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High Antioxidant Fibre, a multi-formula in gel promotes healthy digestion, regulates blood sugar and best for improved heart health. The natural medical combination help prevents LDL bad cholesterol, intestinal or colon cancer, constipation, bowel irregularities and importantly guaranteed for weight loss.


High Antioxidant Fibre offers a range of health perks. The supplement can lower cholesterol, balance the PH in your intestine, help lose weight as well as keep blood sugar steady. The intake of this healthy formula will help feed the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract in order to maintain healthy blood sugar and levels.

If you’re concerned about your cell hydration, immunity and respiratory system health, the High Antioxidant Fibre is best for purchase as it can equally hinder general ill health, including fatigue amidst others.

High Antioxidant Fibre is principally needed to keep the digestive system healthy. It contributes to processes ranging from cholesterol levels and stabilizing glucose. To optimally get rid of coronary heart diseases, bowel cancer, and diabetes while also encouraging proper cell hydration around the body, the high antioxidant Fibre is the essential nutrient.

Interestingly, High Antioxidant Fibre is even more important for elderly people, especially as their digestive system slows down with age. Accordingly, this product is protective against weight gain, therefore reducing one’s risk of both obesity and diabetes.

Other benefits include breast, colorectal and colon cancer prevention, improved gut health, reduced blood pressure, cardiovascular disease prevention and inflammation.

Due to its numerous aforesaid benefits, the intake of High Antioxidant Fibre will make you enjoy a balanced physical and emotional lifestyle while also making you feel less stressed and much relaxed.

High Antioxidant Fibre, the health-enhancing fast-action formula, and the best antidote for body imbalances can be used all year round and when combined with a varied, balanced diet and daily exercise, it will assist in maintaining a positive liveliness.

If you’re, however, vulnerable to allergies, talk to your doctor about possible interactions. On the other hand, help keep things regular and in the most natural way with MeBiotic High Antioxidant Fibre.

Dosage one (two) spoon a day before food . Above two years old child one teaspoon a day. For pregnant and breast-feed woman not recommended .

Try MeBiotic High Antioxidant Fibre and you will be happy to reuse again-again.


  1. 5 out of 5

    Mark Nelisto

    Quality product, very delicious . I will buy again .

  2. 5 out of 5

    James O Conor

    Reseived the product just now,and I beleive it will be good future opportunity to protect my good healh .

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