Vitamin B12 Benefit for Women

Frankly speaking, a lot of women probably don’t know much about the Vitamin B12, more importantly how it is very essential for your health. Vitamin B12 is obviously out there in supplement form for purchase or it is commonly prescribed for intake by medical doctors if there are indications that you need it.  Vitamin B12 is no doubt in many local grocery stores and in local pharmacy. It is taken and compulsory for you and many other people with the Vitamin B12 deficiency. You can determine if you have the lack of Vitamin B12 in your body through a checkup and through some signs to including low energy or fatigue. However, the Vitamin B12 among other Vitamins is categorized as an important nutrient for you and for wellbeing due to because of its potential in performing numerous of hundreds roles in your body. Considered as Micro-nutrients, the body requires Vitamin B12, many of which can found in foods that we consume on daily basis or through supplement. It is required that an average healthy woman needs nothing less than 2.4microgram of the Vitamin B12 every day. This is because your body doesn’t produce the Vitamin B12 by itself and it is usually needed. A lot of foods are highly rich in Vitamin B12.

Literally, Vitamins are regarded as organic substances that can be broken down through exposure to heat, acids and to heat. This implies that Vitamins can lose their effectiveness from being stored, exposed to air and even cooked. The Vitamin B12 is however not an exception. Certainly, the oranges that you consume are very full of Vitamins which assist you immunity and the absorption of iron. It can assist in warding off a rare condition called Scurvy. Vitamin B12 is somehow an exception in your body – that is the body uses the required and discharges the excess through urinating, while it also stores surplus in the liver for later usage. This storing of additional surplus in the liver makes the Vitamin B12 deficiency quite uncommon. Vitamin B12 has the largest and the most complicated chemical structure when compared to other Vitamins, mainly because it entails cobalt which is known as metal ion.

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The Vitamin B12 is also called Cobalamin and has an impact on your brain, nerve tissue and even on your cardiovascular system. Equally, Vitamin B12 helps in regulating your adrenal fatigue disorders, helps in promoting a healthy metabolic function and also assists in the production of enzymes as well as in maintaining a hormonal balance.  While it is considered as an essential Vitamin, it simply means your body requires adequate amount of Vitamin B12 everyday for you to be able to perform effectively throughout the whole day. The essential Vitamin can be found in animal sources and not found in plant sources – this is why a lot of vegetarians tend to develops the Vitamin B12 deficiencies. Your system also absorbs the Vitamin B12 much better from animal proteins than plant sources and since Vitamin B12 is derived from animal, it is best for metabolizing protein. While protein is very important for women when it comes to wellness and long term health, you should consider taking Vitamin B12 products everyday by adding to your food plan.

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Your body however processes Vitamin B12 very interestingly. Firstly, the hydrochloric acid in your stomach distinguishes the Vitamin B12 from the protein in your body. Secondly, the Vitamin B12 then combines with the protein produced by your stomach known as Intrinsic factor and then it is absorbed by your body. Several foods have numerous absorption rate and some tend to process faster as compared to others. However, the primary source of the Vitamin B12 entails Fish, Organ Meat, Meat, Eggs, Shellfish, Fortified foods, among others. Interestingly, most of your cereals as well as commonly produced flours and breads are fortified with B12 Vitamins. Vitamin B12 Benefit for Women, however include maintaining and developing of red blood cells, maintain the cells of your nerve, aids the production of DNA, Neurotransmitters and the production of RNA. Its helps in the development of your brain as well as in eradicating depression and mood swings. Particularly, it protects your skin from aging by providing you a healthy skin and nails. While it also helps women in maintaining a healthy nervous system, Vitamin B12 is also in treating the diabetes type 2. However, the signs and symptoms of lack of Vitamin B12 in women include being tingling on the hands and feet, numbness, issues of balance and difficulty in walking, the development of jaundice, loss of memory, fatigue, highly paranoia, hallucinations, weakness and anemia.

You can however fix this signs and symptoms by undergoing a blood test that can be performed by your doctor. And if you are a woman aging over 50 years of age, it can be very important that you began to take Vitamin B12 supplement or you can focus on taking in diet or food that are highly rich in Vitamin B12. Always remember that the Vitamin B12 is water soluble substance that your body needs for proper function and will does discharge out what it didn’t store or want to use.  It is compulsorily best that you meet the daily requirement of Vitamin B12. Organically though eating foods that are highly rich with it.  In your local store, the Vitamin B12 supplement can be packaged either in tablet form or in drop form. While it is considered non-toxic and very safe for you, it is advisable that you eat smartly by also picking good supplements and sure make your health your number one priority. However, if you are women that have aged over 50 years and have lost the ability of absorbing the Vitamin B12 through food consumption, you have a higher chance of developing the Vitamin B12 deficiency. If you also have digestive condition and illness or you are a vegetarian or you are on a vegan diet as well as if you have undergone a gastrointestinal surgery or have undergone loss of weight, you also have a higher chance of developing the Vitamin B12 deficiency.