Top Flu Fighting Foods – Treat Yourself Naturally!

Top Flu Fighting Foods

Ever thought about the effects of taking a healthy diet? Wondering which food helps to fight against illness? Are you prepared to welcome the flu season? Well, preparing a bucket of cleaning supplies with some home remedies can bring a huge difference. They are usually more beneficial than medications. Apart from following the basics- including fluid, herbal tea and face steam- you should be taking some particular food items. Your approach must to be look for those natural options that have proven effects over curing flu.

Most of the time, you might not feel like eating something because of early signs of flu. At this situation, you need to realize that there are some food items that have proven benefits to cure viral diseases. There are numerous ways to disguise nutrient-packed ingredients into delicious and flavorful dishes that you would always love. Needless to say, these meals can treat an upset stomach, loosen up congestion and soothe inflamed throat efficiently.

Normally, flu is one of the irritating illnesses for people because it upsets the entire respiratory system. It is caused due to influenza viruses that always need immediate care. In case you suffer from flu annually, the ideal approach is to take some everyday preventive measures. You should avoid meeting sick people and wash hands properly before eating meals. What else to do? Your next responsibility is to know about some top flu fighting foods because of their long lasting effects. These food items are capable to lessen flu symptoms, like pain, sore throat, nausea, weakness and ache. So, you must ensure their intake if you actually want to get rid of their long-term and contagious illness.

Top Flu Fighting Foods

1. Ginger

When you are suffering from flu and high fever, ginger turns out to be the best ingredient to treat pain and ache. Numerous studies support its ability to cure joint pain and swelling. Ginger plant has been famous for its incredible natural remedial properties. It is quite effective for digestion, inflammation and nausea. Based on a recent study, ginger is beneficial for women who experience nausea after chemotherapy. Its powder decreases the number of vomiting while treats nausea up to a certain extent.

Preparation Method: Contrary to the common belief, you may not feel relaxed from a hot cup of tea. Your red throat always needs lemon-ginger tea to boost the immune system while providing natural lozenge effects to the throat.


2. Garlic

The next item in the list of top flu fighting foods is garlic that is beneficial in both raw and aged form. It contains fructans, which is a type of fiber, to fasten the digestive system and boost the immune system. In case you are suffering from queasiness or diarrhea during flu, take garlic. To reap more benefits, take a piece of garlic, chop it and wait for around 10 to 15 minutes before adding to any meal. Wondering why to wait? Well, this activates some beneficial compounds in garlic for better outcomes. You can even take garlic extract to get rid of different viruses, particularly influenza and rhinovirus.

Method to eat: One of the easiest and most beneficial recipes is garlic mashed potato. All you have to do is to add garlic cloves in warm chicken broth and treat flu, nausea and other problems.

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3. Beef

Taking a portion of beef in flu is also beneficial. If it is frozen, defrost before preparing any food item to deal with your illness. The idea to take beef in flu is that it is rich in zinc, which strengthens the immune system and fights against harmful viruses present in the body. Doctors recommend to take zinc-rich foods in flu because they have protective properties to keep the body healthy and nourished throughout the season.

How to eat: Beef stew is usually the most beneficial and easy-to-make recipe that contains a lot veggies, garlic and allspice. You do not have to put much effort on its preparation as it cooks on slow flame.


4. Beans

Although small but beans are among the top flu fighting foods that are also rich in other nutrients. They have a high proportion of minerals and fiber while supply proteins as the flu-fighter. When you have weakness due to illness, proteins works to restore strength and fluid balance while builds or repairs cells and improves body’s ability to resist diseases. Although you would take enough proteins throughout the day, be sure to keep proper carb intake as well. Don’t think that beans are an unnecessary item as compared to other protein-rich foods. They can actually do wonders if taken properly.

How to eat: If you cannot eat simple beans, add them into a soup and make them more appetizing. Ideally, you should prepare bean and barley soup that does not only comfort the body but also give it strength to perform everyday tasks.

kidney bean

5. Citrus Fruits

Ever thought why doctors recommend to drink orange juice in flu? If it contains citric acid, how does it benefit the body? Well, there are numerous studies that also support oranges to treat flu. Apart from being rich in citric acid, oranges are also one of the best sources of phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins. Oranges and other citrus fruits are famous to work as antioxidants. They contain vitamin C that improves immunity and make the body to feel stronger over time. In order to know how to prevent cold and flu naturally, you would not find anything more beneficial than citrus fruits.

Even, if you take vitamin C supplements for a long time, you would see milder symptoms and duration of various illnesses. When your body is strong enough to fight against diseases, you can remain healthy, active and energetic throughout the year.


How to eat: Ideally, you should make citrus berry smoothies or take out fresh juice of any citrus fruit you want. Apart from having C-rich berries and juices, you can also mix with plain yogurt to add its probiotics for treating gastrointestinal problems.

There are many more top flu fighting foods you can take to keep your body healthy and active. It’s just about identifying the right item with the appropriate proportion.