. Cherries

While looking for the foods that cause tiredness, cherries turn out to be another considerable item. As the natural source of melatonin (a hormone to improve sleep), your body would not have to struggle in getting enough sleep to keep body organs fresh and energetic. However, the thing to remember is that it only works at evening hours, instead of the day hours. According to one study, regular intake of cherries can improve the quality of sleep while regulate circadian rhythms in the body. Using tart cherry juice helps adults to treat their chronic insomnia in a better way. One cup in a day is enough to bring relief in the severity level of insomnia.

5. Salmon

Salmon is famous for being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. But, you should be careful about its selection as there are some kinds of fishes that may have negative impact over the body. Halibut is having a high proportion of vitamin B6 that supports melatonin production for better sleep. So, if you are feeling low and need an energy boost, don’t forget to take salmon at night to receive sedative benefits in a better way.


6. Lettuce

Lettuce is another effective food item to get the required level of pain-relieving and calming effect. With its sedative properties, it directly affects the brain, just like opiods used to do, in order to keep the body functional and dedicated towards the work.

7. Sweets

Taking high-sugar sweets is the primary reason why you might be having a food coma sooner or later. Keep in mind that the body used to release insulin in accordance with the sugar entering in one way the other. As the proportion of insulin increases, it begins to free up amino acid tryptophan present in the brain that eventually cause fatigue and sleepiness. Although you might feel an amazing rush but, it would disappear right away as the body would respond to that intake aggressively. So, what you should be doing is to skip all after-lunch pastries and wait until the body is ready to handle that big deal n the future.


8. Turkey

According to a common perception, turkey is among those foods that cause tiredness and fatigue because of tryptophan, which is a pre-cursor of serotonin intended to improve the quality of sleep and relaxation.
But, as you know that perceptions are only based upon hypothesis and need to be changed as soon as reality comes with evidences, it’s necessary to understand that tryptophan is not responsible for causing tiredness because it used to combine with carbohydrates that actually make the body to feel low and lethargic. For instance, making turkey with rolls, pie and cranberries is what that might cause your guests sleepy! So, your approach should be to follow healthy diet for tiredness in order to keep yourself as well as your loved ones healthy, active and energetic.