lower blood sugar instantly

Diagnosed with high blood sugar levels can be discomforting as a lot of people wish to know the odds that lower blood sugar instantly. How to reduce blood sugar immediately has, however, become a common question that patients with Type 2 Diabetes often ask. Left, untreated, high blood sugar cause results in many problems as well as in future complications.

Accepting that one has a high blood sugar level and knowing how best to lower it instantly can assist in preventing these complications and in increasing the length/quality of one’s life.

Undeniably, the high sugar level symptoms and signs include frequent urination, blurred vision, irritability, increased thirst and hunger, dry mouth, and fatigue – all of which are the same for both type 1 and type 2.

These symptoms tend to quickly emerge in people who have type 1 as a result of the nature of their diabetes. Type 1, an autoimmune illness causes the body to stop producing insulin altogether. Type 2 caused as a result of lifestyle factors allow the sugar to improve slowly, hence patients with type 2 can live longer.

The human bodies effectively need sugar to get energy for the cells. Without it, the body can’t function well. When we consume foods with glucose, insulin pairs with it and permits it to enter into the cell wall.

But if the insulin isn’t present, then the glucose molecule can’t in any way get through the wall and can’t be used – the additional glucose hangs out in the blood, which literally is the high blood sugar. Lack of insulin, on the other hand, can be caused by two different things. First, one can have a decreased insulin resistance which implies that your insulin doesn’t respond the way it’s supposed to. Secondly, you have no insulin at all – the case with type 1 diabetes.

Regardless of how it’s caused, it’s essential to control blood sugar in order to avoid complications. Similarly, having additional sugar in the bloodstream can be very dangerous to the vessels as well as to some major organs.

The further complications of diabetes include Neuropathy, stroke, heart diseases, decreased kidney function, problems with eyes and poor wound healing which can result in amputation. All aren’t caused by a spike in the blood sugar but by an increased number of high blood sugar events overtime.

How To Prevent High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar, also termed Hyperglycemia can be prevented through regular exercise, adequate sleep, reduced stress, exercise, and good diet. Importantly, it’s best to check one’s blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Specifically, check before and after exercise as it’s expected that one’s blood sugar level should drop while exercising. Maintaining a log of one’s blood sugar level is, nevertheless, one great way to be knowledgeable about your body, most especially how it’s reacting to food and lifestyle. To begin, check before and after every consumed meal, after carrying out activities or perhaps after taking in any insulin or medications.  Doing this for a week will certainly help you to identify any problem.

The Effective Odds That Lower Blood Sugar Instantly

In as much as you want to lower your blood sugar almost immediately, you also need to be careful. Whatever odds you take in lowering blood sugar instantly can cause you to either drop too low or too fast, which is harmful. Here are, however, a few things that can be done at home to decrease blood sugar quickly.

1.      Chug 3L Of Water Daily

Gulping down a lot of water will help in diluting your blood sugar and might cause you to, however, urinate a lot of it out. Drinking more water helps in balancing the level of blood sugar. The intake of water not only helps in avoiding dehydration but also helps the kidney in releasing excessive amounts of blood sugar.

A recently conducted observational study has proved that drinking a minimum of 1.2L or a maximum of 3L of water daily is best for health. In short, water is one good treatment in preventing diabetes. If you have kidney or heart problems, don’t take in a lot of water.

water and tiredness

2.      Regular Exercise

One great odd that lower blood sugar instantly without medication is to exercise regularly. Being a physical activity that not only assists in reducing weight, it also helps in making the cells to use the sugar from one’s bloodstream in an effective way. In more adequate means, exercise maximizes the insulin sensitivity in a bid to reduce blood sugar. While at home amid quarantine, activities you need to do include swimming, dancing, weight lifting, running, walking and jogging. Advisably, opt for the activities you enjoy best.


3.      Reduce The Intake Of Sugar

Ensure to avoid beverages, snacks, and foods that are high-sugar concentrated. Candies, cakes, ice cream, biscuits and much more are to be avoided if possible. Unluckily, more of the foods available in grocery stores have a high amount of sugar despite labeled healthy. The fact remains that sugar is hidden in these food items, hence it’s important to opt for those that don’t have a high amount of sugar.

4.      Diet Low In Carbs & Carbohydrates

Diet is crucial when regulating blood glucose. To lower blood sugar instantly, you will need to go for a diet that’s low in carbs and carbohydrates but highly rich in fruits, lean meats and in leafy greens. A diet low in both carbs & carbohydrates can assist in getting adequate nutrients while also regulating the blood sugar level on an average. To avoid weight gain and increased blood sugar, it’s important to plan your meals every day.

Conclusion On Odds That Lower Blood Sugar Instantly

Despite the aforementioned quick remedies, it’s imperative to have low sugar snack handy in case one’s blood sugar drops relatively too low. Importantly, always discuss your intended plans with your physician before carrying them out. Exercise and diet are two great ways that can be used to lower blood sugar instantly – so practice them more.