What Can Blood Test Show About Your Liver

Undergo a liver function test which is also known as chemistries actually help you estimate the overall health of the liver by helping you measure the level of enzymes, level of proteins as well as the level of bilirubin in the blood. The liver function test is usually recommended to determine if there are damages as a result of liver infection such as the hepatitis C and the hepatitis B. The test is also conducted to determine the side effect of several medications linked to affects the liver. With patient diagnosed of liver problems, undergoing the liver function test assist in monitoring diseases as well as how your treatment is working. To also check if you have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and anemia. Equally, the test is used to determine if you drink excessively as well as if you have a gallbladder infection. Most of the test can be done on the liver and some kind of test can determine the different side of your kidney function.

Commonly used tests to check if there is any abnormalities in your liver include the bilirubin test, albumin test, alkaline phosphatase test, aspartate aminotransferase test and the alanine transminase test. The AST and the ALT test help in measuring the enzymes that the liver releases with response to disease or damage. The albumin test helps in measuring how well your liver produces the albumin while the bilirubin test helps in determining the disposition of bilirubin and finally the ALP test can be used to determine the bile duct of your liver. Having any abnormal after conducting any of these tests simply implies that you need a follow up test in order to determine the root of the abnormalities. Very mildly result can equally be linked to liver disease. These abnormalities can however been spotted in other places aside your liver. Importantly, discuss with your doctor on your result and ask for better explanations. The liver functioning tests are very important and are used to estimate the type of proteins and enzymes in your blood.

What Can Blood Test Show About Your Liver


The Alanine Transminase Test

This alanine transminase is usually used by the body to metabolizing protein content. Once the liver is destroyed or damage, the ALT can then be transported into your blood, resulting into an increasing level of ALT in your body. Having a higher ALT than the normal ALT is an indication of liver damage. Ideally, an ALT result reading above 25IU/L in females and 33IUL/L in men requires serious evaluation and investigation.

Bilirubin Test

Bilirubin is recognized as a waste product collected during the breakdown of your red blood cells. It is originally processed by your liver before being expelled through stool. This can however not happen if your liver is damage. And a damage liver can result into an abnormal high rate of bilirubin in your blood. A very high result recorded from a bilirubin test simply implies that your liver is not functioning effectively. Ideally, the normal range of bilirubin is about 0.1-1.2milligram/decilitre.

Albumin Test

Literally, the albumin is a major protein produced by your liver. Albumin performs a lot of important function in the body. Having albumin in your body assist in strengthening your tissues, in stopping fluids that are leaking from blood vessel and it helps in transporting vitamin, essential minerals as well as hormones throughout your entire body. When an albumin test is conducted, it is used to measure the effectiveness of your liver with respect to producing protein. Once a low result is recorded, it indicates that your liver is damage or has infection. The normal level for albumin is around 3.5 to 5.0gram/decilitre. Having low albumin can also be associated to kidney problems, inflammation, bad feeding habit and infection.

Alkaline Phosphatase Test

The alkaline phosphatase is recognised by medical experts as an enzyme that can be found around your bones, your liver and around your bile ducts. It is usually requested with combination of several other type of test. If your result reflects a very high level of ALP, this is indicating that you have inflammation of the liver, disease around your bone or bile duct damage. It is expected that adolescents and children can have elevated rate of ALP mainly because their bones are still growing. A pregnant woman can also record a high level of ALP, but the normal rate for alkaline phosphatase for adult is around 120U/L.

Aspartate Aminotransferase Test

This is also another enzyme that can be spotted in the several part of your body to including your muscle, your heart and your liver. The AST rates are however not specified for liver damage till date, but still are measured along side with ALT to determine if there is a liver problem. Once your liver is damaged, AST releases directly into your blood and recording a high result from the test signals a problems with either your muscle or liver. Ideally, the rate for AST is around 40IU/L for adults and in infant or children; the rate can be higher than 40IU/L.

However, it is very important that you undergo liver test to determine if it is working effectively. While the aforementioned blood test for liver is important, the liver performs numerous functions to including removal of harmful germs from the blood, regulating a hormone balance, maintaining clotting of the blood, converting nutrient from any food you consume, regulating your blood glucose level and helps in producing protein, bile, enzymes and cholesterol into the body. Any health challenges. Going for liver function test can help in monitoring the treatment of any disease as well as to know the side effect of certain type of drugs. It is important to know that drawing of your blood for liver function test does not in any way have any side effect, but the risk of giving out your blood might allow you to experience scenario such as infection, bleeding excessively, bleeding under your skin as well as even fainting.