Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms in Men

The type 2 diabetes commonly referred to as the non- dependent diabetes or known as the adult onset diabetes is a very common form of diabetes that occurs in older men and women. Reports have it that, the diabetes type 2 is currently affecting over 13million men across the world. Incomparable to the diabetes type 1, persons with the type 2 diabetes has the ability to produce insulin, but the insulin they produce through their pancreas is either very little or not enough for their body, hence their body do not recognize the presence of insulin and doesn’t use it effectively. This is referred to as insulin resistance. Once there is no sufficient insulin in the system, glucose or sugar cannot get into the body cells in order to be used as energy.

Once your sugar builds up in the blood instead of being transported into the cells, it in turn affects the functionality of the cells. Other issues linked with the building up of glucose in the blood include: damage of the body, dehydration as well as hyperosmolar non-ketotic diabetic. Any person can however get the type 2 diabetes, but person at highest risk of developing the condition are obese and overweight persons, persons whose family records show diabetes history, persons who has record of metabolic syndrome to including high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. Additionally, aged persons or older person are very susceptible to getting the condition – this is because aging makes your body tolerate less glucose.

While it is common as compared to the type 1 diabetes, the type 2 diabetes is caused by several factors and not just single problems. The condition runs in many families and the nature of how it is been inherited is however not still known till date. For men in particular, common symptoms experienced by them include constant infection, tingling of their hands and feet, weakness and tiredness, dryness of the mouth, increasing hunger for food even right after eating, increasing hunger for water among others. Rarely, a patient can be diagnosed of the diabetes type 2 after being presented to a hospital in a diabetic coma state.

If your doctor observe the type 2 diabetes, it is important that he/ she first and foremost check out the abnormalities in your blood and also look out for your sugar bodies in urine. Test can equally be conducted to diagnose the type 2 diabetes. However, if your type 2 diabetes is not well regulated, you are the verge of having life threatening conditions or complications such as bad blood circulation, damage of the nerve, damage of the kidney and retinopathy. Diabetes is also seen as an illness that doesn’t allow your body to produce enough insulin. With diabetes, your sugar level tends to go and this can result into the aforementioned complications. The health consequence of these includes cardiovascular problems, problems associated with the skin, kidney and eyes among other things. Particularly, diabetes types 2 in men can cause erectile dysfunction as well as urological problems. Here is however some type 2 diabetes symptoms in men:

  • Urological Problem: The urological issue can develop in men diagnosed with diabetes type 2 as a result of damage of the nerve. This entails inability to control urine, inability to control an over-reactive bladder and infections around the urinary tracks.

urological problem

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Commonly called the ED, it is regarded as the inability of a man to maintain or achieve an erection. It can further be seen as an indication for some other kind of illness to including kidney disease, high blood pressure, nervous system disease and circulatory disease among others. The main cause of ED includes smoking, medication and stress. Men with diabetes type 2 are at a greater chance of developing erectile dysfunction. According to researches, about 60 people of men across the world with the diabetes condition have developed erectile dysfunction. So, if you in any experience erectile dysfunction, you can deduct that diabetes is your main cause.

erectile disfunction

  • Retrograde Ejaculation: Men with the diabetes type 2 also face a retrograde ejaculation. This in turn causes some semen to be released into your bladder. Signs might also include observed less semen release during ejaculation period.

  • Autonomic Nervous System Damage: The diabetes type 2 in men can damage your autonomic nervous system and can result into many sexual issues. Originally, the autonomic nervous system tends to control the widening of the vessels of your blood and once the nerves and blood vessels in your penis are destroyed by diabetes it can result into erectile dysfunction. Frankly discussing with your doctor about this condition and other sexual challenges is very important. Carrying out simple test can help to know if you have diabetes or not. Additionally, investigating in the cause behind ED will also largely help in discovering other health problems.

While these symptoms should be look out for, staying away from smoking, embarking on regular exercises and maintaining your weight are all very effective tips to eradication the development of diabetes. Constant check of your blood sugar level by keeping it under control can guide you from diabetes complication and urological problems. However, if you develop the diabetes related issues, medications are readily available for you in treating them. Regulating your meal can also improve your overall health and can guide you against the onset of diabetes. It is important that you get protein and fatty food, fruit and vegetables as well as starches. You have to avoid excessive sugar into your system especially sugar that are in form of carbonated drinks to including sodas among others. Furthermore, it is important you embark on regular exercises and regulate your blood sugar during your exercise activity. This would allow you get the benefits of working without having to get tired easily, or get dizzy. Importantly, diabetes in men can further result into emotional problems, to including anxiety and depression. These problems can make your erectile dysfunction more worsen and can also worsen some other part of your health. Discuss with your doctor, if you observe a feeling of worry, sadness or hopelessness.