Phytoestrogens Benefits and Side Effects

Specifically, phytoestrogen are recognized as compounds that can be found in plants. They can be found in numerous ranges of plant foods that include fruits, legumes, grains and vegetables. Phytoestrogen can be gotten from your diet and a plant oriented diet which is highly rich in phytoestrogen in high quantity is the soy products.  The word “Phyto” which is a Greek word meaning plants functions more like the animal estrogen in human beings.  The “Estrogen” is defined as a female hormone that assists in regulating function of the female and male gender. Phytoestrogens benefits and side effects vary with individuals; however once you consume phytoestrogen food, your body might tend to respond as if there are existing estrogens in the body.

To an extent, phytoestrogen can serve as a kind of natural alternative for hormonal replacement therapy. This is most especially with the phytoestrogen supplements.  Due to the way phytoestrogen mimic the body existing estrogen, phytoestrogen helps in accomplishing the same function of estrogen and equally gives other beneficial effects on your health. With phytoestrogen, you can be sure of relieve from hot flashes, relieve from menstrual pains, prevention of osteoporosis, acne treatment among others.  Naturally, the perimenopause phase is recognized as a reproductive phase in a female gender life, usually beginning from her later 30’s or her early 20’s.

For the period of this phase, the female body tends to stop producing the needed female hormones, one of which is the estrogen. This however transfers into a period when the female menstrual periods have stopped flowing for nothing more or less than twelve months, thus leading to what is known as Menopause.  Expectedly, perimenopause can be quite disturbing with its signs and symptoms to including reducing your sex drive, causing mood swings, hot flashes among others, of which might however have to continue after menopause. A recent study indicated that phytoestrogens greatly help in reducing hot flashes while several other studies has revealed that phytoestrogen helps in combatting also other premenopausal signs and symptoms.

In addition, phytoestrogen which can provide for you some of the same health benefits of estrogen in the body is considered very safer than the synthetic estrogen hormones. Overtime and till date, synthetic estrogen has been reported very unsafe, a finding that was deduced because of its negative side effects. It was revealed that the synthetic estrogen can increase one’s chances of developing cancer, obesity, reproductive disorders, and even defects of births in women that are pregnant.  On the other hand, phytoestrogen are seemed safer and natural as thy act the same way or even more than the estrogen. But when consumed excessively they provide you with the same risk which includes, lactation difficulties, changes in hormonal cycle, high chances of developing endometriosis, breast cancer, uterine fibroids as well as non-viral toxic hepatitis. However, further research is required in order to really know the extent at which phytoestrogen can go.  Hence a well prepared balanced diet rich in phytoestrogen provides you health beneficial effects. There is no study or research that has indicated that eating of more plant foods is dangerous, but try avoid phytoestrogen supplement consumption in high dosage and for over a long period of time, this will keep you safe from further health complications.

Importantly, discuss with your medical professional before taking the phytoestrogen supplements or discuss with your doctor on how much of phytoestrogen supplement you can take in.  Furthermore, most plant and plant based food are highly endowed with phytoestrogen. While they vary in each other, there impact or significant on your health can also vary. In addition, some phytoestrogen herbs which are highly rich in phytoestrogen can be taken in supplement form, but discuss with your doctor first. The very most significant source of phytoestrogen include Licorice root, Legumes which are green beans, peas, and peanuts, Coffee, Broccoli, Angelica, Black Cohosh, Carrots, Dong Quai, Chaste Tree Berry, Red clover, Soy, Tofu, Green Tea, Tempeh, Soymilk, Miso and Evening Primrose.

However, while phytoestrogen help in improving your health during menopause, help in preventing some kind of cancers, help in weight loss and in increasing sex drive, it is very vital to also look out for phytoestrogen side effects, some of which include: judiciously affecting your fertility, increasing your chances of cognitive decline, might cause your hormonal problem and might stimulate the growth of breast cancer. Findings have revealed that diet rich in some kind of phytoestrogen decreases the re-occurrence of pregnancies in female genders. In some cited examples, the extraction of phytoestrogen from a diet resulted into a balanced fertility level. Exposure to Coumestrol and Genistein has been linked to contributing to fertility problems. It is reported that phytoestrogen if not monitored can also reduce sperm level in male gender, though research are still on-going.

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Research on Phytoestrogens benefits and side effects have equally indicated some negative impact of phytoestrogen on both the male and female gender.  It is reported that phytoestrogen is associated with menstrual cramps and bleeding in girls. As detailed, phytoestrogen can be beneficial in doses, most especially for women that are in their menopausal age, but they can also have negative side effect majorly in men.  Being an endocrines disruptor, the best shot to ingesting phytoestrogen is to limit its intake and equally consult your medical professional before deciding on whether to add or reduce phytoestrogen in your diet, or whether to completely take out phytoestrogen from your daily meals. One thing is for sure, you can better avoid soy which is phytoestrogen source. However, it has many benefits, but ingests them with critical caution, most especially when planning to take the dose over a long period of time. While it is safer when compared to synthetic estrogen, critically discuss with your doctor before taking phytoestrogen herbs or supplement or through increasing its intake through balanced meals. Importantly, research health local grocery stores where you can purchase phytoestrogen foods and supplement in order to avoid purchasing the ones that might harm you in return. Always try at your optimal best to get phytoestrogen from foods before even thinking of buying the supplement or herbs.