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MeBiotic Home Blood Test Kit for Omega 6:3 Fatty Acids

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MeBiotic Home Blood Test Kit for Omega 6:3 Fatty Acids

Introducing a new way to analyse the fatty acid profile of your blood lipids: a simple blood test at home. Your blood lipid profile gives a true indication of dietary fat intake and the types of fat available to your body for cell and tissue building. Medical studies show that your fatty acid profile is strongly linked to the condition of your overall health.

Exclusive to is this easy-to-use and reliable home blood test kit. This is an innovative testing method (approved for nutritional studies) that’s as accurate as the regular method of taking a sample of blood from the veins.

All it takes is a slight prick (virtually painless) to remove of a drop of blood from your fingertip. Once the blood is dry, send your sample to the lab where experts will assess the profile of omega 6:3 fatty acids in your blood. There’s no need to visit a health practitioner to get tested or for fat to be extracted from your blood. The MeBiotic health balance test can be done by you in the comfort of your own home.

Your test kit will be sent to you in a safe envelope via our secure shipping service. We ship worldwide from our user-friendly online store.


  1. 5 out of 5


    I ordered a package of two to check the blood type of my twins. First one worked like a charm, but in the second set, a lancet malfunctioned and the test could not be completed. After contacting the seller, they were kind enough to send us a replacement kit (with extra lancets in case) no additional charge. Arrived much earlier than expected. Everything was as described (except we do not have the plastic cover map [we just used the transparent bag]) and the instructions were very good (but I also watched a lot of videos, so I spoil ) yay and now we know our blood type (yes, surprisingly, we have the same type unless the test was faulty! lol). It was easy to do and kind of fun if you like medical and sciencey stuff. Thank you very much!!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Easy to easy to read and very accurate as family members of the couple knew their blood type and we went ahead and tested it and it was okay. It is easy to use and accurate. I made two of them and both gave identical results. I bought one for each son a visiting one I sent him. We used here and it was very difficult to read. His other said his was difficult to read and 4 for the order was my daughter in law and Grandchildren.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I bought it for my little sister because she wanted to know his blood type. My mother used the second and eventually discovered that it is a different blood type than she thought she was in the last 20 years. So what is really clean. Idk if I added a lot of water on the drops or if it was a mistake with the product, but I do not have an accurate reading with myself (I already know my blood type) I got for my son. So I do not know if its is accurate. It was still a fun little experiment to do with him. Really well. instructions easy enough, but I’m also a nurse so pretty much knew what to do. But I think easy enough for anyone to use.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I am for my daughter who is desperate to learn his blood type. She made the test was not difficult to understand. It was a little hard to get enough blood well. He said his blood type I guess just because it is the same as mine, but there’s really no way to verify right now.

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