vegetables good for heart

Taking fruits and vegetables can help your heart to work at optimal best. Taking vegetables help reduce your blood pressure and other health conditions. It equally helps in keeping your cholesterol level in check. So, there is always a reason why your spouse or your mother wants you to take vegetables and one of the major reasons is because vegetables are very good for heart. It is a well-recognized fact that a well-balanced diet highly rich in vegetables is very beneficial to your health in numerous ways, to including improving the health of your heart. If you want to live long or have a healthy lifestyle, it is best you start sticking to the advice of either your spouse or mother on taking vegetables and fruits. Vegetables contain a high level of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other important nutrient that has the potential of guarding your health from intruding damages. By just adding more healthy heart vegetable product into your diet, you will drastically reduce any chances or risk for heart related problems. You should know that heart disease or heart related disease as a result of lifestyle or unhealthy diet accounts for almost half of the deaths that occur yearly. Lifestyle as well as unhealthy diet plays a major role in the health of your heart and can increase your chances for heart disease. In particular, some type of food you ingest into the stomach can also trigger triglycerides, blood pressure, and inflammation among others. Avoiding all these conditions is best as they are risk factors for heart disease, but all depend on what food and drink and you take every day.

Ideally, medical doctors usually advice their patient to take in enough vegetables for good heart, you can visit your local grocery stores to get leafy green vegetables such collard greens, spinach and kale. They are generally recognized to having wealth of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Majorly, these listed vegetables and other type of vegetables are really great source of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is identified as an agent that help protect your arteries. Vitamin K is also recognized to help promote adequate clotting of blood. While they are also very high in dietary nitrates, spinach, kale and collard greens have been proven to lowering blood pressure, help in improving the functionality of your cells lining around the blood vessels and also help in reducing stiffness around your arteries. Many studies have linked these vegetables to lowering heart disease when consume moderately. One recent study revealed that high ingestion of green vegetables was associated with decrease chances of developing the coronary heart diseases. One analysis conducted within eight findings also indicated that increasing green vegetables intake was linked with lower occurrence for heart disease. All you have to do is to get vegetables and store them up in your refrigerator. You can add to your diet plan on how many days you really want to take vegetables and importantly, to acquire vegetable essential nutrients, it is best you slightly boil your vegetables.

Best Vegetables Good for Heart

Best Vegetables Good for Heart – Tomatoes

Tomatoes are recognized to have loaded lycopene. This lycopene is defined as a natural pigment that contain of powerful antioxidant content. With its antioxidant properties it has the ability to help you neutralize any harmful free radicals and equally help prevent you from oxidative damage as well as inflammation, all of which can greatly contribute to heart related disease.  A lower blood level of this natural pigment can be associated to an increased chance of stroke and attack of the heart. A study conducted recently proved that high consumption of vegetables and food that is highly rich inn lycopene is linked with reducing chances for stroke and heart disease. Another study conducted among women in particular also indicated that women, who eat tomato in its raw form for four to five times in 7 days, had an increase of good cholesterol.  This however implies that you should add more of tomatoes to your food preference or to your fruit preference. Always remember that a carotenoid substance popularly known as lycopene in tomatoes has overtime been proven to be very effective and sufficient for treating heart related problem.


Best Vegetables Good for Heart – Onions:

Onions is another vegetable good for your heart. Onions is generally rich in sulphur sources containing the well-known phytochemicals. The phytochemicals content in onions can help reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides and can equally help you prevent heart disease. Adding onions to almost every meal you prepare is very important for your health. You can purchase enough onions from local grocery stores and store enough at home. It hardly gets spoilt, most especially when kept very well.


Best Vegetables Good for Heart – Garlic:

For several decades till date, garlic has been used by many populations across the world as a natural remedy to treating different kind of ailments. Before now, researches and studies have continually confirmed it potential medicinal properties and it has been indicated that garlic is among the vegetables that can improve the health of your heart. This is however all thanks to allicin compound that it presents in it. It is believed that garlic however has multitude of therapeutic positive impact. In a conducted study, the consumption of garlic extracts dosage in about 700-1,500mg every 24hours for 5-6months was revealed to be very effective for decreasing blood pressure. Another study conducted compiled a result of 39 patients that garlic reduced their bad cholesterol and total cholesterol level. Furthermore, extract from garlic has the potential of also inhibiting platelet buildup which in turn can reduce your chances of stroke and clotting of blood. For quick effectiveness of garlic, you can consume garlic in a raw form or you can just crush it before putting it into your cooking. This would allow for allicin formations as well as it will help maximizing garlic potential health benefits among others. Importantly, garlic contains phytochemicals that can boost your immune system as well as guard your heart from any disease.

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