Memory Improvement Exercise

Memory Improvement Exercise

The human body is often times subjected to several exercises in a quest to build a smart attractive body physique that increases our level of self-confidence and morale. Just as we take time and give attention to our muscles and body building through varying degree of exercises, there is also what is known as the brain or memory exercises. These memory improvement exercises are meant to help the human memory level in the process of information storage as well as retrieval of the same information when is required. Memory improvement exercises are the things, activities or task that we involve in or subject the brain to in order to help us improve the storage capacity and information retention level of the memory. Memory is regarded as that part of the brain whose task is to store information and make the same information available later when it is needed to be used. The memory is basically a very important aspect of the brain because it helps you to remember who you are what you have done previously and then you can adequately prepare for what you can do in the future. Without memory there would not be any need of going to school or even learning anything because if you learn without memory, you immediately forget what you learnt which make you equal to the person that never learnt anything. This means that memory helps us to remember past information and events in order for us to have a successful present as well as future. Memory exercises help the capacity of the memory to hold information for a long time and also make the memory very efficient in the retrieval of stored information.


Why Do You Need a Memory Improvement Exercise?

The memory need to be improved because there are habits, activities and situations that undermines the functionality of the brain; the memory inclusive. For instance when there is excessive amount of stress build up in the body, it increases pressure in the brain which in turn undermines the function of the brain like information storage in the memory. Lack of adequate sleep over a long time is another action or habit that impede on the memory’s ability to effectively stored and hold information for a long time. Under this situation of poor sleep, there is the possibility of the brain collecting and storing the information however, when it is time to retrieve the same information it becomes difficult to retrieve. Poor diet could also be another reason why the function of the memory gets impeded. This is very true because when you eat foods that are not very healthy such as too much of canned and processed foods or excessive junk foods the appropriate amount of nutrient that the body needs for full function which include optimum brain function is shortened. This shortage has negative impact on the memory level of the person.

Certain medical researchers have also revealed that excessive consumption of alcohol and other narcotics have the potential to suppress the function of the brain by reducing the level of your focus and attention which subsequently inhibits the memory level. This explains the reason why most drunkards and cocaine or heroin users sometimes forget their actions when they are under the influence of these narcotics. The aforementioned therefore necessitates the need for a memory improvement exercise in order to help us store necessary information as well as to remember this information when we need them.

Exercises that Improve the Memory

The memory improvement exercises are basically activities or trainings that you subject yourself to in order to help the function of the brain particularly the memory aspect for easy information storage and retrieval when necessary. Some of the memory improvement exercises are detailed below:

Playing of word games

There are lots of highly educative word games that can be played regularly which have the potential to improve your memory. Some of these word games include games like word cookies and scrabble. These are games that help the mind to think of possible words from a collection of few words. Most times when you play these games, you tend to keep in mind the previous set of words that you played or learnt. In doing this, you help your memory learn the act of storing and recalling information when important.

Recall test

When you learn the habit of frequently tasking your memory to recall a particular event or series of events, it helps to improve the memory level. This could be as simple as frequently attempting to remember some music lyrics or some movie lines. This recall test helps to broaden the memory, increase the capacity to retain information over a longer period of time.

Practice Mathematics in your head

The habit of daily attempting to solve some mathematics problems in your head instead always on a paper helps the memory capacity of the brain. This exercise helps develops the brain in the act of fast information processing, storing and retrieving which if continued will improve the memory capacity to store information for a very long time and still produce the same information when needed.

Learning a foreign language

When you try to learn a language that is different from your default language, you subject the brain particularly the memory section of the brain to store words and meanings which if practiced over time, helps the brain to improve it chances of keeping and recalling information.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

You can improve your memory level by learning how play musical instruments such as the keyboard, violin or guitar among others. Learning how to play this musical instrument helps the improvement of your memory because the brain will try to retain what key or string produces what sound, in so doing, the memory level keeps getting better and improved.

On the overall, it is important to engage in all or most of these memory improvement exercises in order to boost the memory performance level.