Understanding the Benefits of Resveratrol on Women’s Health

Benefits of Resveratrol on Women’s Health

Resveratrol is one of the important polyphenolic compounds for women. It is present in wine, grapes and other plants. It works as an antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals to avoid cardiovascular diseases, aging and various inflammatory medical problems. Women can take different dietary supplements that have resveratrol to maximize their metabolic, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits.

Many scientists studied the use of resveratrol and found amazing results as nutritional supplements. They have proven effects over metabolic bone diseases, osteoporosis and arthritis. It holds a lot of potential for women as it helps to improve their lifestyle while reverse their age over time. It also assists in health maintenance while provides better opportunities to live a healthy life.

Menopausal Transition

Women are quite predictable about their healthy conditions but, menopause is something that doesn’t show any symptoms before occurrence. Almost three quarter of women reported significant changes while half experienced negative effects in their lives.

Keep in mind that gender is not associated with these changes. They are relatively more obvious in women than men. One study explained that as women reach their 50s, the level of estrogen, female steroid hormone, starts to lose its performance. This decline eventually highlights the symptoms of menopause and during its transition, women would suffer from various negative effects. They might feel difference in their personality while notice mood changes, low sexual desire or activity, perception of intense pain, appearance of age spots and wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and alarming loss of skeletal muscles.


How Resveratrol can assist in a Healthy Lifestyle?

Over time, women have learned a lot of beneficial ways to keep themselves healthy and happy. Also, there are some proven nutritional methods that manage life cycle more efficiently than others. When it comes to finding out the benefits of resveratrol on women’s health, its menopause-related support tops the list. Even, the results become better if women combine resveratrol with other polyphenols. They have to take care of dietary interventions involved in healthy aging, particularly curcumin, green tea flavonoids, soy isoflavones and the likes.

Doctors recommend to increase intake of resveratrol for anti-aging because it contains:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Ability to work as a dietary phytoestrogen
  • Ability to promote mitochondrial biogenesis- a process to replicate mitochondria in the cells

As women age, their ability to produce new mitochondrial cells slows down due to which, they do not have enough energy to perform daily jobs. With resveratrol, they can stimulate that process and bring their bodies to a younger state.


There is a delicate equilibrium level between bone formation and resorption that plays a significant role in the body. However, as women age and bone resorption takes charge over bone formation, this balance is lost and disturbs the circulation of estrogen. When estrogens are not supplied throughout the body, women would not be able to emodel bones. This situation increases the postmenopausal risk of developing a bone disease called osteoporosis.

Also, this improper supply of estrogen leads to bone loss that increases the risk of wrist, spine and hip fractures. So, in order to avoid serious bone problems, doctors recommend to know the benefits of resveratrol on women’s health. With proven effects of controlling post-menopausal effects, they allow women to have stronger bones. They just have to realize the importance of nutritional support with resveratrol or other supplements.

Muscle Function

In women, it is quite common to see age-related and progressive loss of muscle mass. Often referred to as sarcopenia, this problem arises in postmenopausal women as their estrogen level declines. Experts performed numerous studies on its treatment but no one showed satisfactory effects except resveratrol.

When women combine workout with 500mg resveratrol supplements, they can see visible improvement in muscle fatigue. Furthermore, different muscular function parameters (average peak torque, power, knee extensor muscle torque) also improve with resveratrol dosage.

Skin Health

Age does not only refer to women getting older over time; instead, it also affects the skin and how it looks. It does not look smooth, plump and may become thin. The trouble-free skin starts to develop dark circles, spots and wrinkles with every passing year.

As per a placebo-controlled study, 60-day supplementation with dietary blends of 8mg resveratrol has incredible effects over decreasing systemic oxidative stress, diminishing depth of wrinkles and skin roughness and improving skin elasticity and moisture. For women, particular resveratrol blend has proven benefits to reduce wrinkles and other age-related issues.

resveratrol benefit for skin

Symptoms of Menopause- Pain, Sexual Function and Mood

Other worthy benefits of resveratrol on women’s health involve sexual function, pain and mood. Sometimes, women think of pain as a life-taking reason and they are quite afraid of facing that situation. Their menopausal problems are the primary reason that needs immediate care and attention. Now the question is how to get rid of it? The answer is resveratrol intake.

Doctors suggest women to take 75 mg resveratrol supplements twice a day for at least 14 weeks. This way, they can effortlessly reduce the perception of pain and improve overall well-being. Women can improve the quality of their life along with bringing improvement in cerebrovascular performance.

Resveratrol possesses a lot of potential to help in aiding chronic pain related to osteoarthritis. For perimenopausal women, who are suffering from vasomotor symptoms, are quite satisfied with the use of resveratrol supplements. They have shown satisfactory results on sexual desire and other menopausal problems. During a study, women reported an incredible improvement in sexual function score with reduction in sexual distress. Even, menopause symptoms were improved over time and experts concluded that women have improved perimenopausal symptoms. 
This improvement leads to life betterment with satisfactory sexual function.


According to the above discussion, resveratrol is one of the beneficial minerals for women’s health. It works as an antioxidant and promises to offer all dietary benefits to treat menopause-related problems. It also supports mitochondrial biogenesis and strengthens women’s body in one way the other. So, as one of the best minerals for the body, women just have to pay attention on its intake.