Privacy Policy

Thank you for landing on and showing your trust in our services.
As a dedicated service provider in health fitness industry, we understand the importance of keeping our
clients’ information secure and safe. Unlike other platforms, our developer, Laszlo Borocz, has
incorporated incredible and highly efficient privacy features that allow our users to easily provide their
personal and sensitive information with the surety of keeping them safe from third party attacks. We
make sure to never let third parties to get access to any of our users’ information.

Type of Information We Collect

Log Files: Just like other websites working in the industry, Mebiotic take data from different log
files you provide. We are usually focused about your ISP (Internet Service Provider details like
Shaw Cable or AOL), IP (Internet Protocol) Address and the type of browser (be it Google
Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer) along with your visit duration and pages in order to analyze
more and more about your personality and expectations from us.

Web Beacons and Cookies: In order to know more about you, we also use cookies to
understand your preferences regarding the website. You just have to click on one pop-up to
access some of our special features. You would also find third party advertisements of which,
some may be using latest technology of cookies and web beacons.

DoubleClick DART Cookies: By using this feature, we will be working on ad serving via
Google’s DoubleClick that installs DART cookies in the computer to improve DoubleClick
advertising. With the help of DART cookies, we use non-personality identifiable information that
doesn’t include your personal details. It depends on you whether the cookies should work on your
web browser. If you want, they can be disabled or turned off. Even, you can also change browser
settings and manage program preferences like Norton Internet Security. Though, remember that
using this option would affect your interaction with your website since it may cause hindrance to
login to certain programs or services, like using accounts or forums. Deleting cookies from the
web browser doesn’t mean that there would be no advertising programs. Your settings would
work until you are on our website. Once you close it and come back, everything is back to its
normal settings i.e. there will be advertisements running with new cookies added.

How Do We Use Information?

After we have some information from your clicks, cookies and pages landed on, Mebiotic uses them in
the following ways:

  • To make our customer care better and find new ways to respond to support needs and customer
    requests with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To keep you updated with latest information or updates in accordance with your interest,
    preferences and requests. You may also receive occasional company news, promotions, updates
    and other details.
  • To meet our promotional targets, contests, surveys and other related activities.
  • There are certain conditions that need us to share information with third-parties that are trusted
    and reliable. We used to do proper check and inspection over their credibility and then provide
    details like credit card processing, promotional distribution and marketing, order fulfillment etc).

Protection Of Your Information

Upon receiving or sharing your details, we consider ourselves responsible to keep them safe and
protected from every type of misuse. For this, we used to do these things:

We implement advanced and more secured security measures in order to maximize safety of
your personal information. Whether you submit a request, order products or working on anything,
we take it our responsibility to protect your activities from third parties.

Normally, we adopt these security measures: password protected databases and directories or
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to fully encrypt your information so that it can be
delivered to the desired place across the Internet.

Privacy Policy Is Only For Online

Our privacy policy is only applied on our website, meaning that whatever is available here, we are
responsible to keep it safe. Laszlo Borocz, our developer, has made extra efforts in this regard.