Multivitamin Benefit for Hair

Multivitamin Benefit for Hair

Having a healthier hair is recognized by a lot of person as an indication of being very healthy and beautiful. Just like every other part of your body, hair also requires a variety of nutrients to help it grow and stay healthy. In fact, lack of nutrients and multivitamin benefit for hair has been linked to hair loss while on the other hand, natural factors to including hormones, age, and genetics equally has an effect on your hair growth. However, optimal multivitamin is the key. Discussed below are some multivitamin that is beneficial for your hair.

Multivitamin Benefit for Hair

Vitamin E

Above all other types of Vitamins, Vitamin E which is known for its powerful antioxidants properties has been recognized to reducing the damage of free radicals and equally assists in protecting your cells from harmful agents.  Very well you can find the Vitamin E supplement in stores, but another interesting thing about this Vitamin is that is now added to skin care and beauty products.  Since 1950s, Vitamin E has been used in dermatology to protect your skin from aging faster. It is also used to guard against damage of the sun and inflammation. Known as a fat soluble Vitamin, it’s also very important for a strong immune system as well as for a healthy hair and skin. Just recently, it was found out that Vitamin E is one among the best cure for unmanageable damaged hair. It was revealed that the application of Vitamin E to your hair makes your hair fuller and shinier. Additionally, Vitamin E has the essential properties of keeping your hair healthy and your scalp healthy as well. It has been discovered to preventing hair loss, balance the production of oil and improve circulation of scalp.

Studies conducted eight years from now has shown that taking vitamin E supplement will help improve the length of your hair, most especially with person experiencing loss of hair. It is opined that with its antioxidant properties, it also help in lowering oxidative stress on your scalp. Furthermore, Vitamin E can help in improving the flow of blood which assist in hair growth and also help you create a protective guard on the surface of your skin. This protective guard assists in locking in moisture.  Oil that contains Vitamin E is also best for scalp moisturize.  Your hair can look very dull and frizzy once damaged but after applying Vitamin E its gives you an opposite view by reducing breakage, by giving it moisture and by guarding your hair from damaging.

Vitamin E can be used for your hair through eating a balanced diet high rich with Vitamin E food content.  You also add Vitamin E to your shampoo, mask, oil as well as your conditioner.  It is important to know that lack of Vitamin C, protein a well as calories can deny you of having hair growth.  To get the adverse impact of this Vitamin, you can purchase the Vitamin E rich oil.  Once you get it, you will have to massage it gently into your scalp before combing through with a wide comb. You will also have to allow the oil set into your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes before also washing out with your shampoo and conditioner.  However, if your hair is very moisturizing, you might not need to wash it with conditioner. Undiluted Vitamin E can result into a rash or irritation of the skin and a higher dose of Vitamin E can because you weaken bones, increase in developing prostate cancer, and disrupt thyroid hormonal production.


Vitamin A

Every cell in your body requires Vitamin A and your hair is inclusive. Hair, also regarded as the fastest growing tissue in the body needs vitamin A to stay healthier and shinier. Vitamin A has been linked to helping the glands of your skin by creating an oily substance known as sebum. This oily substance helps in moisturizing your scalp and helps your hair stay healthier. Lack of Vitamin A can result into hair loss and hair damage and high dose of Vitamin A can also result into hair loss, so you just have to balance your Vitamin A intake. Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Pumpkins as well as Kale are very good source of Vitamin A.  You can also find Vitamin A in animal sources or products. This products include yogurt, egg, milk and in cod liver oil.

Vitamin B

This is another Vitamin that is good for hair growth. Also called Biotin, Vitamin B is used for treating hair loss. It also as the essential properties of creating the red blood cells which helps in carrying nutrient and oxygen to your scalp and to your hair follicles, a process that is very paramount for hair growth.  You can however get the Vitamin B from foods that include almonds, meat, fish, whole grains, and seafood and from dark and leafy greens. In addition, animal foods are also important source for Vitamin B.

Vitamin D

Lack or little quantity of Vitamin D has been linked with hair loss and hair damage. Studies has proven that Vitamin D can help you in creating a new follicles which is recognized as a tiny pores in the scalp and on the skin for new hair growth. It is always believed that Vitamin D has a major role to play in the production of hair. The body however gets Vitamin D from direct contact with rays of sun. Other sources of Vitamin D can be seen in fortified foods, mushroom, cod liver oil and in fatty foods.

Vitamin C

The adverse effect from free radicals can also result into blockage of hair growth and aging of hair.  It is a powerful antioxidant that actually helps you in guarding against oxidative stress that is being caused by free radicals. Additionally, the body requires Vitamin C to develop a protein recognized as collagen. The collagen is very important in the aspect of hair growth. Guavas, Citrus fruits, peppers among others are very good sources of Vitamin C.